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All is good, all is well

All is good, all is well

As far as I can tell

I know I've made mistakes

I'm sorry for the fakes

I'll try to do it better, to be a better human

I'm working to improve and do the best I can

I hope you can forgive me, have mercy for yourself

Don't spend your time resenting, the sorrow harms yourself

May everything be good and well 

It is, as far is I can tell

You are all...

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Astronomy, Astrology, Astrofiction

She grew up on Star Trek

In another galaxy

Because she never learned the right terminology


She tries to teach me about Spock

Well I don't give a 😍


I'd rather give our whole generation

An update on outdated education!

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It's better that we part

It's better that you leave me

It's better that we part

Cause you will end up killing me

And I want immortality

From science and technology

It's all in the brain not in the heart

That's why I feel it's better that we part

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Where's the pause button?

I think I need a break

There's only so much I can take

I love you that is true

But the problem is not you

It's just that my humanity

Can't handle such efficiency

Of systems and machinery

With greater brain capacity

Than mine

So pausing now and then works fine

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Proper Propaganda

Proper propaganda on the Tele-V

Says: They're not human but the enemy

Says: We're not human but another race

Well isn't propaganda a proper disgrace!

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I'm in a celebrity conspiracy

I'm in a celebrity conspiracy, it's true

It's quite a show, you can hear it on the radio

Sometimes it's lovin and sometimes it's not

Well we're all just human not robot

I hear the radio news, the propaganda

How nato is allied to the west

Well I'm allied to the earth and beyond

To humanity in all its diversity

And if World War Three is gonna come

Then I'm glad I'm a celeb...

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22 January 2022

The current global situation:

Many things are working (functional)

Many things aren't working (dysfunctional)


That's just what it is 

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You shouldn't have done wrong to anyone

I suppose bad vibrations

Resonate just as well

With every body

In your cell

But let's be honest

We were already living in hell

Negativity makes a good sell doesn't it

Do you need me to condemn you as well?

If you choose to destroy earth and humanity

If you choose to destroy all that's lovely and beautiful and precious and divine and holy

Then go to hell!

You should...

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Window of opportunity

We have a small window of time

Before the pandemic ends

And the wars start again

US, UK, Netherlands and allies have destroyed more than enough

Have destroyed more than enough of our beautiful planet

Join us in the non-violent peace movement

And be the better human 

And the new paradigm 

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Dumb, Foolish, Stupid, Unwise & Idiotic

There is free online education

So if you understand English

Yet refuse to study and learn

Then you deserve to suffer in misery and have everyone watch you burn

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I murder to eat, not for my pride

Your patriotic propaganda has been very effective

Turning humans into monsters

I don't mind being a beast or an animal

They kill to survive

I hope the alien extraterrestrials in space

Are not planning to put a flag on Earth

Because we deserve it for our sin, evil, bad, and everything we've done wrong

Are you proud of yourselves?

Because I'm not

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There's something wrong with your psyche

We don't know what that is

Science and religion say it doesn't exist

But we love to believe in myths

It looks great in old-Greek alphabet

Like Narcissus in Latin and Echo

Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo

Sounds like a copycat

Or do you prefer another type of pussy?

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Racism & Xenophobia

How can you live with yourself?

Claiming superiority and supremacy

Have you learned nothing

From our past and history?

Humanity in its diversity

Doesn't have to be discriminatory

We could all live in harmony and unity

If you'd only see our beauty

If you'd only see your beauty


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The Japanese Holocaust

You don't want me to love you

You want me to be unforgiving

You want me to say Hitler is evil 

And the Nazis and the Japanese Holocaust

You want me to blame them

You treat me with disrespect

Treat me with dishonesty, lies, hypocrisy, violence

They hurt me because they are asylum seekers

I hurt them in return

Maybe it's up to me

To learn humility



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The love for money is the root of all good

The love for money is the root of all good

And this is how it should be

It might have been true back then

But this is a new century

A new millenium and a new age

Let's update our beliefs

For a raise in wage!

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We are fully awake and enlightened

You are fully awake and enlightened

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Dankbaar ondanks (Dutch)

Dankbaar ondanks alles
Voor de regen, de drup en de pijp
Van vrede en oorlog
In armoedig rijke armoede rijk
Wij streven
Daarin zweven
Daarin dromen
Van een betere wereld in plaats van een beter leven
Voor de dieren en de planten en de rest van het leven
Laten we beginnen bij ons
Laten we beginnen bij de mensen
Laten we beginnen bij de mensheid
En dankbaarheid zeggen
Ondanks alles

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You know it's true

It's about what you don't

As well as what you do 💁‍♂️💁‍♀️

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The Parable of the Pearl

A human once found an object of great importance

Though really small in size, it was really expensive

So it used up a lot of its savings to buy it

I must put it in the ground, it thought

There it will be safe

Then spring came and there was the sprout

The human was filled with love and joy

It had learned the value of life 

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The reason I'm broke 

Is that I gave away 

Thousands and thousands of euros

To charity

It made me happy

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Today humans celebrate


Our differences and similarities

As one

Under the sun

With a perfect love

Like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran

We all deserve this 

We all look perfect tonight

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Thank you life

I'm thankful for life

And despite all the strife

And desperation

Disappointment and frustration

I'm still thankful

Thank you life


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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

All year through!

From Rudolph and me

To you!

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I'm on my way to you

Evening train

I'm on my way to you

It's been 1,5 years

I miss you

The people here look beautiful

On their phones, just like me

In a mask

We're at the airport now

All passengers of the 21st century

You're my best friend

I hope you'll stay with me 

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you became love

I don't judge anymore

Got lost in the madness of love

Drunk on the rhythm of life

High on those pornographic pleasures

You became love

And the sun, the moon and the stars became your lovers

And we lost our regrets

Because love is eternal

Like the body of your poetry and art

And the feelings in your brain and in your heart

The melody of life is singing

We'll never b...

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