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Tom on Ecstasy (10 hours ago)

The tree

I'm fighting these emotions

Dont know the outcome

What's written isn't happening

What's happening isn't satisfying

Prayers are different

Leading to step ahead

But circling around in an orbit

To dont know what

This external force wants me in outer realm

These chained forces within wants me destroyed

I dont want to spoil the rest of my life amidst maniacs

Tried every...

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From darkness to light

It was a slow realization that dawned upon 

It took years upon years to feel the song

The lyrics of snow fed song that had verses fine

Contemplating over those made me realize

The true reality of this world far more than fine

It's the darkness that grows intense the more we see

But the illumination of inner self destroy all mythical realities

Giving way to real truth that can ...

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Your love has reformed my life

Once I was stuck 

Now on a horse back I ride

Once I was sick

Now I have become a healing agent

Your love anointed my pain away

Your love came like life giving drug

Enthused in me life and happiness

You sucked away my sorrows and made me whole

I wonder why you loved me

What did you see that none were able to see

You stayed along while ...

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Love is in the air

Love is in the air

I can smell it in the trees

I can smell it in the breeze

The coolness of it resides within me


Love is pure

Love is rich

Its colours are vibrant

Like a rainbow it spills

Making the blue sky beautiful 


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When love is true!

When love is real it shows in actions and attitude

The words spoken are really true, not misconstrued 

How can love not be real if it stays longer years

The older it grows the stronger in strength it shows

True love ain't the kind that does somersaults


When love is real it grows beyond measure

Heavenly blessings are showered in two

It shall only make one rich in emotions ...

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L in love stands for loyalty that is unshakable 

O in love means optimistic attitude no matter what the situation

V is the victory that the lovers achieve after facing every hardships to unite

E is the empathy that plays the key role in keeping an unbreakable bond between the two

R is the relentless lover who withstands every torture

S is symbolic of the souls union, although two bu...

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Love defined

Love can be defined differently 

A child's love for his mother

Most pure and never shivers

Even after the mother scolds

The child runs back to only her


The love of a daughter for her father

It may be the son's who love their father

A daughter's first love forever

And a son's hero, the father forever


Love of a brother for his sister

And siblings love for thei...

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love has taught me many things

Love has taught me many things

The pain and its value

Happiness and laughter

After a bittersweet quarrel

The longing heart's desires

Smiles and shyness 

After a loving exchange of words

It has taught me to dream impossible

A world full of exemplary emotions

Feelings true, built for lover true

Values like honesty and loyalty

Forgivness that's most necessary 


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