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I, Capricorn

Don't try to stop me

You can't and I won't

Stopping at nothing

I'll get what I want

Failure is not an option 

That I choose to accept

You cannot deter me 

While I still have breath

My vision is clear

My desires are true

Unwavering passion

Will guide me through

Stopping at nothing

I'll get what I want

Don't try to stop me

You can't and I won't

I will ...

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The Darkness of the Night

Misty rain all around

Falls in vain to the ground

Calling my name without a sound

Into the darkness of the night

Heavier now it starts to fall

I wonder how it last at all

Louder now it starts to call me

Into the darkness of the night

It stops abrubtly without a trace

The moon shining brightly on my face

The voices fade slowly into the space

Of the darkness of the n...

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Take some words

And write them down

Give them life

Give them sound

Twist them

Turn them

Make them real

Let them become

Whatever you feel


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Drowning (In Depression)

Drowning in depression

That is not mine

Abysmal delirium

To fill up the time

Stranded and pivitol

Unsure where to tread

The weight of calamity

Fills me with dread

Waking or sleeping

It bruises my soul

Ebbing and swelling

The years taking their toll

Erasing the passion

The drive the desire

Erasing the passion

That fuels the fire

Silent and forceful


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Micromanaging Miniscule Moments

Meandering 'Midst Murky Memories

Mindful Musings

Motionless Mastery

Manipulated Manifestions

Morphing Melodically

Making Music

Marking Milestones





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Weightless and free

Orbs of pure simplicity



Not a care

Aloft and riding on the air

Crystal clear


Spheres of rainbows 

And reflections


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