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A Snowy Landscape

A Snowy Landscape


A white blanket has been laid on

My home, inert with a bedded silence

The stark silhouette of a winter's eve

Are beneath nature's membrane serene

A moment of suspended reality

In a place which yearned for respite

It came in the night with a relentless flurry

A hazy syndrome of swirling majesty

Settled now in a frozen mould

Caught by a warm whisp...

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First Signs

First Signs


A shoot of green nudges itself

Upwards and forwards

In a glade of snowdrops

They sit in dampened dew

The sky unfolds and reveals

That azure which perennially allures

Daffodils and tulips wait in the wings

Blue bells in a copse do sing

A smidgin of spring opens its pores

As windows are ajar and stay paused

Only a keen eye sees the change

As the c...

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An ill Wind Blows

An ill Wind Blows


Across the face of the earth an ill wind blows

a wind which las lain dormant in time

A wind fermenting to reach fever pitch

with a power about to be unleashed

Its strength will be without restraint

as in its wake many will cry and shout

Unrest and conflict will break forth

setting one against another with a fury untold

Thunder and lightning will be...

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Memories of Austerity

Memories of Austerity


Married in the late summer of nineteen forty six

in a time of austerity and post war ruin

With little money to sustain them

they trusted in their love for each other

Rented rooms in the house of another

was all they could afford

An undamaged building in a sea of rubble


The scars and signs of war were prevalent

rationing of food a daily dif...

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The Predicament

The Predicament


Lava cascades as skyscrapers raise

Bears in pristine white with claws do cling

Plastic gunge digested into mutant fish

Dictators play games with beautiful lives

News breeds an urgency of panic and doom

Depression reeks its vile smell in every room

Corruption gnaws at the soul of the poor

Factories pour out refined metal into the Ruhr

Africa liberated...

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