You don't have to love (strife)

You don't have to love me

For me to love you back

You don't have to colour

I love you dark & black

You don't have to like you

Or anything in life

You don't have to love, my love

And you don't have to strive 


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Cosmic Classes

I'll do it for you

That what we call love

That what we call bluff

It's enough for me


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You don't have to live like that! (celebrity lifestyle)

Shocked at all the hatred!

I just don't understand

Why not live a life without strife?



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Lost track (1)

We've lost track

For the record stores are closed

Overdosed on porn

Freelegal online

Let's define this SHIT

It's 2000 and 21

And somewhere between age & ages

I think I lost our favorite track

And here's the big deal: 

My thrills become cheaper and cheaper


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More Chores for Sores 😩

Pay your taxes, pay your bills

Do the laundry, save some money

Clean the toilets, clean the sheets

Check the updates and the feats

Check the mailbox, online too

Sell some stocks and buy some too

Fix your laptop, not your tablet

Apple, iPodPad, I've had it!

Petting pets and planting plants ...

All the life this life demands 

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Bad Boys

I'm in the panorama

Like Putin & Obama

Cooler than the breeze

Hotter than the seas

Comming with a warning

And one morning you'll know

Hotter than the breezes

Cool as Snow

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I just want you to be happy (1)

I don't want you to hurt

Or suffer any pain

Or suffer any loss

Or suffer any rain

I just want you to be happy

For you to be okay

A place for us to live

A place for us to stay

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Not under this sun

You know I won't go to your funeral

Nor send your family a card

You know, that is life, you won't miss me.

But I will think of you, that is hard

To blot out the ink with erasers

On lines that are flickering bright!

If you were a poet you'd miss me;

Not under this sun or this night

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New Europe (OKAY)

A joint for my joints

The radio on local, and I, I see your face

Hoe we van elkaar houden

Vandaag zeggen Rusland & Ukraine 'Nazdrovya'

'Cómo estás Марина?'

Je m'appelle Amal, Espoir du Maroc 

Salaam Palestina & Iran

Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Somalia, Sudan, 

Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan


Spain, Ger...

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Love doesn't matter, nor truth or affection

When your device has no stable connection 

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sins & tempations

coping sensations

healthy perversions

lucky emergence 

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spring break springs

I'm a spring break sprinkler, yay!

Feeling spring break springs today 😎

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Herbal Tea

Mint, Rosemary, Thyme

A slice of lemon for sensation

And in this part of Earth

A lot of aspiration!


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My face is not a book (anti-social media)

My face is not a book!

And after all these scams

I loathe my Facebook page

The one they won't erase 😡

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Please think of me

I met you in Siberia in two-thousand and three

You had a portable player with your favourite CD

The 'Clocks' were just out on radio and TV

We were teenagers in Russia, happy as can be


When I think of it, it hurts so much, the tears stream down my face

Did we lose ourselves in terror? Was it only just a phase?


I am tired, I am broken; I don't wanna go on

Now my life i...

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Hong Kong & Tai Wan

When you know how history repeats

And the people teach you it's fated

Then you're looking for any clue

That Earth is orchestrated




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It's me!

The world is happy, now I see

The world is happy cause of me


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The reason you don't want to live

Is called: unwillingness-to-forgive

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It's you that I crave

I have to do better

I have to do more

I have to improve

To not be ignored

I have to be stronger

I have to be brave

I mastered the failures

It's you that I crave

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Walk with me till the end of time

Walk with me when the sun won't shine

Walk with me where the rain won't end

Walk with me to Tomorrow Land

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misschien voor de liefde (maybe for love)

je zegt: je wil leven voor eeuwig & altijd

de dingen beleven zonder schuld of spijt

gelukkig elk moment, het kan niet op

maar misschien voor de liefde geef je dat op 


je zet jezelf op de eerste plaats

vergeeft je elke scheve schaats

drinkt tot je het verdriet vergeet

het is de liefde die het niet meer weet


ik weet niet wie ik ben of was

de lucht is blauw en gro...

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Will you come along?

The Dutch believe they're loathsome

That belief is very strong 

I will prove them wrong

Will you come along? 

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Regardless (teach your children well)

You don't have to

hold on to me

Nothing is unacceptable

I listen to songs when I'm confused

And when you're confused

I try to shut up

You can shut me up

But I will tell everyone that I'm proud of you


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The Free-Travel Zone (Schengen)

Not Russia, Belarus, Ukraine

But you can go to Poland

And any other land!!!

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Ik ga het doen!

Het waren tien duizend dagen 

En nachten zo grauw

Maar nu ga ik het doen

Samen met jou!


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el desprecio

One time is okay

Twice forgive you anyway

Three times your disgrace

After that REPLACED

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We don't hate

You swim in oceans where my love tries to hide

But I'm happy where I live

The company I give, I get

That space is not confined to romance

You could find me but you don't try to search me

And we're okay with that 

For we don't hate

Each other, noone, nothing

We might not be the best of lovers

But we don't hate


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