quatre-mains sur moi
ménage à trois
folie a deux
un un un

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My reverse bucket list

1. No car accidents anymore

2. No funerals anymore

3. No psychoses anymore

4. No addictions anymore

5. No arguments anymore

6. No pandemics anymore

7. No wars anymore

8. No inequalities anymore

9. No exploitations anymore

10. No hypes anymore

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One Last Poem

People are happy

I'm happy

To make everyone happy

This is what you gave to me

Happy superpowers

Supernatural happiness

Paranormal joy

An aura of bliss


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You are beautiful (Dutch-Nederlands)

Jullie zijn mooi

Jullie zijn prachtig

Jullie zijn sterk

Jullie zijn krachtig

Jullie zijn dapper

Jullie zijn goed

Jullie zijn liefde

Dat geeft moed!

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You gave me the gift of Jesus

The hope of a better life

For you are a thousand blessings

Happy mother and happy wife 

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B😭wling for Columbine (OT Bible Genesis)

I was hurting, I was flirting with another life

I was lying, I was crying out of strive and strife

I was heartless, I was loveless, l was DARKNESS space

I was M&M McDonalds, I was fat disgrace

I was only, I was lonely in the endless cold

I was just a little alien who longs to hold

I was just extraterrestrial, WHY CAN'T YOU SEE?


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Netherlands in trouble (S.O.S.)

Rood-Wit-Blauw: Ik hou van jou


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Nothing is sin (Dutch)

Niets is zonde

Niets is slecht

Alles goed 

En Alles, echt

Niets is zonde sinds weleer


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Anton Corbijn (Nederlands)

Ik zag je in de Bergen van Europa, 

Je leven door de bom🌳en heen verteld. 

Bij jou voel ik me ook gezien, etherisch

Voor mij ben je een nationale held! 

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Russians versus Ukrainians

Russians are more traumatized than others

They hurt in sorrow more than Ukrainian friends

Well in my class no bullying, no conflict or war

Our Latinos & Africans have a LOVE that never ends 

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Online Self-Improvement

Be a Weaver

Be the Net

Be the Spider

Be the Web

Be Deviced

Be Online

Help yourself and you'll be fine! 

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I wrap my arms around you (Dutch)

Ik sla mijn armen om je heen

En als je denkt: 'dat kan alleen

Als je mijn familie bent

Als je mij een beetje kent'

Dan zeg ik gauw: 


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Mar👬y Jesus

Jesus walks with you

Like a Muslim or a Jew

Like a Buddhist or a Hindu

And if I were you

I would Mary Jesus too 

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If you're talking trash behind my back, just set it right

The neighbours didn't do it and they're suffering a fight

Of lying in dishonesty, hypocrisy at night

They'll burn you with the trash if you choose darkness over light


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Happy 🎃 Halloween

You're a LUSH pumpkin

And a little mean

I wish all of us

Happy 🎃 Halloween!

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I need you, Stef

You're coming back to London

You settled in Hong Kong

You're living with my brother

Your mom's in Avignon

You're overlooking Disney

Your dog is happy Cal

I need you Steph, I need you

You're doing us so well 


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Holding our hands

50 years of marriage

We talked about the war

You cried about your husband

We held you, we were four

From Sudan, Poland, Ukraine and me

Together we are safe

Things are so much better now

Winters in the Canaries

And YouTube for free

The Colombiana from the Asylum Center lights everyone up with her laughter

You are always happy! I said




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I get by with a little help

I know how to amuse me

And muse another man

But let's be fair

The time is there

I'll help out where I can 

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Too skinny, love

You are a Free Birdy

With Bon Iver tone

But if it gets worse

You'll be over and gone ...

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Do you still love me?

At the Chinese Restaurant

A group of Native Dutchies

I greeted them warmly

They didn't respond

Then the waiter came

And one of them asked: 

Do you still love us?

The surprised answer: 


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Shakespeare was not in love

Iron Man never came near

But Arthur was very lucky

He had Guinevere 

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N.I.V.E.A. (Dutch)

Niet alles is wat het lijkt

Invullen is een kwestie van tijd

Voor veel dingen is een reden

Een beetje therapeut vertelt je dat 

Ander is NIET anders. 

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Humans Are The Heroes & Heroines

You're an Indian Summer

With Red Sox on your belly

Curing Covid means we'll all be friends

And we'll grow Ivy out of Providence

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The bells of North-Holland

I tell myself I never really hurt you

That I'm not paranormal and I really don't know

I hung a rainbow flag with a multicolor heart

Over the balcony for about a week

And I'm not proud

That I believe in spirits, phantoms, ghosts

But I think that you should know

That I'm proud I loved you so

I'm proud I love your show

And I let everybody know

That I love you so

It do...

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The Miller

What she did for us is just as much 

As any Van Gogh.

How do I know?

I'm telling you so!


