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City Life

A city awakens,


stumbling to it's feet.

A chorus heralds the next day.

Bin lorries screech and wheeze into movement.

Delivery vans close their double doors with a shudder and roar,

engines engaged.

A shouted greeting cuts through the air.

Cars appear, footsteps multiply.

City life increases it's pace and we continue,

keeping abreast lest we fall,

and beh...

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Echoes of emotions wash over me as I gaze and remember.

I laid,

Bewitched and writhing under covers

As angels rustled,

their dresses sweeping past my bed,

and gently approached to anoint my forehead with a kiss.

Their touch startled me from my sad reverie, and I breathed once more.

Deep, gasping breaths

That filled my lungs with hope.

Grief past,

The sadness subsided,


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Light and Shade

As if sloughing off a skin and emerging

After a painful rebirth, and yes, there were tears.

Emerging into the light after months, years of being in the shade.

When caught in a grey void, time slows, and I fear I will fall with no one to catch me.

Running into the headlights, I fear I will run too fast and fall, spinning into a white void.

I do not fall but stumble, and carry on stro...

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Walking Home at Dusk

entry picture

A moment,

a ripple in time

in the muddy waters of life.

Grey faces standing at the bus stop,


A watery sunset glows, pinkly golden,


I walk past and breath life into the scene

with a vapour of hope

escaping from my mouth,

lips stretching in a smile.

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The Waiting Room by Tindersticks

The fear of emptiness.

Drink to the future, not to forget the past.

I'm your second chance, last chance man.

Time is running out.

Don't let me suffer.

It's the caring that is killing me.

Don't make me fall.

We are planting holes.

We are planting holes in the waiting room.

We are dreamers.

Dont wake me.

We will only hurt each other,

the way only lovers can.


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Above water

Above the rest, or,

Keeping her head above water?


And the same,


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