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"There’s A Hole In The World."

There is a hole in the world, 
And all the common sense and good will pours in with the tumbling seas,
And it’s not for want of knowledge or understanding that we stand back and watch it flow away,
It’s just that we imagine that this is a problem that can be saved for another day, 
But other days aren’t coming,
And the price of our wanton, wilful ignorance is numbing, 
See, you learn from a ...

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Terra Mater (Mother Earth)

Sing to me sweet Terra Mater, that you may sooth my weary soul,
Brush my cheek with loving kisses, make my heart now broken, whole,
Wash my hands in absolution, wash them in your boiling seas,
Wash my eyes of disillusion, make my guilty conscience ease,
Hold me in your gentle arms, suffer me in your embrace,
Forgive me for the thoughtless lines, that I have carved into your face,
Know I neve...

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What defines a life well lived?
Is it happiness?
I think probably not,
Happiness is a symptom rather than a cure, often short lived and soon forgot,
Could it then perhaps be duty?
Serving a greater cause,
Maybe that’s part of it, to toil in the fields of life without need of praise and applause,
Perhaps it’s the quest for wisdom?
But to gain this you must let life carve its lessons into yo...

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If I Was A Sailor


If I  were a sailor I’d keep my boat spick and span,
Trim the sails, scrub the decks and sing sea shanties about the woes of a travelling man,
Ride the ocean waves across the world and revel in the freedom while I can, 
Leave my troubles behind me in the very ports where they began, 
Oh the things that I would see from those travel weary decks,
Those that travelled with me would stand on...

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A Walking

Walk forward, into the light my friends,
Ignore the whispers from the darkness behind,
We have a choice on which path we choose to meet our end,
Make that choice without prejudice and with a clear mind,
Life is, “A walking,” and the direction we choose is ours to make alone,
But listen to the counsel of the wise and use it to choose right,
Because in the end your choices are the only thing y...

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Don’t Cry

Don’t cry because it’s gone, 
Smile because it happened, 
The world already has too many tears,
Let lingering smiles, 
On faces be fashioned, 
For the stories we wrote through this passage of years, 
Let songs wring with voices,
Of pleasure and pride, 
For all of our journeys on this rocky road, 
And know that our choices, 
Were made with each stride,
As we took the strain and shouldere...

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Dumbstruck, beyond reasonable belief, 
That this narcissistic peddler of false hope and bitter grief, 
Can still sell the lie that he’ll, “Make his country great again,”
To those that still believe, I have one question, “When?”
When he, “Cures the plague?” Or even takes it seriously? 
When he talks calm, common sense? Instead of ranting furiously, 
When his policies run deeper than a cheap s...

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Save Me A Place At The Table

Save me a place at the table,
It’s ok, I can pull out my own chair,
I’ll happily share, whilst I’m still able,
When others are speaking, you won’t know I’m there,
We can talk into the wee small hours if you want?
Thrash out the big questions, set the world to rights,
Express our gratitudes and our disappointments,
Lick our wounds and pick our fights,
Chase all the, “rabbits,” down their ho...

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