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sun is on your side.

How they smash at the windows

With claws as long as memories.

Letting out screams that sound as familiar as

The one sided talks we used to have.

Syncronised soul squeezing life out with my last wheeze,

Choosing to fight no more this disease,

You see, maybe you cried for me.

But maybe you didn't

And that's not something I'm willing to risk.

Kickstart the stop,...

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I don't know if

In time, you'll want to be mine.


Not mine, but associated,

Not mine, but loved by me,

Not mine, but kind of, sort of, maybe, mine,

Or not mine, but sleeping with me,

I guess I should've clarified what I meant by "mine",

Before I used the opening line;

I don't know if

In time, you'll want to be mine.


I don't know if

It's k...

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I've never written a love poem before.

I've never written a love poem before,

But I can't continue to write the horror I have done anymore.

Writing my darkness has become so much more of a chore

Than just giving up and loving you and yours.

No, I've never written a love poem before but I can try,

Why deny my smile as I write this time,

Goodbye negativity growing in my minds-eye,

That suffocated vine, pulv...

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Don't Get So Upset


That’s what I tell myself.

Don’t get so upset,

But in my nightmares I’m caught in the drift net,

Of a tide I could never fight from the offset,

Cold sweats, another piece played in a chess set,

Lost to the other player,

Falling through the multilayer.


It doesn’t matter.

Through the never, forward into forever,

Whosoever found you,

Became only ...

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Is that you?

Looking at the gravestone, from unimaginable heights,

Shows less and less of the fight you put up to avoid turning out the light.

All those maybe's and mights,

Like an equation you just couldn't work out quite right.

Is that you?

I threw the question to the stone,

My fingers slowly glossing the golden lettering; still alone.

Is that... You? Cold bone and structure lo...

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I have only ever loved


That feeling of infection like some unnecessary injection,

That now knows less of hearts racing

And more of little fucking needles stabbing me.

Skin held in the mould of other skin,

Innocence as tall as glass,

Begging to know more of what a melted heart looks like.

You see love was kind,

Love never said ‘I told you so’,


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Welcome to hell,

It said.

Feet dragging,

Motions emotionless, moving us along as shackled angels lacking beat,

Heat like silence packing sheep,

Bound to a conscience, never able to crack or weep.

It’s all about strength, is the whisper in the queue.

Knowing that some day the target will fall on you,

Too much not to go insane, twists the brain,

It’s noth...

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Tonight? I’m going to kill myself.

I swear to god, this time I’ll do it!

This time,

When I clench the plastic handle tight in a sweating fist,

Take in the silver blade that protrudes like a peacock tail

Into the peel-away layer of separating atmosphere,

I will tell myself that my stomach would look beautiful with a razor driven straight through it,

And I wouldn...

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"HERE" slam poetry.



Watch my video. If you want that is. It's alright.

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How to make speed


For this experiment you will need… Regular table salt, household ammonia with a high percentage of commercial nitrogen, one pint of methanol, talcum powder, muriatic acid, Vicks Nasal Inhalers, and a well ventilated room. Do not be fooled into thinking that this method is 100% safe, as it will probably kill you…


Take your scissors to your nasal spray,

Pray for a lazy day,


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Just some diss rap.


I’m gonna stab you,

Whisper in some ears, hand out some knives,

Give fuel for the fire & have all these kids jab you,

Body bag you, blood on my hands slippin’ while I’m tryin’a drag you,

Tag you, cause you’re next in line,

Don’t drop names cause I’m too into mine,

Give focus, guess who’s broken,

Lose my consciousness, I’m outspoken,

Shifted a pint of ether,...

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In for me.


In for me, in for me, they’ve all got it in for me,

Paranoia in the brain in its infancy,

Brilliantly mobility impaired but only artificially,

Additionally, my imagery is blissfully in symmetry,

Vividly and visually, auditory tripping differently,

I hear a symphony from my state of captivity,

Dismally waiting to hand over my dignity,

Efficiently falling but I’m...

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I worry.

I worry about my brother because

He's taken to writing poetry

After his girlfriend took off.

I worry about my brother because

He's based so far away

For uni and his job.

I worry about my brother because

I don't think mother fuckers understand him

The way he ought to be understood.

I worry about my brother because

Dark places are easy to get lost in


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It's just a light.


It’s just a light.

Or a the small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to the human eye,

It’s speed through a vacuum 299,792,458 meters per second.

The only thing strong enough to stare you in the eye

And tell you what really matters.

It’s just a light,

It’s seen things you’ll never see,

Heard the screams you told yourself weren’t there,


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An Unphotographable Account of Something Extraordinary.


This is a picture I did not take of a thin wooden door inside a block of flats. It’s slightly ajar, and a red poster of Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream…’ speech is visible in the sliver of light. Beneath the poster, a glass table with a sealed packet of needle ends, box of tobacco and a jar of brownish liquid on top translucifies the lower half of a young blonde haired man who cowers...

