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A thought awakes me,

and I cling on to the memory of a loved one.

Bird song, faint but swelling,

catches at my heart,

as I pull up the blind revealing the world below.

Light beckons me,

and I press my face against the pane.

I gaze, long and hard as if searching for someone.

My breath mists the glass, and I wave it away,

"Here I am".

Without a sound spoken I have woken...

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City Life

A city awakens,


stumbling to it's feet.

A chorus heralds the next day.

Bin lorries screech and wheeze into movement.

Delivery vans close their double doors with a shudder and roar,

engines engaged.

A shouted greeting cuts through the air.

Cars appear, footsteps multiply.

City life increases it's pace and we continue,

keeping abreast lest we fall,

and beh...

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Agra's Jewel

Our hotel - a hermetically sealed bubble of glass,

concrete and polished floors,

is chilly and anonymous.

But as dawn blossoms quietly

we approach the Jewel of Agra.

A grieving husband remembers

with a monument to love:

the Taj Mahal.

It radiates a powerful aura of peace,

delicate and glowing

in the silver light.

Birds flit across the roof

and I stand, 


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