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on DAYDREAM (Thu, 25 Dec 2008 06:48 pm)


I look out my window and smile with delight

At all the things I can see what a wonderful sight

I can see a toddler in his pushchair squirm

I can see a little robin pulling up a worm

I can see a man pick up a coin I think it’s a fifty pence

I can see a fox chasing chickens under a fence


I can see a boy wave his mum goodbye

I can see a jumbo jet up in the big blue sky

I can see a dog play...

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My mind with all its cogs and wheel

Nerves connect what I think and feel

Lack of sleep life is one big mess

I don’t know what to do can’t deal with the stress


Head spinning constantly battling against my fears

I’m dying inside can’t stop my tears


The worries that life brings are getting me down

I’m screaming for help I’m close to breakdown

Wish someone would notice I’m not well

I f...

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New buds appear with fresh, vibrant, spring, green leaves, chlorophyll illuminated by the sun.
Some playful children kick the fallen leaves flame red, auburn and crunch them under their feet, It looks like fun.
The holly wears gallantly it's crown of thorns, it's red berries being pecked at by the birds, they make a tasty treat.
Birch and Larch leaves, dehydrated, shrivel and wither in the mid day h...

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