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Echoes of emotions wash over me as I gaze and remember.

I laid,

Bewitched and writhing under covers

As angels rustled,

their dresses sweeping past my bed,

and gently approached to anoint my forehead with a kiss.

Their touch startled me from my sad reverie, and I breathed once more.

Deep, gasping breaths

That filled my lungs with hope.

Grief past,

The sadness subsided,


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My gifts are paltry, but if I could, I would pluck a star from the inky blue sky,

gather the white gold silk of clouds,

bottle the sultry perfume of the flowers,

and build a monument to my love,

a tower of love.

Love for you, only you,

my love.

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The Waiting Room by Tindersticks

The fear of emptiness.

Drink to the future, not to forget the past.

I'm your second chance, last chance man.

Time is running out.

Don't let me suffer.

It's the caring that is killing me.

Don't make me fall.

We are planting holes.

We are planting holes in the waiting room.

We are dreamers.

Dont wake me.

We will only hurt each other,

the way only lovers can.


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A Gift of Love

Loneliness breeds sadness.

Like an illness it spreads,

takes hold,

takes ones breath away,


grips ones heart,


in a strangling knot

of grief.

An apparition of love

appears to soothe and comfort,

but as it evaporates and is gone,

a wave of emptiness takes it's place.

A look, a gesture, seems to offer love,

but it is only a memory,

fading fast.


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loneliness. giftLove

For Simon

Love: burgeoning, a smouldering ember.

Passion: a delight long forgotten, once more embraced.

Lover of mine, falling in love with you.

Happiness: a seed is planted, sprouts, grows shoots, strengthens, blossoms and flowers,

scattering pollen from dizzy heights of pure joy.

You lift my heart and make it sing.

Falling, falling, catch my heart, hold it close.

Enfold me, love me, d...

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Miss me?

Miss me?

Miss you.

Missed you





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Keys to my heart

The keys

to the

many layers









You hold

the keys

to my heart.

Keep them safe.

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An old love that deepens

An old love that changes and deepens.

An old love that fits like a glove;

rather saggy and stretched, creased and worn but comfortable and strong:

always there, always caring, always true.

Laughter follows you around and fills the void in me.

Your love pours out and over flows into the cracks in my soul.

Your friendship is a safety net strung below me as I tip toe over life's roo...

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Agra's Jewel

Our hotel - a hermetically sealed bubble of glass,

concrete and polished floors,

is chilly and anonymous.

But as dawn blossoms quietly

we approach the Jewel of Agra.

A grieving husband remembers

with a monument to love:

the Taj Mahal.

It radiates a powerful aura of peace,

delicate and glowing

in the silver light.

Birds flit across the roof

and I stand, 


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