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The style started in the UK in the  year 1969
A look that's aged like a fine glass of wine
Because I think Mr. Symarip sung it the best
That skinbyrds are sweeter than the rest
Fred Perry, braces and Doc martens on the foot
These ladies have style with the occasional Chelsea feather cut

The music is vital
With the occasional love of punk and  Oi, Northern Soul or ska
On the dancefloor yo...

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punk poetrySka

everyday is exactly the same

I'm missing
places i drink in
places where I stop to have a think in
I'm missing sweet conversation
with attractive barmaids on the sly
I miss coming home, drunk
listening to chet baker with a tear in my eye

I miss lazy days
quiet days where 
all this writing comes to be
on a Sunday afternoon
been the poet for all to see

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Midnight thoughts

Time will pass you by

Youth culture
Talc on the floor
The music is in rare quantity
For what's in store

Symbol of the night owl
Wigan casino
The ll nighters seem to last all day
Phet taken in mass dosage
To dance the blues away

Dapper lads in flares or tonics
Tidy lasses
With Off shoots of the mods
Are flock to be here
After Trading records at the pub
Drinking that first beer

Who dances the best?

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culturemusicnorthern soulpunk poetrysubculture stuff


I'm missing my gran
She's my number one fan
I'm missing her chain smoking
The golden oldies she hums to herself so sweet
I'm missing the family anecdotes that make my day complete

I miss her asking me how I'm doing
And is the poetry going alright
I miss her telling me how she won at bingo at the social club
Every Sunday night

I'm missing the person that taught me about Albert and that...

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we sell hope

I'm seeing events in life cancelling
A Mind slowly dismantling
Under the fearful situation
Of isolation.
Thoughts that are usually enthusiastic and so aerobic
Now Surrounded by thoughts so thanatophobic.

But today is another day
To carry on
To carry on the fighting song
To fight off these negative thoughts that dwell
Painting the colours in a lighter shade in hopes to feel so swell

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Down with the sickness

I'm stockpiling the hand sanitizer
To be none the wiser
to build up hopeful Coronavirus resistance
Hoping to be blessed with  ongoing lousy existence

Like the police said 
"Dont stand so close to me"
As we breathe in this overfed media tripe
I guess chuck d was correct
Don't believe the hype
As if you Repeat a lie long enough
And said lie comes truth
 it scares the whole nation
It's ...

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Corona viruspunk poetrytopical

For those of us unrequited this day

single day awareness now does loom
not married or taken? apparently it spells doom
but if i can't have you tomorrow
my thoughts surely can
i'll send some admiration 
best believe it man
type a message, or say something nice
"Sealed with a loving kiss" as the olde romantics say
not thinking twice

because if there's a next time around
I want a lover, not a taker
and sing so sweet to her...

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lovepoetryunrequited lovevalentines

Calder Valley will rise again (a poem in solidarity)

For those affected in Hebden Bridge and surrounding areas..

When you look out the windows
To see the flood
And when the clean up begins all is left is mud
When the sun starts to shine through the rain
The Calder valley shall rise again

When businesses are ruined 
In just one night
When the damage is permanent
No end in sight
When it's hard to be optimistic
Let me explain:
The Calde...

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I am 
3rd generation quarter 
With Irish blood
In the world I live in
I hope for more good
But We are surrounded
By constant

I hope for the day we end this situation
For all race religion and orientation.

As We are the nation
Controlled by old fashioned traditions
Although they have been transitions
Hatred still gets the last word
And I find that absurd
As ...

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equal opportunitiesPoem

How is your black dog today?

For starters: offense to real, man's best friends dogs. I love them, but also are scared of them in a way. This one is dedicated to the "black dog'" that haunts a lot of people's lives. I did a DJ gig on this day tonight and met a fellow who told me he does a mental health group to protect people who do not talk about what they are and or feel obsessed with or feel suicidal. We bought a few drinks...

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