Poetry Blog by keith jeffries (Apr 2020)

The Intrusion

The Intrusion


Juxtaposed with the dutiful arrival of Spring

bringing garlands of heavenly bouquets

We slumber in a permanent fear

of a plague whose rampant character

lies beyond the control of any man

Forget me nots bloom in the shade of a tree

daisies and dandelions grow wild in the fields

Hastily constructed hospitals await the infected

mortuaries receive unpreced...

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The Hedge of the World

The Hedge of the World


The world is found in a maze

Passages linked together in symetrical chaos

An 'ad hoc' arrangement of no design

People enter and begin a fruitless pursuit

They wander unguided along green corridors

So high are the hedges the tallest cannot scale its walls

Or see beyond their own confines

Time can be spent in sheer frustration

Dead ends are freq...

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A Painting

A Painting


I glanced at the landscape and moved on

The Gallery was full of people, a busy day indeed

I returned to the landscape, to see it once more

Before me, my eyes read in between the colours

The landscape gave way to my life, the past

I became mesmerised as images flashed before me

My childhood, family, times good and bad

I painted a superimposed landscape of my ...

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Sea Fever

Sea Fever


The hatches are battened down

All is safely stored within

The wounded captain is on the bridge

The engine chugs slowly in motion

Those below have taken to their hammocks

The rudder is free with no control

The only sound is the lapping of water

We are adrift in a sea of plague

No destination can be determined

The doldrums have their way

A soporific at...

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A Tenuous Existence

A Tenuous Existence


We live on the edge

We hang by a thread

We clutch at straws

We live by grace alone


I wake in trepidation

I walk not knowing

I think in spasms

I am mostly lost


We search and ponder

We compare and wonder

We enquire with doubt

We often need to shout


I am well and truly alone

I am surrounded by people

I seek solitude


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