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Them bells of matrimony

Wrote for some friends. 

Why do birds suddenly appear
Everytime you are near
It's possibly to tell the fact I love you, dear

When you said yes
I felt only bliss
As I inch in further
Just to steal that kiss

Cos you are me woman
Am your mate
And this is not up for debate
So best appreciate
We're in this together
Forever, to have and to hold
Sticking it out til we're grey and we a...

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I need you ( a halloween ode to companionship)

(apologies to the similar-sounding John Hegley piece also titled "I need you")

I need you
Like Dracula needs a neck to suck
Like Hannibal lector needs victims to cook
Like Jason needs the 13th day
Like Micheal Myers needs teens to slay

I need you
like werewolves need a moon to howl
I want to be kept "rock hard"
forever in your medusa scowl

I need you
Like Vincent Price needs bats ...

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companionshipHalloweenoctoberPunk poetryunrequited love

The Anniversary of a uninteresting event

When you walked out of my life
nothing really felt the same
I walked around the streets in the darkness 
looking for someone to blame
The windows of my eyes blacked out
The doors of my mind shut
I decided who was worth saving during the cut

I saw the end coming 
Feeling lonely, but not alone
Hearing you speak your Irish goodbye on the telephone
The mermaids siren song you sung
Now fel...

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depressionrelationship breakupthe end

Ska'd for life.

I wasn't born in 1969

but when i hear the music i feel just fine
that infectious Jamaican brassy beat
with my docs on i start to move my feet
what is this music i hear you calling from afar?
that my friend is Bluebeat or two tone ska
the braces are on, am shaving my hair
working on that rudeboy stare
but tonight they be no fights 
as i'm out there jamming to the skatilites!

bob wasn'...

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heritageJamaicaMusicpunk poempunk poetry


entry picture

Dazzling lights
And stag do fights
The homeless here read books
There always a sense of fear any time of year
Seeing seagulls give hungry looks

There's the Blackpool tower
Where you can escape the occasional summer shower
But the price in is obscene
On the streets, there are fortune tellers
And joke booksellers
The beach never looks clean

But for the kids, it's all fun

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Blackpoolholidaypunk poetrySocial Observations

Rebellion festival closer

The Rebellion festival ended.
Doe-eyed holiday going children gaze with sandals and spades look upon  
Punk Rock looking festival-goers with intrigue and fascination
Whilst concerned parents clasp them close 
"No child of mine shall EVER be a punk rocker"
Forgetting the fact
They once looked upon them with fascination

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Blackpoollife of the peopleshort poem

When I die...

When I die
They'll not be a cloud in the sky
They'll be riot vans
With megaphones
All around the haligonian streets
As the public are treated to ska at 140 beats

A group of mourning maidens
Will be in black on every street corner
With a "punk with a northern soul" t shirt to adorn her
The ladies and friends I have admired
Will be quoted in high regard
And my adversaries will be silenc...

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Funnypoetrypunk poetry

They cannot touch her.

i'm in love with someone. 
Sadly they do not know it, but i do. 
Her beauty is rich in a loveless world.
Her smile eases the thoughts of negativity around me, 
the gentle conversation excites my universe. 
to be in their company even for a brief few seconds can take a mile off my day.

Then she leaves.
Same time.
Next week.

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Lovelove poetryunrequited love

Proud men i know (two short poems for father's day)

22 years ago/55 years too soon
your smile could light this dark room
people speak fondly of you, I think they're all stuck in the past
but your name is legendary around here, to say you didn't last
for the love you only knew was one of a clenched fist
but you were my father, and you are still missed
Stepdad, sportsman, golfing fanatic
when we drink to...

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dadfather's daylost dadlove and time passing

Against Apathy (2019 version)

This poem was conceived in 2013 as a response to none voters. For years I did not vote but was vocal on the state of the country. certain parts to reflect the current change in Britain has been rewritten to give the piece more of a serious message. thanks for reading and do your bit today.

Nevermind the ballots!
is what the none-voters like to say
but quite frankly I'm sick of Brexit, Farage ...

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punk poetryvoting apathyvoting day

double standards

you give money to patreons
and gofundme
cos the content looks neat
but won't bat an eyelid
to the homeless dying on the street

take a photo with them
do it for a couple of likes
meanwhile when winter comes around
they're outside dying on anti-homeless spikes

this is a raising epidemic
doesn't it make you feel sad
that could be your brother

as the rich get richer

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homelesspunk poetryrealization

I sit alone and think of you.

