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Niharika Shah on Contraband (Wed, 25 Dec 2019 04:04 am)

Lady Liberty

Staring into the East

I can see you stumbling back to me.

The stench of oil on your breath like liquor,

blood money lines your pockets like lint.

Terror color codes hang from your eyelids

the same way nooses hung from trees.


Watch the bodies ebb and flow

as they sway in the breeze.

Arms tatted up with childhood images of your

American dreams but

your body has bec...

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poempoetryspoken word

Invocation of Athena

Broken grandfather clocks

toll the bell of the disgraced Goddess

holding aloft a Flame that She is

ashamed to peer through.

She pretends that she doesn’t know

what Uncle Sam does to her daughter,

her nephew,

the nuns,

the choir boys.

The half staff that swan songs

a collaterally damaged record.



Unsung soliloquy in Her Heart,

too Opaque...

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poempoetryspoken word


"Out of the Phalanx,"

while Sacred Athens burned Red;

"You are on your Moon."


The People Sobbing,

yet somehow, She was "Mooning;"

"Omertá, Cowards."


The Spartans all Reeled,

as Athena Broke their Ranks;

as She Slashed and Killed.


She Bled them Weeping,

She Bled the Acropolis;

"Gods, what have we done."


The Hoplités Wept,

then the Cowards r...

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haikupoetryspoken word



I ain’t no stowaway,

drown me my soul to stray,

that I might know the day.


Can’t you see!


I’m your zealotry,

your hallow shine,

your entropy,

your borderline!


Your apathy,

your serpentine,

your gravity,

your paradigm!



Are you the Nyx?

Are you the Acheron?

Are you the Styx?


Are you the river?

Are you ...

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paganismpoetryspoken word

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