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Little Bird


Fly, fly Little Bird

Your time has come

Go up and beyond the horizon


Your tears are done

Your pain is gone now

You’re free and ready to fly


Spread your wings Little Bird

Don’t fear fly to our Lord

He awaits you with open arms


Angels will welcome you

Mother Mary embrace you 

Your new life has just begun


We’ll miss you Little Bird


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It came in the post

In a pink envelope 


Who would've thought...


It said; You’re invited to a party

You are the main meal 


wear nothing 

It will be worth it


It starts at midnight 

In the underground bar

Called “Hell”

Remember, come naked


Oh, temptation

To be in the centre of attention

Wanted, desired


I went

And never r...

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Oh no, don’t

Don’t tell me to go

Don’t tell me to leave you alone


Don’t tell me I’m to messed up

to fit in your world

I might not be what you think

I’m not one of the dolls you see on tv

I’m so much more

Flesh and blood


Don't tell me to shut up

To change my mind

To stop

I will not




Don’t tell me to do my hair

Change my clot...

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The time has come

We need to talk

It’s OK... just say it


The truth


Oh, how it hurts

The fire

Let’s let it burn


The flames the smoke

Let’s breathe it in

It will turn to dust our sins


It’s OK

Let’s have our new beginning




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What will you bring

What colours will you wear

Will you bring us a rainbow or

give us rainy day


We have hope in you

We chase you every day

You’re living in tomorrow 

Always a step ahead


Come beautiful, successful 

Be like a dream come true

Don’t walk in barefoot, naked

Leaving us miserable


You’re hiding round the corner

Whispering qui...

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It was a day in the summer 

When you came up to me

Your eyes were like a chocolate 

So sweet


I was sipping on your words

Getting drunk on your charm

You enchanted me with your 

delicious smile


Velvety smooth

Galaxy Milky Way

You took me on a ride

to chocolate heaven


Chocolate chocolate chocolate

Maltesers M&M’s

I am enslaved to thi...

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In the palm of Your Hand

You wrote my name

I never felt so good

So important 


You paid for my crimes

With Your Life

You are my hope 

In You I trust


In the palm of Your Hand

You have my heart

I never felt so loved

So special 


You’re here with me

Each step of the way

Giving me strength 

Every day 


In the palm of Your Hand


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You came like a storm 

on a bare white horse

A Prince of the Kingdom 

beyond the Earth

Your eyes lightnings and thunder

Long sparkling coat on your 



Your boots walked many roads


Your sword fought great battles

A warrior

Your hands strong and gentle

Your heart tough and tender


You spoke and the World listened

You smi...

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Hush now

It’s all right

You will forget

The taste of my blood


It was funny when

you took a bite

I knew you will choke

on my poisoned heart


My vein is still pulsing

I can feel your teeth 

piercing through my skin


Look, now our blood is mixed 

A creation of a new disease


Hush now, don’t cry

You will forget the pain

in time



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