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Bigger than you

You should know better

Than to think you’re alone in this universe

You’ve seen breath come from nothing 

Animals evolve 

More complex than fathomable

Human species shapeshift and roam

With inventions inexplicable 

Grass, water, and life itself

Come to be 

And people like you 

Who all think different

And think they’re the only ones

Don’t assume you’re not connect...

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CorelistenguidebeliefUnitedkismetwiseknowingSpiritsoulfaithconnectedlifeworlduniverseintrospectionthinkingmysteryalivealiensplanbiggerselfdiscoveryopen mindbig picture

Part of us

Something speaks from beyond 

Something writhes alive

In each of us

Something pulls and breathes

Beyond our touch 

They call it instinct

But it is magically distinct 

And can lead, lead, lead 

To something in your core

They call it power of the brain 

But it’s so much more 

It cannot be explained away 

It cannot be spoken out of existence 

They call it the mi...

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Connectedalivediscoverykismetjourneyunitedwiseknowingsoulmindbrainworlduniversenaturespiritualpowerknowledgebeyondwiderspiritghostother beingtuitioninstinctidentitycoreguidelistenbelieffaith


I’m sorry to disappoint you

That I can be too sweet and so weak

And yet I can be cold and cruel too

That I can completely snap to my core

And morph into a creature of different sorts

I’m sorry that I’m not white or black

Or immaculate

Or of any matter 

For that fact

I’m not anything 

At all

Not wholly whole

You see,


Has been my superpower 


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uniqueselfselfhoodidentityfreedomindependenceliberationgrowthhealinghappinessreflectionunderstandingmatureemotioninner strengthmove onsinglepersonhoodsoulmindgroundedspiritualhumanitypeoplebe yourselftruthvisible

I thank you for not being good enough

You pulled me into your orbit

when I needed your help

and so, I made you my centre 

to centre myself


That was my first mistake


I looked inside you

for places where I could hide

I hoped to run from reality

into the delusions of your mind

I was happy to believe you were one of a kind

chuffed upon chuffed that you were mine

and I felt adored

grateful to m...

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healingnarcissistnarcissismrelationship breakupReflectiongrowthidentityneedsHeartbreakmoving onself esteemself worthself workbreaking freeselfhoodindependence

Wounds of liberation

Imagine being totally untethered

After feeling chain linked 

I feel split

That part removed 

That half is trying to renew

But it hurts 

To grow scab over wound 

Missing you is mourning you 

Leaving you is still losing you

And I’m just as lost

As I made you 

If it could be 

I would make it be 

Should I be chain linked again 

I would make it good 

Should ...

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Missmove onpainhurtupsetloveRelationshiphealhealingbreak upfreedomemotionfixgrowliberateimprisontrapindependentidentityadaptsingletwopaircoupleoneuntetheredlossmourngoodbye


The haunting of a broken tap: drip, drop

The thirst after the sun: drink, gulp

She never said a lot, gargling girl

Sliding in and out of my body

Helping me breathe, walk, talk

That was why I swam

It was water

Brought me alive floating out to No Man’s

Diving down to skim the sand

It was water

Wanted it, always had it, but could never catch it.

It was water


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waterwavesinsipiddriptransparentintangiblewomenloveidentitymyselfgirlwomanmonologueyouIexistentialconfusedswimdreamabsurdeclipsesecond selfshadowshadow selfanalysisreflectself awareness


I’ve peeled off my skin for you 

I’ve let you crunch my bones,

Consume beyond my flesh

Beyond my visceral tissues

Beyond my beating heart

Beyond the fibres of my being

Down to my soul

I’ve let you gobble up my spirit

I’ve let you slurp up my mind

Lick the lasting crumbs

of my emotions

Everything in me

Everything making me, me

All that constructs me


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loveheartbreakpainrelationshipemotionvulnerabilityvulnerablegivingsacrificejumpconsumefearpowerinterdependentinterlocksmitteninfatuationin lovebegprayhopedread

Flame-Licked Heels

I’ve been working on

Coming back from

The dead

Realising reality

Living in this world

Becoming me

I don’t have to know who I am

But I must know that I am

I am, I am, I am

I don’t have to know what I am

To deserve to be

I’m working on being,

Just being

Because I’ve been existing

Mindless, automatic, numb

Best autopilot, me

Coming back from the dead


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deademotionlessfeelrebornresurrectionspiritgrowthself workhardshipinspireoptimismhopefuturechoiceempowerpowerdecisionstake controlmanifestconnectvibrationliveenjoybebecomechangetransformjourneyexciting


We go through life trying to fulfill

By feeling full

It’s easy to live in comfort and abundance

But maybe you drown,

Don’t live

And you just exist

Strip away luxury…

Could you be with just yourself,

And basic needs?

With only your thoughts for company?

Because we go through life trying to fulfill

By feeling full

We consume with our mouths

Pack, squeeze, cram...

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fullconsumptioneathappinessmeaning of lifeconsciousnessvibrationforwardshopegrowmodernitypostmodernmediasaturationculturewestern worldidentityfeelemotionsin touchconnectedpurposenumbsociety

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