A Safe Place To Land

Open to a, “trust fall,” but unsure of the catching hand, 
Knowing that I must fall and hope for a safe place to land,
I will place my trust in you though not knowing if you’ll catch me,
But I’m falling anyway, though failing would dispatch me,
The depths of love unrequited wait to swallow me whole, 
Unless above, we’re united by your arms that catch me as I fall, 
But either way I’m falling...

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Crack The Beams

Crack the beams across the roof of the nether worlds dark halls,
Open up the foul lair of demons as they claw the walls,
Let them rake their fingernails across the rocks until they bleed, 
Let them scream in angry wails at broken souls on which they feed, 
Let them stare me in the eye and bare their yellow teeth, 
Let them dare with every breath to brave the world that lies beneath, 
Let the...

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Firstly, be kind, the world is full of needless hurt from those that have not stopped to think,
And true enough, in life, you’ll hurt others, but try to not make that your goal,
For spite is a bitter pill and vengeance is a bitter drink,
And the bitterness of both these things will poison your soul,
Next, be patient, all thing will come to pass in their own good time,
And constantly wishing f...

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Be Love

When the world offers nothing but lacerations?
Be a, “Knife,” a knife cannot cut itself, 
When the fires of Hell are your perturbations?
Be a, “Flame,” a flame cannot burn itself, 
When the vitriol of others threatens to consume you?
Be a, “Mouth,” a mouth cannot eat itself,
When the icy waters of isolation threaten to drown you, 
Be, “Water,” water cannot drown itself, 
But most important...

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Goodbye Old Friend

Goodbye old friend,
You were a ray of Sunlight in an ever dimming world that was lost to us too soon,
A beam of radiant joy that touched everyone who was blessed to feel its warmth,
No-one could deny that life thrummed within your presence with innocent joy,
You were as bright as the Sun and as comforting as the Autumn moon,
Goodbye old friend, and know that you will be sorely missed,
Know t...

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Lost for words, lost in thought, waiting for it to coalesce 
Watching birds fly from the fields to feed their chicks high in the nest,
There’s a numbing wind that blows and permeates my mind,
Struck dumb by its chill fingers, that leave my eyes dull and blind, 
Balanced on the edge of nothing, impervious to the drop,
Watching winter fields thaw in prospect of the crop,
Drizzle rain across my...

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Creeping Paralysis

The impetus of life slows to a standstill, 
And most of the things that need saying, don’t get said,
As you watch your dreams get dumped in the landfill, 
And the whole world tells you, “It’s all in your head,”
And that’s when it starts, this creeping paralysis, 
Drawing the blinds to shut out the light,
No post mortem, no in depth analysis, 
No clear distinction between day and night, 

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