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City-Dwelling, Unwillingly

The plight of the hopeless man

Pleading for patronage at the highway on-ramp

Staggering to his feet, waving a wand in his hand

Forcing it through the ground.

To convince them, to convince himself

He's in a state of desperation.

Stomping his feet 

To an echoless beat;

An earnest declaration muffled by layers of concrete.

No one turns a head,

No one's eyes to meet.


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Winchester's Mystery

This is a testament to my will

I'm jumping ship and swimming home

All the way to Winchester, where the doors lead to plaster

To neither here nor there

Nor any hereafter

There's commotion on the other side

Interference on the other line

I can't tell where I am

Where I'm situated 

Whether I was written into the grand plan

Or an honorable mention 

An afterthought some...

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Impatience, Prudence

The hesitation

That gets to me

Things are rolling slowly

It gets the better of me

I sit with the discomfort of not knowing

Let it wash over me

In black and white,

And other colors invisible in the light.

I want a gradual humiliation to take me out -

Take me out to sea.


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The Defender

We will never know freedom

Underneath water, we can't breathe in.

All the fishes gawking, laughing at us

Bound by this mortal engine and all its faulty wiring. 

Worry surmounts worry -

And worry comes abundently.

We walked through the valley together,

Illuminated by the light of the moon.

But the ones who brought us hence

They faded into darkness, and gave up the fight t...

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In the Midst of Dying

This here, the idle death march;

One arm holding onto us,

The other dangling off the side of the earth.

In this waiting room where we watch over you.

Observing the strange state of consciousness you're residing in

Your soul loosening grip between each breath,

And every rattle that brings you closer to death.

I try to talk to you but the words aren't coming through,

On this ...

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The Silent Toll

I see the ceiling patched up

I see those patches peeling and giving up.

I see the toll of time -

All it does to the body

All it requires of the mind.

We are specters of our decline in slow motion;


Unaffected by our pleas for reversal.

I see the toll of depression,

How it degenerates the mind. 

An atrophy of desire.

An acute awareness of time and its natur...

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