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when I buy cherries

I put them in a bowl

cheep plastic and clear

without digging up a lid


I like to pick off the steams

as I bite them in half 

tossing it back in the bowl 

using my teeth to pick out the pit

and toss it to, back in the bowl

as I hold the other half

in my fingertips

and chew happily at the fleshy fruit


now pits an...

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Paradoxical Sleep


mid-night when

half awake with

my chest aching

by the voracity

of  the thing

called a heart

i can barley

hear thoughts

and memories

as the sound

of fiery blood 

assaults my head

no comfort within

the comforter

only the half

coherence to see

i cant

do this


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I bore you on a day

During the season of

The purple thistle


If I were a farmers


I would have known

The day before

From the stars

And the suns position


Since I am not

The happy surprise

Greets my eye

A day after

The purple thistle



And I bore you

This day

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many reasons to loose sleep

and wonder if any are true 

and in pureness or a lie

like a hidden shallow cup

deep in a threadbare pocket

facetiousness is weak

due to the worn circle

on the fabric of your hip

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One to Many Miles


I hate missing you,

missing in general,

once I missed a man.

Hazardous urges to ask

unanserable questions

to a blonde set of pigtails.


Then there was you and

opportunities to miss

were frequent and vast.

Left to my youthful devises

Monster Miss, ate my soul with

gnarly green stained teeth.


Years pass, and missing

ties with lo...

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Two Queens, A liar, and the Fly


"You've been

that road before",

with a shake of the head.

That's not what the

Queen of Hearts

would say. She 

would praise

the futile efforts.

I still doubt.

Who do I choose,

to believe with

these serious matters.

Oracle, gifted one

money taker and

truth seeker.

Advertising happiness

in a ten of hearts

glossy brochure.


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Call me up



say you're going

to call.


who knows

what i'll be

up too.


riding a train.

making a bagel.

drawing a sparrow.

singing a jam.



say you're going 

to buzz.


who knows

where I'll be



laying in a field.

catching a plane.

washing out pee-stains.

taking a photograph.



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Tea Cup


This is my favorite cup,

containing my favorite tea.

I drink from it 

in my favorite moments.


It fits my mouth

in my favorite way.

I feel the shape

of vowels when I sip.


The steam floats

to cleanse my pores.


This cup helps

rid me of toxins,

with hearing my words

and trials and tales.


Only my favorite cup


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