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(Another man bites the dust) or (Plenty more fish in the sea) or ( Wow - I bought a dehumidifier!)

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I lost a good man today
he chose to bite the dust
instead of the bait
at the end of a line
that he'd toyed with for days.
There we were,  two photos about to go 3D
when off he worms, back to a changing tide
some other stinking fish in toe
I imagine an amoeba, one overloaded brain cell
and a slimy tail...
Oh you fickle male!
Or maybe a sturgeon, thick set and deadly boring
there for the...

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Touch and Go

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Touch me in the morning,

Then just walk away,

Brush me off forever,

Now you've had your way.


Touch me in the morning,

Let your passion flow,

Tear this tender heart of mine,

And then just wash and go.


Touch me in the morning,

Make me beg for more,

Then swiftly hit the road Jack,

And don't look back no more.


Touch me in the morning,

When the day ...

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touch and go


Big and hairy

Small and smooth

We come as a pair

Dirty or clean

Our work can be seen



We do dishes

Can be soft as you like

You’ll often find us

Round an open mike

Swinging loose

Or screwed up tight

We can be left

And we can be right


Catch us in the act

You’ll find we are red

Use us to stand upright

Feel t...

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