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Scratch at the surface

Go on,

Have another drink,

Take another hit,

Get in another fight,

It doesn't make a difference

If you win or lose,

I'm the one 

Just scratching at the surface.


Does it make you feel

Make you feel like a man

Does it make you feel

Make you feel more than I am


Put me in my place,

Spit in my face,

Go on, darling,

It doesn't make a difference


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The meeting

I can't believe the news today,

It's been so long since I dreamt of the day we'd meet.

I can't believe it's coming,

My heart's skipping beats.


Old thoughts are pouring out

Of a love I couldn't live without.


The day is approaching

Where dreams will become reality,

Sunday, this Sunday,

Everything is falling into place.


Then I saw your face,

Held your e...

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Holding back

Too much trouble's been brewing

Your lover's over in the next room

You're thinking too much about someone else

And your possible escape

But something's holding you back


Are you waiting for a rescue

Someone to come and find you

But they've all gone and you are on your own

You need to be free

But something's holding you back

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I catch myself daydreaming 

When I look at you

Just a moment away from holding you

But I don't


I catch myself daydreaming

When I hear your words

I could respond so sweetly

But I don't


You catch me by surprise

At every moment

I hold back and remind myself

I can't fall in love with you


I catch myself daydreaming

Of our time together when you're n...

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Where do we go from here

You called me Love,

I was too young and scared to call you anything at all.

The butterflies and you knew what it all mean to me.

I sang and wrote to you,

About you,

And dreamt of you

Like no other.

Now we recount the love we had so clear and so deep,

Where do we go from here?

Shall we have that love once again?

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Love returns

Awake in the night,

Sleep chased away by the memories of love,

This made me smile.

It's been a lifetime away,

And here you are again.

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