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Black Light Bella



Dear ultraviolet 

your marks tonight light 

The darkest part of my heart

A radiant stain

bleeding naked beside me

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Tanka Poem


Tonight we won't need

That pack of cherry ponies.

All I want is to see you 

In the sun, dreaming

In my t-shirt tomorrow.

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Tanka poem




Blue fire turns to ash

Fast. You, me, we on the steps.

Take my arm, "you hold it warm,"

Stay closer still, "still I will."

Stay that way again,

Close, again, hands on a ledge

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Tanka Poem



Dark you are, lovely

Daughter of dewdrops and silt.

Im here by the edge dreaming,

Smoke, and you naked

Dancing slowly in starlight

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Tanka Poem



Stardust is falling 

On the sink behind the door

One line, midnight, rail once more

Prints on the mirror

In your eyes, always dying.

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tanka poem



your eyes are midnight

a dark November skyline

without stars about 

only clouds and raw kisses

and a zephyr’s drunk embrace

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Tanka Poem

Nocturnal Emission




Bare Beneath sheets,

Fingers like lilac leaves

Kissing a red sky when it’s wet


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cinquain form

Stay, dreaming

When you’re sleepy

at 2 AM

Your windy whisper 

Sets my skin ablaze

A blue fire unattended

By the shore

The ashes salty

And our shadows

Dancing around panties

Sacrificed in sand


We are the winded seeds

Of the banyan tree

Swept up in waves of scarlet

Wrestling past the place

Where the horizon breaks


Don’t yawn

It’s nearly dawn

And soon the...

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As I tighten the cuffs

Don’t you dare be afraid


When the lights go out

The bed is the only thing

That’ll hurt tonight.


Because I fall in love

Every time 

With the darkness 

of your marks

As they cross 

the part of your bra 

That slides along your rib cage,

Where I want to be locked


I need you too much

To let you go.

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November, Falling

Can I taste you 

In the rain

Like spring 

Had taken you over?

I loved you 

In the spring,


The rose apples

Were falling

And you were ripe

Under the sheets

And the pillows

Were marked

With sweet scented


I hoped

We’d never

Scrub off.

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Misty Morning

When you came

Out the bath


That morning

The sun hit you naked

Through the window 

and you became my waterfall

And the smell 

under you arms

Made me think 

of the marble eels 

jumping butterflies

On the branches 

of the cycads

All along the riverbed


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You were once a splendid tree

The grew beside me,

But autumn has dawned

And the green leaves 

We sprouted

Have turned brown

And fallen.

You may not care, but I still do,

So I’ll gather the dead 

Foliage with tact

And use it to bury your memory

In the pages of these poems

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Untitled (#41)

In the night

I return

To the memories 

of you

Locked in the drawer

Of my heart

Like an old picture

Too beat to sit

In the light 

Of a frame’s loving


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P.M. Song

The vulnerability 

Of the evening breaks me.

I hear a sad song 

Coming from an open window

Soft and slow

And imagine and ocean

Between he and she

The pieces of what the had

Shattered and 

scattered on the seabed.

The midnight is so long

And lonely 

And I’d give anything

To be close to anyone

Right now


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The white sheets at the door

Pull to a close

But you got a red

Hoodie on

Snapping fingernails 

Painted black.

You said the night was mad

And you drink like you’re sad,

A witching hour pinky

Pointed beyond

A whiskey sour 

As you sip,

You bite your lip

And the prayers 

On my walls


And fall

And come undone.


I think of the mirror


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When the lights

In the drop

Go out after 2

Your crimson lips

Bleed the life from my eyes,

Rolling me into 

a scarlet oblivion

Tucked tightly within 

the seams of your dress


And in that darkness

The drunken dreams

Of you and me

And red sheets

Fill the hungover world

With runaway wonder

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