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You Are The Function

Hearts are meant to bleed

I think it's evolution

I'll let you do the math

Just give me resolution

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When ever becomes never (Dutch)

Nooit meer zal ik deze wereld in de steek laten

Ik heb mezelf verraden 

Iedereen verlaten van wie ik heb gehouden


Waar is de wij? 

In egoïsme, egotisme, egocentrisme? 

Als ego ik is, waar ben jij dan gebleven? 


Ooit zal ik je weer vinden

En dan zullen wij weer heel zijn

Heel blij, heel vrij en heel wij 

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The Next Generation

No hablo Español

Pero Aventura

That's so much more than an adventure


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Yes, you want to build a snowman

And sing with the raindrops on your head

I know these are the lands of confusion

And this Earth is as bad as a Song

But if we go down together

Then let us sing-a-long


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All is well

There is no power in Hell

As the church will tell

That love is all around

And you wear the victor's crown 👑 


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Abusive Love

I grew up with abusive love

A lot of love, abusive love

It's all that I've been thinking of

Abuse, abusive love 

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Non-binary nopes

I wanted her attention

But he had no intention

I said: let's be together

But they had something better! 

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Buitengewoon Nederlands!!! 👊 👍 ✌️

Nu pas snap ik hoeveel ik van je hou

Wat je ouders je hebben gezegd

Dat de geschiedenis zich nooit mag herhalen

Dat jullie niet meer mogen falen

Alle dingen die je moet laten

Waardoor je alleen jezelf kan haten

En dat je niet snapt waar de vreugde is gebleven

Alle geluk die je mij hebt gegeven

Het is hier aan je zij

Want wij zijn net als jij

En wij maakte de grootste ...

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Formal Love

It's just a formality but I won't let you go

I won't let you fall apart because they told you so

I will be there with our love, I'll be there till the end

That is romance, that is h❤️art, and family and friend 

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You're A Brave Star

You don't need a pen to make me tremble

You are already right out loud

You're like Mel Gibson, Sara Bareilles, Kelly MacDonald

The improv to my theater

The next best drama

The stage to my play



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Not So Nice

I wasn't ever really nice

Not once, not twice, not really nice

Not Mr. Nice Guy without vice

Not really really nice

(I'm sorry, that's just the truth) 

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Tout est beau

You're so good 🥰

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🌶️ For She's A Jolli🌶️ Good Fellow (Dutch-English Bi) 🌶️

Joyless Goodfellows

Beloved Marshmallows

Write A Bad Taste

With A Smile On Your Face


Vreugdeloze Vrinden

Geliefde Beminden

Schrijf Een Gedicht

Met Een Lach Op Je Gezicht

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Be My Guest

A slice of salty butter

Sprinkles jam with joy

Beautiful surrounds us

Mornings to enjoy! 



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Be My GuestWijk Aan Zee

The Too Disabled Students

The way my eyes colour the world

In a way you cannot see

Shows to me your wheels

Are all that's meant to be

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Am I really that different? 

Maybe I don't understand,

the way your heart beats faster at the sound of my voice

Why you suddenly touch my hand, my leg, my neck

I don't understand

I have only seen this behaviour 

With the traumatized: The abused & neglected

The severely disrespected

I don't know and I don't understand

Am I really that different? 


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Great Grand Parents

My greatgrandparents were great grand parents

My grandparents were great grand parents

My parents are great grand parents


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Core Business

You're not under the weathers

Come to me and toss some feathers! 

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Poetry (no epic failures)

Mar, we were too young to have romance

To have a son, to just be friends

We lost ourselves in all our troubles

To blow a hundred thousand bubbles

You play monopoly to win

I don't feel guilt, or haste or sin

I made mistakes behind our back

And so did you, and that's a fact 

Yet we are thankful for our times

Cause this is life and how it rhymes 

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Your wellbeing comes first

I don't mind, living like this

it's truly appreciated.

No hard feelings

All is good, all is well

And when I'm stressed out worst

I tell myself:

Wellbeing comes first

Your wellbeing comes first


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Doggy Bag

You can have my body bag

And fuck that doggy style

I just want my doggy back

My home, my Earth, my smile

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These things are coming to an end

These things are coming to an end

I'm normalizing patterns

A decade full of wondrous ways

Two decades minus crazy days

Three decades Disneyfied

Four decades to be satisfied

It all comes to an end

New beginnings to befriend 

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You know how they say

You don't say 

You don't play

You don't count

You don't run

You're not lost 

You're not found

You're in love 


I'm in love 


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For Arianne

If you're only losing, if you can't win your game

If all you draw is out of luck, unhappy and insane

Then think of Arianne. And how we used to be

The hope of generations, a light for all to see

I don't know why they took you

But this is all I know

I will never let us go

I will never let us go 

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Arianne Caoili

There's always a h ❤️ art in cappuccino

There's always a h❤️art in cappuccino

With a little foam on your smile

And some tiny sparkling crystals

To make our lives worthwhile


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