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I Can See Her

I can see her running through the grass,

Holding her sisters hand,

I can see her.

No one else can.

I can hear her laughing at the wind,

Singing and dancing with her twin,

No one else can.

Each time I watch one,

I see her too.

When one walks into the room,

I see her come in too.

No one else can.

I know why I see her.

I know why I hear her.

What I don't know...

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I have searched this world for centuries

Just for you.

Bleak and empty I walked through

Countless lifetimes.

My heart barren.

My eyes seeing only

Dark shades of gray.

The impending darkness forever

Beating at my withered soul.

Then I saw you.

In an instant my world blazed to life.

The color of your power nearly blinding me.

The waves of emotions washing over my ...

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His hands must be soft,

To caress away the stress of life,

Yet strong enough to defend against

The toughest of foes.

His eyes must be able to see

past the surface to the beauty beneath,

Yet deep enough so as to loose myself in them.

His arms must be fortified to carry me

Through the darkest nights,

Yet tender enough to shelter me in the storm.

His heart must beat loud...

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Evil's Demise

What be-stilled the Demon?
Was it the rage that boils up from
centuries of fear all lived in a single night?
Or the boundless rivers of tears that
Flow -unchecked- from swollen eyes?
Neither will find you the success you seek.
For the demon thrives on both.
Fear is the food of the damned.
It nurtures the creatures created in pain
To give only pain in return.
Toss the fear aside,
And let...

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Your tears shred my souls as 

shards of glass that rip through

tender flesh,

leaving my spirit gushing pain

like blood from an unchecked wound.

Only your smile can stem the flow

and heal the cause. 

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The Empath's World

The emotions swirling through your soul,

The past woes that have embedded Into your heart;

They become mine.

As the soil soaks the drops of rain,

My soul soaks in your pain.

The paths that you have ventured,

The choices that have defined yourself,

Those times click into my mind in perfect Clarity.

Your past becomes mine.

Time is relative when you feel

the surface As t...

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I Am That Fool

I am the one who’s innocent blood was

shattered beneath the golden cross.

I am the one who’s virgin blood

stained the concrete floor.

I am the one who was too weak to fight,

yet too strong to die.

Oh what a fool who transverses the

Hell of man to stand erect with burning vengeance…

and walks away.

I am that fool.

I am the one who fought each night.

Who used her own...

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A year has passed.

Time has conquered moments

Now left only in memory.

Days of celebration have

Faded beyond the clock,

Leaving a gap of shadow

Where your face once shined.

Sounds from yester-years sink

Beneath new voices,

Forcing our souls to reach

Further to recall.

Time has ravished recollections,

Leaving not but vague thoughts

That flow past the heart.


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Darkness Tune

Tonight, the demon walks.

It has woken and staked its claim,

Dragging with it the tortures of the past.

Will it never cease?

Nights stillness creates shadows

That play out every lonely moment

In time to the clocks tick.

The emptiness burrows through to the soul,

Pushing out all resemblance of peace.

To each own mind one must face

The ever encroaching darkness

That ...

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Unfinished Puzzle

Misshaped pieces, fitting together ever so nicely.
Perfecting the picture it is to portray.
Each piece designed to fit together,
To make a beautiful scene.
What happens when one piece doesn’t fit?
What is to become of that picture?
When a piece is missing?
It lies unfinished, untouched, forgotten over time?
Do you ever stop to think of that unfinished puzzle?
Do you ever take the time to ...

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When the World Sleeps

I wake in the morning, 
Grab the girls to school,
Spend my day cleaning and serving
Helping those that refuse to help themselves.

Long into the night,
I work right through it all,
Sometimes it doesn’t seem right
That amongst it all, 
I remain invisible. 

Yet when the world settles
And all is quite, 
My life takes a different line. 
I become a person of worth,
Someone seen and love...

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A Lifetime In A Fortnight

From the sparkling stars
lightening the way on 
dirt covered paths.
To the bristling fields on 
the mountains backs.
A few brief breaths in 
warmth’s embrace.
Gentle eyes carved in 
masculine grace.
We lived a lifetime,
in a fortnight.

Memories shall warm the 
coldest heart.
Even when fates time 
creates a lasting part.
When lonely wolves howl,
the scent of what was,
shall sprin...

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