A c🌌sm🌌s of my 🌌wn

I don't dance the dance of life until the butterflies come out

of their hiding places, petals waiting simply to unfold.

I don't mind that I am diff'rent, that is just the way it is

I enjoy it when it's warm and I enjoy it when it's cold.

Yet I love myself, I like myself enjoy myself a lot

whether past or present, future or a timeless on the clock.

It's the way my clocky ticks; So...

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BALLS, balls, 🌞⚽🌎🎱⭐

Let our sons our suns connect

And our daughters too

All throughout the universe

Cosmic conscious new

Starring me and starring you and starring us and all

Everyone & Everything together on a ball


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There's hope for people like us

The more & moral slaves

The decent pleasent waves

The good and even better

The always-under-weather

The folks with socks in slippers

The straight with gayer flippers

The alien-abducted

The vampire bloodline suckted

There's hope for all of you

If I can do it you can do it too!!! 👊👍✌️



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Be a Building Block (in the age of internet)

Now that we're an online society

Let's form a community of peace 

Where it's fully safe and fine

Without the hurt & harm offline

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