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Let me love you

I want you in all the simple ways...

For the rest of our lives, not just a little phase.

I want to be able to kiss you anytime I want too,

And not be afraid to tell you how much I love you.

I want to wake up to your beautiful eyes in the morning 

& fall sleep in your comforting arms each night.

I want to put a smile on your face that’ll always shine bright.

I don’t want anythi...

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Unconditional love

Never stop loving unconditionally,

It’s part of what makes you, you.

Oh don’t worry, that would be impossible,

It’s the one thing that I don’t even have to try to do.


My heart is so soft, and I feel everything so deep,

If I love you, i will always love you in some way.

I love some who deserve every ounce,

And others who I shouldn’t even give the time of day.


At ti...

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My Favorite Chapter

We crashed into each other,

Out of nowhere, & without warning,

6 months later and here we are,

It almost feels like I’m mourning.


Let’s go back to when it started,

Let’s remember the thrill we felt.

Nobody can take that from us,

You’ll always make my heart melt.


Our mind and souls so compatible,

In another world we were meant to be.

So exciting, full of so m...

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Your love is like a thief

I am a happy person, blessed beyond belief

But lately I’ve been down,  your love is like a thief.

I feel like I’ve been robbed of my normal self,

It’s like the old me is hiding, pushed on the back of a dusty shelf.

I’m struggling to find a way to cope with the choices I’ve made,

And to be honest I’m a little afraid.

I tried to take a break from writing, to hide from how I feel,


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I look in your eyes and know I will love you forever,

As a friend, I’m aloud..as a partner, never.

A heavy heart and tears, for something we’ll never finish,

Sadly, I kind of just want the feelings to diminish.

Tired of my heart breaking with a smile on my face,

Thinking of memories we made, each and every place.

Seems like no matter where I look, no matter who I see,

My mind ...

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Talking me through

Where are you dad when I need you to talk me through,

You use to always tell me exactly what I should do.

I wish I could talk to you and just hear your voice,

But Instead I look for a sign of your presence, I don’t have any other choice.

You always knew exactly what I needed to hear,

Always had the perfect responses to take away my fear.

I’d give anything right now to have you by...

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Listen to whatever type of music sets your soul on fire,

Let your heart bleed onto paper while you write whatever it is you desire.

Don’t hold yourself back for anyone,

And never regret anything you’ve done.

For every bit of you, every single little part,

Ties you all together, like a breathtaking piece of art.

All of the happiness you have felt, along with all the tears,


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Forever my favorite part

I don’t need a quiet spot to write,

In fact I can write just about anywhere.

My heart feels everything so deeply

Off of my mind the feelings just flow like the air.

If the feeling is real, it sticks,

all I need is somewhere safe to put the words down,

A few minutes to release the happiness or tears

Whatever the emotion is, the right words come around.

I’m not one to share w...

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I’ll always wish for you❤️

Emotions so big, like waves of the sea,

Memories crashing down, all of you and me.

Your presence is so peaceful, like the sound of rain,

It’s to bad from you I have to abstain.

The feel of your touch is that described of ecstasy,

When I close my eyes it feels like a fantasy.

The sound of your voice is so calming, like music to my ears,

you make me feel so safe, with you I have...

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Until the end

Processing your words one by one,

While I hold back all the emotions rushing over me.

Being strong is not easy right now,

But I can’t let anyone else see.


Emotionally exhausted without a doubt,

yet I fake a smile and a laugh anyway.

You’re the only one I can talk to about us,

But I have to deal on my own for now you say.


With a heavy heart and eyes filled with tea...

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Is it true?


Promise me something?

Only tell me you love me if it’s really true,

Regardless of how deep my feelings are for you..

...To him, this she wants to say...

But too scared to know the whole truth

She holds it back and takes it day by day.

She looks into his eyes deeply

And her heart could practically melt

This feeling is like something she has never felt.

Yes, she’s bee...

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The future, the present, the past

It’s up to you pick the pieces from each that will last

Every place, every person will hold its place

Even though not all will bring you grace

Some you will let go of and some you will keep

You get to decide the feelings they leave and how deep

It’s all up to you, it’s only your choice

This is your life, so use your voice.

Some circumstance...

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Time will help, time will heal, 

I continuously hear.

but I’ve dealt with deep shit

And for me, with time comes fear.

Because reality sinks in

and people move on,

but your stuck with the pain

Of whoever being gone. 

We all feel things differently 

Yes, I need to understand this too,

but through my eyes

time will do nothing but take away you.

time ticks away,


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Perfect Ending

A perfect ending,

A dream come true.

Happiness and laughter,

Do it all just for you.

Close your eyes and imagine,

What do you see?

At the end of it all,

What do you want it to be?

Do you settle for ordinary,

Or risk it and take a leap?

Are you truly happy now,

Or feel stuck with history because you’re in so deep?

Think about it strongly

Down to the core,


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So weak, I’m strong

I never realized it though

Staring in the mirror

Tears rolling down my face like so


Having to put my emotions aside

Despite how sad I feel

Other people are counting on me

So on my knees I kneel.


Begging for the courage

For the strength to hide it all

Until later when I’m alone again

But for now I’ll pull myself up and stand tall



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Another life

Perfection no doubt,

Vices and all,

I get lost in your eyes,

In love, I couldn’t help but fall.

Timing is not ideal,

So I don’t get to call you mine.

It’s hard for me because

Everything about you is so damn divine.

The feel of your touch,

The sound of your voice,

The taste of your lips,

It’s too bad I couldn’t be your first choice.

You will always have a piece o...

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