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Scalding Suicide Bomber

entry picture

diving like a suicide bomber

into a scalding mug of coffee

made for a painful baptism

where no one got hurt or died

Lenny Gazbowski(C)2010

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Necessary Darkness






so black



I fade



a declining








©2009 Lenny Gazbowski

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Live and Die

entry picture
I lie
live and die
your open
and very inviting

oh glory be
praise the sacredness
of true womanhood

I'm gladly trapped
a joyous prisoner
playing with you
playing with my thoughts
melting into pure lust

you want
you desire me
to exhibit my
physical prowess

I'm aware of your
of your red blooded
and beating heart
together we'll explore
our sacred whore
and we'll return from paradise
desiring more m...

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Broadcasting Bullshit Corporation

entry picture
feed - feed - feed
sugar coated words
loaded with
disease - disease - disease

into the airwaves

the bullshit of the BBC
broadcasting manufactured branding
conditioning those who watch and listen
unknowingly they are under submission

feed - feed - feed
sugar coated words
loaded with
disease - disease - disease

into the airwaves

subliminal images at home inside your head
now your the latest member of the living ...

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What Price Freedom ?

entry picture

chemtrails, yes chemtrails
not contrails
contrails are normal
chemtrails are abnormal

we have a problem
with chemtrails obscuring
our blue skies

lethargic population drugged
through our drinking water
artificial additives corrupt what
we foolishly accept as food

we have a problem
with chemtrails obscuring
our blue skies

we don’t care about our world
it is all be...

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Am I ?

am i alive
as i wander
through these days

rarely able to think clearly
often at the edge of the abyss
almost holding the darkness
in my trembling hands

i so desire
to set my eyes
on a warm glowing fire
which excites the chords
of my souls guitar

each day is a battle
as the inhumanity of humankind
kicks the little positiveness
that i do have
out of my weakened spirit

i am sick and ...

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Pet Dog Poem

entry picture

even in the pouring rain

my Pippa still drives me insane,

with nose firmly to the ground

she’s forgotten that I’m around.

sniff, sniff and still sniffing

Pippa drives me to constant effing.

although I can never remain cross for long 

because she knows in my eyes she can do no wrong 


(C)Lenny Gazbowski

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Question Mark

entry picture

can you
speak with forked tongue
can you
bend a spoon
using only
your mental power

(C)2008.Lenny Gazbowski

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On Your Knees

entry picture
Make a move
destroy a thought
open a door
see through the lense
everything ends
when the man in cloth
says "amen"

(C)2008.Lenny Gazbowski

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entry picture
He wants to meet her madly,
desperate is he to forge an intimate union
with the woman he daily worships.

He, becomes she, when she slaps
some skin upon his bony face;
time for him to leave and for she
to join the human race

He has succumbed to the she skeleton,
he’s touching the mystery of the she
who has been secretly serenading the he.

From silently within,
the bones and the flesh,
cells and blood;

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entry picture
I perceive your darkness
shining from within your soul
I hold your broken dreams in my arms
and give you the love of my heartbeat

Your head is bowed
as if in contemplation
are you wondering
if their is a price to be paid
can love come without a cost

I see your tears dance down your cheeks
each one representing an abusive encounter
I wonder how you can muster
the strength to fight another day.
Maybe you’ve b...

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Simply Don't!

fuck with my mind
can't derail time
as each moment
collides into the next

slow motion
of inner corrosion
if your mind can't fly

they point their
holier than thou fingers
they make me sick
they want to trick
me out
from my comfort zone
my happy and freedom filled
spiritual home

I don't judge
don't condemn
I just live to be
who within
the moment I can see

no labels
no stigma
no I am right
you ar...

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Book of Life

entry picture

Chewed roses
on the
blood splattered floor

I feel this
god forsaken place
the temple of my heart

and I am telling you
each brick was cemented
in cold faced hate

I am powerless
I am victim
I am scarred without
I am scarred within
my temple made from

I seek Adam
who seeks Eve
I am the Genesis
of my as yet unwritten
Book of Revelation

damnation strangles
my necklace
of unborn consciousness
I am...

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Final Warning

entry picture

is such
a dark emotion
which clouds
your judgement
and afterwards
you feel
by the way
you have behaved
if only you would
have counted to ten
or gone out
for a walk to calm down
well maybe
you'll heed
these words next time
either that or be left
without me as your wife

(C)2008 Lenny Gazbowski

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Destructing Drama

entry picture

I am both the King and Queen of Demonic Chaos.

I seek, then  I build and admire, then  I destroy;

the dreams and lives of so many unsuspecting people.

Creating destruction is my greatest pleasure,

I drink in the pain that I have given so freely.

I get high on the blood and tears that I have introduced

into the lives of those who don’t know my name.


Lenny Gazbowski(C)2008

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To Give

entry picture

Bring me your trials
and in return
I'll offer you my justice

Bring me your heart
and in return
I'll replenish it with my blood

Bring me your loss
and in return
I'll blow it away

Bring me your lips
and I'll pour you my wine

Bring me your naked flesh
and I'll paint your portrait

Bring me your smile
and I'll return your laughter

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A Painting By George W Bush

entry picture

splattered nursery
mutilated bodies
decorating the debris
and dust mangled kindergarden

vision of hell
this is hell

corpses beyond
our collective remorse

vision of hell
this is hell

and bloodied art
the work of politicians
whose chosen medium
was depleted uranium

vision of hell
this is hell

politicians have no thoughts
for the grieving mothers
who scream out their...

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