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Racism & Xenophobia

How can you live with yourself?

Claiming superiority and supremacy

Have you learned nothing

From our past and history?

Humanity in its diversity

Doesn't have to be discriminatory

We could all live in harmony and unity

If you'd only see our beauty

If you'd only see your beauty


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We are fully awake and enlightened

You are fully awake and enlightened

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Dankbaar ondanks (Dutch)

Dankbaar ondanks alles
Voor de regen, de drup en de pijp
Van vrede en oorlog
In armoedig rijke armoede rijk
Wij streven
Daarin zweven
Daarin dromen
Van een betere wereld in plaats van een beter leven
Voor de dieren en de planten en de rest van het leven
Laten we beginnen bij ons
Laten we beginnen bij de mensen
Laten we beginnen bij de mensheid
En dankbaarheid zeggen
Ondanks alles

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

All year through!

From Rudolph and me

To you!

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I'm on my way to you

Evening train

I'm on my way to you

It's been 1,5 years

I miss you

The people here look beautiful

On their phones, just like me

In a mask

We're at the airport now

All passengers of the 21st century

You're my best friend

I hope you'll stay with me 

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you became love

I don't judge anymore

Got lost in the madness of love

Drunk on the rhythm of life

High on those pornographic pleasures

You became love

And the sun, the moon and the stars became your lovers

And we lost our regrets

Because love is eternal

Like the body of your poetry and art

And the feelings in your brain and in your heart

The melody of life is singing

We'll never b...

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