I've gone back to writing unrequited love poetry. apparently, I'm told everyone likes those. 

some references:
"I sit alone and think of you"- a song by Jandek
"I've spent my whole surrounded/alone"- opening lines from the song "unconditional" by The Bravery
"Alone but not lonely"- a line from Tired out by Buck 65
"the smile I have is only skin deep"- a line from The Joker in Batman (1989)


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depressionlonelinesslove poemsthoughtsunrequited love

Hit the north

"hit the north" has been written as a commissioned piece at a film festival I am performing at as a tribute to what it is like to be Northern and the north's illustrious history.

I'm a Northern soul
With a english heart
raised in a part of the country
Which I could not depart

Home of The Moors
Smoking chimneys
Clacking of clogs
On the lasting Cobbled street
People here greet with "aye...

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The Day Gentrication Struck.. The Fax

My town, Halifax has gone through a rapid change since 2017 and the opening of the piece hall again.
with this, a whole line of musicians and artists and "outsiders" have flocked here to enjoy the "brewed to local taste" flavor of our town with the newly added additions of gin bars, vape shops, record stores etc..

But I remember the time before all this. the years of smoke-filled pubs filled wit...

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GentrificationHalifaxPunk Poetryshoreditch of the northyorkshire

The worst of me.

This poem was written in January, as a downward spiral was apparent. I believe it is best to know what our flaws our and they can be amplified when we are at our lowest ebb. They may never leave, but we can cope..

Snake charmer
Alone but not lonely
Static television
Impulsive behaviour
Sensitive to the touch
Thinking too hard
Sleeping too less
Gravitating towards old pattern...

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Depressionlifemental health awareness

March 2nd.

Can't concentrate
Can't sit still
Still can't hide the fact my father isn't here
And for now he never will

Sick of trying to numb myself
With countless amounts of beer
As every march I hear wonderwall
I still shed a tear

I wear a smile on the outside
But just a front for all to see
Somedays I still wonder if my half brother thinks of me

So please excuse me
For today on my face th...

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love of a vinyl obsessive: (a short valentines record poem)

Anyone asking if i am single today
will be told i am the album.
a long player by trade
there is room for extended play also
although anyone who puts you down as the 7" or 12" extended mix 
is only after one thing.

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No more heartfelt apologies.

This poem was written in the wake of the Windrush scandal and a look in my past life as a child been racially abused in my school days of 1997. the words I have used here may be considered offensive to some but are used here to hit the nail home they are and never will be acceptable in this time of age, as I am sick of the halfhearted apologies people make for saying them. 


This one goes o...

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angeranti-racismHeritagepunk poetryracism

confessions of a vinyl addict

7 inch 12 inch
45 The look and sound makes me feel alive
Punk, Rock, Reggae and ska
Is the sounds I play from sound systems afar 

The wheel is spinning
This man is grinning
The sound of a good record
Spend money I can't afford
On that one record
Its scratched sometimes
Comes with a hiss
But there isn't a sound I don't miss than this
So when the needle hits the groove
There's no time...

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The alternative Christmas Speech (revisited)

Its a funny old do
is Christmas time and such
its that one time of year you'd think people would stay in touch
do you remember when you were young?
writing letters to santa
and the sparkling christmas tree?
that was the fondest memories of Christmas time for me

fast forward to today
you start to feel alone
the masses are influenced by greed and want the new bloody I-phone
the spirit of...

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Seasonal Complaints Department

why does it feel 
the early makings of December?
when i'm seeing Christmas decorations at the start of November?
"it gets earlier every year"
is all the general public seem to say
and very soon we'll eating Xmas puds in may

My dissent into festive fury
starts with Noddy Holder screaming "IT'S CHRISTMAS"
in his own special, irritating way
then followed by worldwide bankruptcy
as Wizzard...

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At night
no rats or mice are in this home
only the slugs they like to roam
leaving their slimy secretion all over my clean carpet
then  the morning comes and they've sodded off back to their tar pit

Like a fresher on their first year
they like a damp hole they can squeeze emself into
fancying a bit of that late night apophallation
I think they need a touch of salt in this situat...

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In Search of..

Vague book philosopher
You write in riddles
Time to write in facts
Jekyll and Hyde personified
Tales of the vanishing post you wrote but no one saw it as you've been rumbled
Friendly to your face, but insecurity is your only friend.
And perhaps a bottle of ignorant bliss. 

You are a technical difficulty
The TV channel you star on is off the air
Trust your instincts
That you obliterate ...

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One for Halloween, a cautionary tale if you don't eat your vitamins and read the Daily Mail...

I went out feeling left-wing one night
when my eyes were fixated on an eerie sight
in the sky, there was a full moon
and what happened next is like been in a cartoon

My nails grew long
I got sharpened teeth
there was hair
where they shouldn't be growing beneath
but fear not, this isn't a Werew...

