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Life is an endless comment section
Shouts at each other with a swift swipe of the keyboard

An invisible war within this virtual world
Brutal words concealed as nuclear bombs and machine guns

We post up selfies to make us feel better
Just for that someone to tear us down

Give us a “like” to inflate our self-esteem
Give us a “dislike” to deflate our self-esteem

How did it come to thi...

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Feeling Salty


I'm the salt
You're the wound

Can you feel me digging in?
Do you feel how I feel?

Let's be honest for a moment
We have all done it for that special person

"Done it" as in losing it all for that one chance
The chance to walk with them in the sun

Well, my special someone left me 
With a sunburn and a heartache

Left me stranded there on the sun
Waiting for her return


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relationship breakup

Song Of Your Underground

Song Of Your Underground

This will be the song of your underground
A tune that will reach you six feet below
A tune that will reach you above and beyond
I hope you hear every note I sing

Your energy still gets the best of me
There are portraits of your face
Posted up on the timid walls of my mind
So I don't have to get over you

It's called death because it's the end
And there were moment...

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death loss friendlossmissingsinging songs

Butterscotch Girl

Butterscotch Girl

She's my groovy disco queen
The reason why I have rhythm
In my offbeat feet

My heart beats passionately like an earthquake
Just by the simple thought
Of her exquisite body next to me

When she sings, 
I sing
When she dances,
I dance

The sun awakens when her brown eyes open
A golden crisp glow covers the land
As she breathes life into the world

Her breath smells like ...

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My insides so dark

You can't see the soul

The light cock back

Darkness takes control


Oh, please don't mind me

I'm just spilling my guts

One line at a time

With no rhythm at all


Questions always pondering

Answers never solving

Promises never fulfilling

A vicious cycle


Closing my eyes to see a spot of hope

To light up my twilight soul

But when...

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Lost inside this long black tunnel

Wandering steps I can't retrace

Walking down a path that has no end

Is there no way out of here


There's a blood clot in my heart

So I cut deep to heal the ache

Only to find no heart

Just a hurt that's growing inside


The thought of this is making me ill

But it the only thing working for me

Trying to untied the knots in my st...

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deep black tunnellost

Better Than Me

Sometimes I disappear like a ghost

Leaving you standing there like a stone

I took so long to let you know

But I don't deserve you at all


When we get closer to each other

I begin to slip away to space

Far, far away from your love

Just standing here on my own


I ran away before the problems start

If the pain wasn't love

Then it wasn't real at all

Just false ...

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The past just won't go away

Every day reminds how much I hate it

Fighting against the addictions

Can't live without it, so maddening


I feel it every day

I feel it on its way

I feel it building up inside

Tearing me piece by piece


I wanna take it out of my soul

Give my heart some peace

Take control of my life

And spit out its disgusting taste


Erase ...

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missing piecepast


My skin is red and burning

Like there a monster in me

Crawling underneath the surface


Nervous, batten, beaten

Madness is all I got left

This monster has taken the best of me


A monster behind these eyes

A monster that feeds off my lies

A monster that laughs every time I break


It's a war zone inside my head

Can't stop what I'm feeling

So many voices in...

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Slipping Away

You said hold on a little bit longer

But it feels like I'm slipping away

So how can I hold on

When I'm breaking down here


I won't let you down

These words you said to me

Are music for my ears

For a love that can never be


Drunk and all alone

The misery still remain

The same familiar pain

But the scars don't look the same


And my mind is in another p...

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Holding on

Afraid of Society

Born as an outsider

Live like a lone wolf


Scare of playing with others

Good chance I might humiliating myself


So I sit next to my window

Watching the world having fun without me

Dying to break out of my soul

The fear takes control of my soul


The quietest of a room

Can give me company

But it doesn’t fill

The void of loneliness I feel


I’m getti...

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fear and loathingsociety


I have been waiting for help all these years

A little delusion that someone will rescue me

Someone will throw me a rope

To drag me out of the hole I have been living in


Searching for the light in the dark

Asking for help left and right

In the roughest moments

Hope, I need you


There is always a war going on in my head

Angels and demons clashing inside of me


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"For Ashley" :)

If I could be so honest
For just a minute or two
I have something special
I’d like to share with you

I want to let you know
Right from my very heart
How much I am thankful
For the wonderful friend you are

A good friend is rare,
And the most cherished gem of all
Like a twinkle in the night
When the wish you make comes true

Beautiful on the inside as well as the out 
You’re understandin...

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friendshipHelping each other

For Ali :)

Sometimes, we get lonely
On this place that we call Earth
Sometimes, we feel too small
To hold all the feelings we have inside.

We don't want to sit and talk about it
We rather shed a tear or two about it
Play our favorite sad songs
To get us through the cold night.

Just remember that you’re intelligent and kind,
Like an elegant American rose 
A true woman of music 
You can get through ...

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friend helping outfriendship

That Feeling

You know that feeling?
That feeling when you just want the right thing
To fall into the right place, not only because it's right,
But because it will mean that such a thing is still possible?

Like singing in the rain.
I'm singing in the rain right now
And it's such a damn glorious feeling.
An unexpected downpour
and I am just giving myself into it

Because what else can you do?
Run for co...

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loveunknown feeling

The Girl with the Ruby Shoes

Oh, look at her standing there
On the grandest stage of them all
In those ruby red shoes
Red like her perfect cherry heart. 

She hides behind a black stand
So, the world won’t see her eyes
Her eyes tell a story
Or a lost soul.

No one knows the sound of her voice
Just the sound of her instrument
Sound of melodious tunes
Tunes that bring people together

She circled the world in her red r...