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Consequences of your actions, kid.

Your girlfriend threatened to kill me.

But she only did it once, and she apologised afterwards,

Considering the circumstances I think she was fairly reasonable actually.

But I didn't know she existed, did I?


I just keep running through all the things you said to me,

I fold them up like dirty notes passed in class,

Keep them for later,

But darling, there will be...

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cheatingenvylossloveother woman

No Time For Mistakes.


I wish I could reach into my head and

Squeeze you from my brain.

Like as if I could leave our little patch of history in a pool by my feet,

And watch memories sweep the floor like tiny sand storms.

I wish I could replace our words with silence,

Our touches with atmosphere,

And our love with repulsion but you ripped my soul from my chest and took it with you,


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You used to ask me.. What does pain feel like?

You told me that there will come a time,

When we will feel the sun, but not know it as the sun,

Hear the wind, but not know it as the wind,

And our ribcages will open out like arms in front of us.


You used to ask me.. If pain was what happened when the wrong hands touched the right skin.

You told me that you were so sc...

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Tell Them


What will you say?

When you, broken fingered and tearing your last breath from your stomach,

Have no-one to blame your disposition on.

When you lose your guts, and tell them you were always wrong.

Paying, to have this animal injected into you and the life sucked right out of you,

All the while, piecing together the broken moments of your life at science fiction Angles,


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death loss friend

The demon with no eyes.


So you’ve been a little lost lately,

I’m here to change me by changing you,

Guide the lost down the path until they ready to change against me,

And walk your own way,

I mean what I say so if I can get your okay, I’ll talk these lines away and you can repeat what you may.

You’d probably hate me,

If I was to tell you I won’t debate, see,

I got time in my wake tha...

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Spitting Out The Demons

entry picture

Talk to me, I know you're dying to speak,

To pick apart your brains until you feel half way complete,

Eating all these pills until the secrets leak,

From your brain to your mouth and you're spitting demons in your sleep.


The weed and beer couldn't ever save us,

But as if it would cushion our fall we chased the buzz,

Two sides of one argument, "well you shouldn't", ...

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It means nothing

I remember searching for the perfect words,

I guess I was hoping you might change your mind,

Trying to convince ourselves that we don't live in the shadows of others

Is one of the more difficult of tasks.

We pass through life unable to truely speak,

Unable to truely know, and most importantly;

Unable to truely understand.

The body is seperate from the mind,

But w...

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it means nothing life truth ambiguity

No name

I've got things to be doing.

But I'm very stoned.

Somebody let me out of this 2D body.

Peering endlessly into this backdrop of madness.

This our monologue.

And this is my ganj.

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stoner poetry life madness

A Revisit From Forever

Imagine a shape no-one sees,

Forever cannot contain it, but it means nothing.

Its overhanging, swollen gut

Yellowed, but smiling, nevertheless darkening.

I hear the screams that they will never hear,

Scale walls I can't see over,

Reality slips away and we are left with a funhouse of occurance.

This shape is our life,

And forever is as uncaring as the graves that ...

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stoned poetry life escape forever meaning of life


entry picture

We were born to run,

To roll down the windows of our life and let the wind blow back our hair.

I might have believed that once,

Until grey towns heaped up on the horizon,

And the distance between me and isolation grew shorter.

"I can't wait!" I might have said,

But now the shape that I had once imagined has been dented by the blows of whatever happened to happen,


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monsters people past disappointment

I want to tell you

I want to tell you that misery is like home, and you can't change that.

I want to tell you that it's not your fault,

None of this was.


I want to tell you that I feel your pain and I can't hold that anymore,

Your words have been like bullets to my eardrums,

And I guess I have to thank you.


So it happens that I lie where you lay,

And use that old lighter yo...

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I want to tell you loss misery pessimism life

A Letter To You Whom I Lost

I smell the death on you like a faded winter,

Trying to smile when misery is screaming at you,

Shrouding yourself in falsities to strangle and suffocate the truth,

But I can smell your attempts and feel how it became uncouth,

I understand your tears and why you used what you used,

Locked yourself in your old room,

Bound for a megre, flowerless tomb,

The doctors can o...

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loss death friend becoming like you

The end of days.

A line is drawn up in the sand,

Is this the way to nowhere land?

You've never seen the sky like this,

You never wanted to die like this.


Commets falling for the Earth,

Is this the end or a rebirth?

You've never breathed so hard as this,

You'd never run so far as this.


I'm just passing the time,

Wondering how you people will ever survive,


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end time freedom lost

Conversation At The Party

Systematic slaughter,


Ten pound note,

The White Stripes,

A smile on the face of adversity.

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conversation at the party snippets random

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