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funnyhalloweenpunk poetry

Social Netjerking

facebook tells me i have been on this diary of misinterpreted thoughts 10 years yesterday. what better time to share this poem? i wrote this comical piece in a short-lived sabbatical i took last year:

I'm sick of being on facebook
i'm sick of all the likes
i'm sick of all this unfriending
and pics of stolen bikes

i'm sick of giving you a "thumbs up"
for something you said and did
and th...

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facebookpunk poetryrantsocial-media

One Life, One Rotation.

Tomorrow I will be performing in my hometown of Halifax. I may retire this poem as in July which promised to be an uneventful month due to old thoughts reoccurring of last year, We lost a friend and up and coming poet by the name of Simon Shaw. Simon, who was a larger than life character owned a comic book store (first one since the early 2000s) and had released his first book of poetry. towards t...

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Me Mam.

I wrote this year for mother's Day this year for my mother. 

FOR MUM ( a dedication)

You are
Iridescent in style
Blessed with love that go for a mile
This poem could be about any other
But this right here is for my mother

You where a teenage northern Siouxsie Sioux
Before it was cool
Ditching off classes to see the clash in highschool
These days i've caught you doing high kicks to ...

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I like the art of Frida Kahlo 
The teachings of Aleister Crowley
Che Guevara's revolutionary stance 
Miss The X-Ray Spex sorely
I dabble in listening to Kool Keith's prose 
and reading John Cooper Clarke's grit
I am a child who floats between genres
and the occasional moshpit

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The Punk Poet's plea in comparison

I'm going to explain this now
Before I leave my mark:
I am not John Cooper Clarke

We are both rake thin
Wear suits
And rhyme all the same
But I can assure you that is not my name

When you talk about things in a similar fashion
It can be a joke at first you see
But my initials are not those of a certain "JCC"

Never been to Salford
I don't venture out of Halifax after dark
So I can...

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To my father.

I see a picture
of you each and every day
that way you never went away
friends and family still speak fondly of your name
but the state you left you were never the same

you where a youthful 32
and you weren't feeling yourself that night
went for a walk after a drunken row
and possibly a fight
your taciturn existence was ousted in one night
you were in one place
then forever out of sig...

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Tales from the rail (a relevant poem)

doubt i'm gonna make performing this week. tell ya why..

I would of been here sooner
but let me explain
i'm only late because of this train
I set sail early
hoping to catch a seat
but all i got was a urge of defeat

ticket machine- broken
the conductor was nowhere in site
the peasants were revolting
and sporting for a fight

lots of money lost
filling me with vehemence and hate
i ...

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The Message

the height of the book launch, i wrote this


Fall in love
Not in line
Build your character
Feel just fine
Now I want you all to listen to me
As I speak these words eloquently:

If you don't like something
Go and protest it
Invent your future
Then manifest it
Positive Energy Activates Constant Elevation
So don't deal with those who live by anger or frustration
Live long to be ad...

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'77 Punk Era (an Insight)

You can't be anarchist
If you need to go to work
I say: "I need money to go berserk"
You can't be of the revolution
If you wear a suit n tie
I say bollocks to that statement and it should roll over and die
They say you can't be part of the solution
If you only raise your fist
I say "Britain is broken, and we are all pissed"

Because I never had the spiked hair
But wore the shirt
Wore m...

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book stuffmusicnew stuffpunk

The Ballad of Black Roy (For My grandfather)

Yesterday i was given the news my often eccentric, but also very old grandfather on my dad's side has gone to hospital. sketchy details, sounds like a stroke by the sound of it. around 1997 i started to see my grandfather after the passing of my dad. he was always a fun and amusing person to listen to, as he was from Kingston Jamaica, so i was never far from a "Raasclart" been mentioned. We later ...

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Childhood memoriesfamilygrandfathermemoriespunk poetry

Alternative X-Mas Poem.

It been the 1st of Dec now, I think this can get its airing. 
I do love christmas but as with age, you realize how distant people become and how much of a spending spree its become for people to get their children or family that one expensive gift. But now,  without furthur to do here is "the alternative Christmas speech"..

Its a funny old do
is Christmas time and such
its that one time of y...

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Out On The Floor

Dedicated to my parents who I saw share a dance for the first time in ages on holiday.

he said "do you love me now i can dance?"
she replied she would no longer fall for that kinda romance
he said "i can do the mashed potato and the boogaloo too"
she threaten to dump him and tell him they where through
but when he hit the floor
she felt the spark once more
and saw the smile on his face

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dancingloveshort poem

Midnight, The Stars and you

They say when you meet the love of your life
time just stops
and that is true
but just for tonight

I want the midnight
the stars
and you
I want a glass of wine
and a beer or two
I want you to play me your records
so we can brood to the hiss
I want us to smile
after each and every kiss

I wanna be romantic
like Al Bowlly in the 30s
I want a kind of suit
that shall never dirty
I wa...