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I tend to soak up life
When nothing is going right
Like the rise of the sun
To the dark abyss of night

There’s a grisly storm coming this way
Leaving a carnage of wrecked hearts
I wasn’t prepared for the bad weather
No shelter can protect me from this

Clouds cracking with electricity
The rain feels like tiny needles against my skin
Safe Harbor is out of sight
There’s no escape from this


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Body Language

We don’t need words when we have body language
The way you tangle your hair around your sly finger
Looking at me with that puppy dog face
Oh, you know what you’re doing to me

You’re good in a bad way
I’m digging your groovy beats
Cosmic rhythms babe
But I’m not here swept off my feet honey

Those curves speak right to me
Low cut shirts always get the best of me
I know I’m better than this

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New Friends Are Golden

Living on my own
A million miles from home
Caught in a web of loneliness
Wondering where my hope went to

Stranded in a dark place
Not a flicker of light in sight
Like a child that has gone astray
Trying to find his way back home

But, then you reached your hand out towards me
Threw lights on my lanes like fireflies
You barely knew who I was
Hardly even knew my name

My life was at a low ...

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Loose Ends

You said I'm the type of boy that you need
But not the one you want right now
So I’m standing in the waiting line
Hoping that I can make it to the top of your list

You're the bad news on the front page cover
The snake hiding in the sneaky grass
This life of living at the bottom of a broken wish
Is not an ideal life for me

The only thing that stands between you and I
Is this unbearable awk...

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bad eventLetting Go


If you are reading this poem
That means you finally did it
You graduated from college 
And eager to start your journey into the world
But there are some things you must remember.

Don’t ever give up on what’s in your heart
Don’t ever let go of hat it is you believe in
Don’t ever say the road is too tough
And that it’s better to quit.

Don’t ever think that you don’t matter 
Because you’re ...

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hopeMoving forward

For Brianna

Sometimes we’re lonely,
sometimes we’re down,
Our feelings are obvious,
they’re right in our frown.

We don’t want to talk,
or sit and explain,
Nobody would like it,
if they felt the same pain.

But just remember that you’re
intelligent and kind,
A person like you,
is so hard to find.

Your beautiful smile,
is often the cure,
You can get through anything,
of that I am sure.

Cheer up, ...

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Queen Of The Sea

She was born a mermaid. 
Half divine fish,
Half human female. 
Her thoughts swam far and wide

Mesmerized by an ocean dream,
Rolling waves, sea pure and clear,
The sea belongs to The Mermaid,

The shore is her secret little sanctuary
Below the swaying leaves of coconut trees
Like the gold at the end of a rainbow

The smell of saltwater that arouses her senses,
The flowers that open her eye...

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The moon glows in the twilight night
The sun shines during the luminous day
The moon can’t glow without the sunlight
The sun can’t shine without the moon’s darkness

I wish you’d understand the philosophy 
There’s no me without you
You’re the oxygen in the air
The reason why I breathe

The days we spent together
The hours we wasted together
The minutes we counted together
The seconds we l...

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break upcity lights

Dreaming of Me and You

Well, here I am again
Standing in the pitch dark
Counting down the time
Until I get to see you once more

My self-esteem is going downhill
Negative thoughts are taking hold
Because I lack the sweet words
To get you right next to me

When you’re walking past me
Never knowing what I’m feeling inside
I feel if I had one chance, one moment
You would be mine

Writing down yet another page
In ...

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Heartacelost love


Locked doors and a shaking bedpost
A trail of red lipstick leading me
To a woman that is out of this world 
I need her like she needs diamond rings

I taste her on my lips
I feel her in my soul
Losing myself to her
Though she keeps slipping away

She's going out tonight to find herself 
Using mixed drinks and club beats as her compass 
Coming and going out of infinity 
While I watch her s...

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It’s been 5 months
8 days
6 hours 
And I'm still not home

Drifting off somewhere cold
Just me and my memories 
No problems here
This is how I heal

I wish I had somewhere to go
Someone waiting for me
Waiting can't do anything for you
When you're this low at the bottom 

Sometimes when you're out of hope
The way to climb back up is unclear 
These walls I built around myself 
Are made o...

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thinking -just thinking

For Meghan ?

You're a sweet blend of rare and special 
So many talents to share with the blue world
A genuine smile that knows how to shine
When people walk by, they eagerly wave.

Joy is something you always put on display 
Even when times seems so grey
Please keep in mind, that you're not alone
If you wish to talk, just pick up the phone.

When you're feeling stuck in a rut
And don't know what to do

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friend helping outfriendship


Somewhere tonight in the darkest part of me
A smile of resistance lives upon memories 
It hides behind my face
Reminding me that I'm still alive

But the frown of regret takes over
Falling on my face with these tired eyes
Closing them softly as I'm crying inside
Yet I still remain despite the pain 

I'm searching for the ocean sky
The clouds are hiding it from me
The colors of the wind are...

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My lungs have been crushed from the ink
There’s not enough air to bring them back
A sharp needle struck my heart

My hands reach toward the skies
With tears filling my eyes
This is the closest to Heaven I’ll ever be 

I used to be a believer
Love was my greatest protection 
But a silent bow killed my faith

I tried to give it another shot
Didn’t even come close
Darkness overcame the light


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Running Away

Running Away

Raindrops of horrible memories
Under a cloud of sadness 
Constant waves of despair
Have more than taken me away

Haunting voices inside of floating paper bags
Scream at the sky of grey
Another wave of unhappiness
Has washed away parts of me

The lessons I learned
I forgot within a blink of an eye
Now I’m back where I was before
Not sure which direction I should go

Say a pra...

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