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A look into what is, what may be, and taken for granted,

I ask myself, Am I privileged?

With a master's degree, a job, 3 kids, big house and hopes for a dog,

I look around and ask, What have I to lack?

As I enjoy my pleasures 

And watch time pass

I do my best to protect and enjoy this life that we work so hard to build

As I struggle to keep my kids informed 

This life is no...

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I need words

I need better words

Words of joy

Words of healing

Words of consoling in times of need

Words of understanding

Words to make me feel complete

Words of love

Words of compassion

Words that show a deeper meaning than what appears in front of me


Words that you cannot find

Words that you cannot express

Words that will never enter your heart or mind


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A love I cannot return

I place my hand on hers and I rub her back,

I sit there and listen,

But I can't give her anything back,

All she wants is to find someone who understands her,

But I do understand, completely, 

And a love I cannot return, Because I'm not made the same way,

I don't have the same desires as she does,

My world is different.


And so, it is what it is,

Two lonely people sit...

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