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Catch the wind

Do you remember the wind?
She's hard to hear over the hum of air-conditioning.
When the world gets too much,
I head to the harbour to remember her voice.
I nestle in the body of my boat and think I'd love to cup my hands and catch her.
To take the wind captive, to wrestle her to the ground and expose her secrets.
People need to hear what she has to say.
Waves lap against the hull while I wa...

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Pay attention

entry picture

The tree stretches her gnarly boughs wide, rather than tall,
her instinct to embrace overrides her need to reach for the sky.
The deep cool of her canopy shadows the ugly bitumen carpark.
Underneath, two crows seek respite from the heat, perched on a timber fence greyed from weather and neglect.
Beyond her, public housing units loom, as brown and solid as her trunk, but lacking the beauty she ...

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Silent soapbox

You inhabit  your island of isolation as if it were a soapbox, 
using your silence to yell at the world.
Your angry non-words say nothing, make no sound,
articulating pain the way your voice never could.
Those who look on are embarrassed for you.
How is it that you never learned the benefit of vulnerability?
There is humility in letting others share your pain so that we are all more equal.


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Put your lab coat on,
it's time to test the hypothesis that our connection wasn't real.
It was a slow burning reaction for sure,
many catalysts applied before the chemistry kicked in.
But you perservered,
true genius in your method, 
where all the elements added up to create fusion.
And for a little while,
something special bubbled away.
Through the chemical haze
I saw you in a different...

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Young white man buys a ticket,
flys to foreign shores to lose himself.
Far from the land of his ancestors
and all that is familiar.

He is well equipped to wander.
New boots, new pack, bags of freeze-dried food.
Instagram a testament to his journey - 
the universe had something to teach him.

Young black man takes his shoes off,
Walks back to country to know himself.
Safe in the land o...

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With each sob,
Each jagged breath
Comes pain
But also
relief, renewal, regeneration.
The 3 Rs of being alive -
I should be grateful.

I am not.

My cells discard the old and nourish the new,
but I resent it.
I fight it.
My heart is inclined to beat with old rhythm
where each and every cell fights to cling onto
what was there before.
How can my body renew, repair, regenerate
When i...

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Stockholm Syndrome

Love might be grand but he sure as shit ain't dignified.
Don't let him fool you with his flair and fancy lines.
He'll get so close he'll grab your shirt and shove you up against the wall -
He'll leave your wallet but will steal your heart and mind.
Don't forget that Love's a player without conscience.
He will kidnap you away from all you've known.
The kind of captor who'll cajole you with hi...

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Frankenstein's Love

you only revealed yourself in bits to me
your actions suggesting love....
that I was on your mind wherever you would travel
but in the years we were friends
you never said it

so I built the rest of you in my head
Frankenstein's love
where I filled in the blanks with other parts that may or may not fit
the gentle, complex, funny man that is you

the result is an abomination
that distur...

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Chloe made me wonder

entry picture

Whenever you stayed in that hotel you used to text me pictures of Chloe.
The painting had pride of place in the bar, showing the nymph in all her glory,
chestnut hair piled in a soft bun on her head,
pale skin pearlescent and radiant under the glow of lights.
She was utterly breathtaking, even in 2D.
Chloe must have won many a punter's heart as they drank and gazed upon her beauty.
The pics ...

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Some are drawn to the windswept sands of the coastline.
Others prefer the mysterious, clouded beauty of the mountain side.
As if there is a choice to be made.
As if natural features can be rated and sorted into categories of appeal.
But not me.

I have no such preference.
I am blind to the separation in the landscape.
My eyes take in the beauty and wildness and flaws that exist in each.

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