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Sheer Delight


Love in the flow of life

Universal Well Being

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I sentence us not guilty

Clearing all our debts

I did not find a fault

Exempt from all blame

We are not mistakes

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French Americana

La joie 

C'est la vie pour toi!

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Animated Space

Away from this earth so gory and vile

Let me escape to your world for awhile

We could make starcrossed alien love

And noone would judge us above

Futuristic stuff!

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sci-fiscience fiction


You belong

Together we're strong

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The one thing they forgot

We've learned to count our sorrows

Then write off the frustration

The one thing noone taught me:

Emotional self-regulation

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The Phoenix Flame

In a little souvenir shop in Arizona

You wove your magic dreams into my soul

Stirring up a deeper sense of life

Ran the desert like a sea of ancient times


I bought a little handbook about dinosaurs

It hugged my inner child with earthly wonder

We walked across the dam and bridged the gap with long ago

You said: one day you'll need appreciation


The sun rose over the...

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The unpleasant poem

the wishing well's run dry, my inspiration torn

the new age, a new day, coming of age see the light of day


in a castle on a hill someone is wearing a long black veil

who's visage only appears by a black mirror's tale


like the burial of the dead never made it to the final game of chess

I rest my case: the bloody duchess married the vampyre on her deathbed

where they toge...

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If I didn't love you

If I didn't love you

I wouldn't still be here


If I didn't love you

I wouldn't keep you near


If I didn't love you

I wouldn't like your smile


If I didn't love you

This wouldn't be worthwhile


If I didn't love you

I wouldn't set you free


If I didn't love you

This wasn't meant to be


If I didn't love you

It all would be in vain



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good lord!

if you are good like goody two-shoes

never wore another shoe

you know your flesh will bare

the sole will wear and tear

if you are good like excellency

always better than the rest

tickling up some fancy-pantsy

let me take you to the test

if you are good enough like I said

bet you still think you are bad

I bet you wanna feel good

try being bad instead!

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What the world needs now

What the world needs now is not love, sweet love

What the world needs now is no race into space

What the world needs now is a cure for harm

What the world needs to do is disarm 

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what the world needs

Final Stand

Now that I've walked the road of sorrows with you

I couldn't bear your cross

But I kept your word in my heart

until the end

Now that I'm broken

and your bloody crown's pierced my mind

I'll sing

My Jesus I love Thee

For you all the follies of sin I resign 


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Jesus Christ

Emergency Numbers

I'm making grandma's noodles with my own seasonal twist

It's hearty for the fall and with dumplings for a ball

Outside the world is spinning like a mall revolving door

But my kitty's fast asleep and safely sheltered from the storm

Two days ago they burned an empty restaurant to ashes

We all assume it's arson, we all assume they're assholes

The radio news states: 'It's a nation in...

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Asparagus (for Alex)

entry picture

I wish I could express

The genes we both possess

To write a whole new strand

That others comprehend

This righteous indignation

The anger and frustration

But after all that's done

You're never really gone

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Jain sat under a tree

A bird dropped a feather

It touched a baby mushroom

All lives matter

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Like a moth

It flickers through the dark

crackles in the silence

Could it be a spark?

A glimmer of resilience

Like candles on a river

floating through the night

Or Cupid's empty quiver

For Psyche set alight

To steal the Holy Fire

Escaping with the torch

Release them from the pyre,

the blaze and searing scorch!

Can it be a lighter?

The match that finds the wick

Both fi...

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The Earth is my home

entry picture

The Earth is my home

My rock, my hiding place, my destination

Flow like the river who travels from the mountain top to the bottom of the ocean

And then back into the aquarium on the shelf

The house in which I planted them myself:

Fish, plants, snails. Worms, fleas, trees. Flower

Human lives are like flowers, may they all bloom in full blossom

Rest assured

At the end of the ...

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My prayer for Write Out Loud (WOL)

entry picture

as covid rages on

more poets will come

to deal with the frustration

let this be a safe haven

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covidfrustrationpoetrypoetssafe havensafetyWOLWrite Out Loud

self-love (1)

I know it's out of fashion

For empathy, compassion

Well if you're just too busy

Indulge yourself with mercy!


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Half of the World

entry picture

sometimes I feel so frustrated

That I can't find the words for my feelings

That I feel like I'm such a fraud

And I contradict myself

and try to rewrite everything with rhyme

or look for your validation, your approval of my soul

my stanzas and my gibberish: the wannabe Allen Ginsberg-like howl sounds more like a pathetic whimper

a lack of vocabulary enmeshed in gross erroneous ...

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Allen GinsbergEnglishfrustrationinsecuritypoetryvulnerable

A lonely one

Alone is only lonely

I guess I'm not the only 

One living on his own

I'm guess I'm not at home

With anyone at all

I guess it's not my fault

I guess I'm just the only

Who's tired of being lonely! 


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there once was a guy called Pandemio

He took on humanity solo

but then he got lost

inside his new host

and now we're together like YOLO

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