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Every notification I wish it to be yours
They are supposed to be are they not?
For you make me feel what I want so desperately
Then, why do you lie and make me uselessly dream?
I believe you told me "let's continue being weird" 
But a stranger is what you have become
You pop up in my mind without any alarms
But the feeling has me all fuzzy and warm.
Giddy in spirit, I'll tell you why

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broken dreamsBroken heartheartbreakinfatuationlove

Stereotypes (Attention Seekers)


Something all of us want is
To be in the spotlight,
To be known by the whole class,
Teachers and even the staff.
But hey, don't you want it from someone special?
"Who cares? Attention is all that matters."

No one spares a glance, unless it's drama
And nowadays, drama is when you're dying.
Anxiety is trending and depression on the to-do list
And yet all we can seem to hear is

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Everything that starts has to end.
From the flowing river we see, 
To the vast sky full of twinkling stars
Shining in the omnious darkness of the night.

Our lives too, they had a beginning
The ending will come, not always as expected
One may be taken away early for her age
Or she may go when everyone thought she would.

Those who give away their lives are cowards.
So we've heard a numb...

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Enough already

Sitting in this room filled with the setting sun's gleam
Huddled in the blanket with dull eyes and mind.
Crying tears of sorrow and frustration
Not knowing what to do or what goes on.

As the sky grows darker and darker,
So does her heart, filling with nothingness
And the idle mind becomes the workshop
Of the residents of the shadowy night.

Sharpening their knives and making it fiery re...

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Days pass by on this distant shore,
Alone yet crowded with myself
That just wants joy, a little more,
Searching for reasons behind my mindset.

Screaming, thrashing and cursing,
My insides get burnt again and again.
Wondering who will be nursing,
My broken spirit and erase all my pain.

Waking before the sun or anyone does.
Not running,no planning or exercises,
Just dwelling about the ...

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I don't know the reason why
But my heart feels awfully heavy
So does my throbbing head
And I can hear them calling out.

Living amidst the darkness of uncertainty
Tainted with a thousand words and memories
Trying to get some sort of freedom
Even if it's at the cost of my life.

Those are a part of me, the one I hide
From my friends, family and even myself
I deny that they reside in me ...

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May God be with everyone
But that's not quite possible right
Maybe that's why angels are there
But I don't find mine to be with.

It feels bad to leave him out
When the only one he is, who's trying
But I don't want him wasting his efforts
When I'm gonna do nothing.

Why is life so hard to get through
All I want is to live peacefully
But peace is what's gone from my being
That's not go...

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A sky full of dark clouds
Just another overcast day 
With a mind full of doubts
Trying not to go astray.

Sitting in the middle of the terrace
With her knees pulled close to her chest
Staring up at that upset face
That mimics the mood of this lonely guest.

Angry thunder booms all around 
Soaking her with the pouring rain
But she sits there, all drowned 
In memories of her days in vai...

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Natural instincts

No matter what happens, the sun will rise
Time doesn't wait for anyone so it flies
Tides have their routine set up to go along
So does life of everyone in this run, long.

Go along with the mighty waves that call 
For I'm sure if you try against it, you'll fall
Don't oppose those who help or try
That's for the ones who uselessly pry.

Running downhill is always the easier job
But one wh...

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Oh sweet love, lull me to a peaceful sleep

Fading from this world of destruction

To spend some silent time with myself

Wondering whom to let go and whom to keep.


Take me to a place other than this

Where I am comfortable and happy

So I can live my life without a worry

And be forever in solitude but bliss.


Sing me a song with that subtle voice

As sweet as honey a...

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A desperate being searching all about
For the little flaunting words 
Coming from a stranger around
Not minding or giving a second thought.

A victim she becomes of being used
But just to comfort her mind and soul
That there is someone who cares
In reality they don't and leave her bruised.

Crying and sobbing she goes from one to another
Just in hopes of finding the right one
Who'll be...

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What are these words? Arranged in rhymes?

These are some beautiful pieces we write


Where do these things come from?

Soul, I'll say, we write what we know


Which one does all the work? Heart or head?

Heart I guess for we bear our feelings there


Why do we write these and not essays instead?

To keep our memories in beautiful condition


When do we write these?...

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Heatless Summer

How is it that you don't remember

Of that one heatless summer?

Silence everywhere, no soul in sight

After that huge destructing fight.


Rotting flesh and guns and smoke

As they used their weapons to provoke.

None tried to stop the wild and fiery bloodshed,

Filling the field with thousands of bodies, all dead.


Streams and rivulets filled with blood,

Thunder and l...

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#war #death #deadly #bloodshed #hope #day #night

Warfare Struggle

I am no author or soldier renowned
But I write as well as fight
With the new strength I've found.

Painting my emotion and expression
I move on for my life
Trying to keep down depression.

A fighter I am, yet no one near,
Passing the battlefield
With eyes full of tears.

I pen my thoughts to keep them intact
So I don't forget them ever.
Yet, these notions break me in fact.

Should ...

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I wish to be free
Just like that little lily.
It cares not what who says
Just counts it's passing days.

I wish to be alive
Like those wolves five.
They mind not what others do
And function how they need to.

I wish to be happy
Just like a newborn baby.
Not bothered about the world
She enjoys as if that's what she's learned.

However, I'm just a caged bird.
Sitting in here, listeni...

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#Life #Real #captive #alone #lonely

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