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You met me at a very strange time in my life
but soon you'll be a memory
haunting me 
of times happier past
the interest had reached its death knell
and now our meeting was the last

wash away your compatibilty
there's no love to be found here
We are now faded polaroids
romance is dead to be clear

I ask myself:
was it I that had given too much
or was it you
that felt we fell out of t...

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Public Mileage Limited

dedicated to John Lydon/Lygone/Rotten/Forgotten, on his recent outburst...

Rubber Johnny's been buttered up
Now his talk is cheap
The punks that once did idolise him
Have now begun to weep
His public image limited
Now there's no anarchy in the UK
He used to hate the queen
But now probably wants a knighthood to come his way

They say never have idols
Cos all they'll do is break your he...

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Johnny rottenpunk poetrySex pistols

The Vinyl Addicts Anonymous

entry picture

7 inch
12 inch
The look and sound makes me feel alive
Punk, Rock, Reggae and ska
Is the sounds I play from sound systems afar
The wheel is spinning
This man is grinning
The sound of a good record

Spend money I can't afford
On that one record
Its scratched sometimes
Comes with a hiss
But there isn't a sound I find more authentic than this
So when the needle hits the groove
No ti...

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funobsession musicvinyl records

Not My (P)resident

entry picture

some men in white hoods
come round to my house today
they said they where sent 
to make me pay
to ethnically cleanse
destroy the right to be different
and the form known as creative art-
because they had been enabled
by a man whose name means a fart

America installed him to the whitehouse
he wants to make the country great
but what is great
when all you do is generate hate?

either s...

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entry picture

They're coming on a train
to a town near you
bald and brainless
they haven't got a clue
claiming to be skinheads
but they're really just dicks
spewing right wing rhetoric
in their rabble of pricks

whether its a great british march
or a concert for the RAC
the words are hatred
that separate them from me
"it can't happen here"
you say to yourself
but watch them invade your town

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Confessions of a vinyl addict

entry picture

love the sound of crackle
I adore the sound of hiss
People thought it was a dying trend
But its a sound I'll never miss

The sound of a new vinyl
Is a sound I love to hear
So pull yourself up real close
And lend me your ear

Now some people like  jazz
And others like rock
But the only time I get sad
Is when my records are outta stock

So if you see me playing records
Don't look at ...

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Ode to Poly

entry picture
Dedicated to X Ray Spex vocalist Mari "Poly Styrene" Elliot. 

Exotic colored clothes
metallic braced teeth
a refusal to be sex symbol
punk aura underneath

Living in a plastic bag
as a germfree adolescent
in '77 you proclaimed we where all going mad

Age, you're so afraid
of the silly billys
and been strangled by plastic popper beads

I know you're antiseptic
but your deodrant sme...

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2016newpunk poetryx ray spex

18 years

entry picture

This poem today is a tribute to my late departed father, whom left this world 18 year ago. 

18 Years

18 years
a lifetime of tears shed for a controversial hero, now
reduced to a photo on marble stone
here in the cemetery
you can't be alone

surrounded by others
taken before their time
some young, some old, and some new
but in this place of rest
all that matters to me is you

a faded ...

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deathmemoriespoetryunwanted day and month

I Met God

I had a vision! or i heard him..

I Met God

I met god
in the form of a urinal
told me he wasn't a DJ
nor did he spin vinyl
but when we made the connection
his tap into my system felt spinal
he spoke equolent, his words final:

"now keiron,
recently i haven't heard you pray
and tell me are you practicising to be good, ten times a day?"

I felt bewildered
and put this voice down to a h...

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funnew stuff.poetrypunk poetry

Confessions Of A Pyromaniac

a poem  i wrote about my uncoditional love for flames.

I like to play with matches
I like to see stuff burn
people think i'm tapped in the head
but when they gonna learn

the smell of fresh turpentine
is a scent i love to taste
Please give me your unwanted items
and don't let them go to waste

now some people are addicted to sex
and others like to steal
but the only i like to see naked is...

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Rebellion: A Punk Poem

entry picture

Rebellion: A Punk Poem
 a poem wrote about my experience at the fabulous Rebellion punk festival in Blackpool.

for 4 whole days I went there
surrounded by studs, docs and spiky hair
this is the place, a mecca where punks meet
to perhaps converse bands or politics 
and drink buckfast in the street
Ignore your fashion tag!
and your right to "rebel"
instead meet some of the cider lovi...

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festivalpunk poetryrebellion

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