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Itching skin
Crawling bugs
Needle's in
Shoot the drugs
Jerk and twitch
Itch and scratch
Moan and bitch
Lice eggs hatch
Rob and steal
For a fix
Dumpster meal
Turning tricks
Go to jail
Withdrawal begins
Organs fail
Addiction grins


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Guardian Devil
Keeping me alive and well
To suffer and watch


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There once was a man from Seattle
Who fought the drug addicts' battle
He lived among tramps
In huge homeless camps
Herded by cops just like cattle


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Spring has awakened
Blossoming blooms and buzzing bees
The rains bring more growth
More color

My lawn thickens
The weeds rise above the plush greenery
I gather my tools and machines
Work to do...

I don my denim and leather armor
Protecting myself from pokes
As I carefulluy scan for used syringes
On the lawn area next to the sidewalk
If found, they are disposed of
In a puncture proof r...

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OLD BARN (A Haiku)

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Inside an old barn
Working fast and nervously
Meth lab explosion

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barnchemistrycountry livingmethruraltweakers


Head-Butt the Heads of State with a Logic Noggin
Spank and scold the political children in adult skin
Give the Government a Time-Out and have it sit in the corner
Lock the toy box
Take away their Red Rolls Royce wagons and Barbie & Ken wardrobes
Restrict them from cell phones and internet access
Give them a broom and a mop
Slap that hand!

Election time mass media moronified
Tattling tales...

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"Do I know you?"
"Who do you know?"
"No? Nobody?"
"I have no time or space for new "acquaintences" now."
"Move along, move along..."

Welcome to the city.
Please spend your money freely, then leave.
The social circles are full and are not accepting new members.
The Big Company grows and blossoms of new drones fall...
...onto the street with the old drones and the traffic.
The city was bui...

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The Sun came out and people died
The Radiation was too much this time
Human flatulence and industrial by-products
Eroding our protective coating
Too many people
Too little cooperation
Selfish actions collide in multiple simultaneous instances
The world will adapt to its advantage
Nature's course re-routes itself


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