Whips And Lashes

Sticks and stones, whips and lashes,

The long knives make their long slashes,

The hammer falls, the nut smashes.


Sword of discord with sword clashes,

The metaphorical car crashes,

The softly spoken's big stick bashes.


But the sting of stick and whip passes,

The cost of the cuts of the swords masses,

Making those that used the long knives, asses.


If you're ...

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If the goal is creating, something unique, 

To bring out the best, make something divine,

 Be wary of making an exclusive clique,

In your quest to distil, improve and refine.


A wise person knows a value is spoke,

In each sentence, each word, each letter,

So to save our quest from becoming a joke,

We'll remember we're different, not better.

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The Daughter Of My Son

Oh precious little gem,

A "stone" that gleams and glows,

The daughter of my son,

And her name is Ada Rose.


As her tiny little hands,

Around my finger close,

I know our hearts belong,

To little Ada Rose.


A new era begins,

And brings another to a close,

As I hold the daughter of my son,

Little Ada Rose.



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A Spell

(What we all do every time we open our hearts and minds and write.)


Let me weave a spell, impel,

Through the medium of chant, incant,

And directly to your heart, impart,

A seed I wish to plant, extant.


In the innermost inside, reside,

A humming of the unheard word, inferred,

An inference I must resist, desist,

Or the cost will be my word, incurred.


So to u...

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My Best Friend

"My best friend," now there's a term,

A name not given lightly,

To be called that, far as I'm concerned,

You have to have stood by me.


We'd need to have some history,

Some experiences as well,

Some intrigue and some mystery,

Some, "Tales that we could tell."


We must have laughed together,

We must have shed some tears,

We must have, "Had each others back,"


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5 W H (2)

(Second go at "5 W H" challenge ?)


I know not WHO it was,

Nor WHAT was said to me,

Nor WHERE indeed they said it,

Nor WHEN in my memory,

Nor WHY if I rack my brain, it just won't, "Imbed,"

So HOW could you expect that I'd remember what they said?


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5 W H

Who are you?

What do you do?

Where have you travelled?

When did you unravel?

Why didn't you say?

How you'd gone astray?


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You breathe out, I breathe in,

Symbiosis, balancing,

The process of my respiration,

Depends upon your exhalation.


Then I exhale the gas you need,

To feed your growth, your fruit, your seed,

Reciprocity ensured,

The balance of our breath restored.


And so you feed me with your fruit,

Shower me with nuts and seeds,

Give me fuel for hearth and home,

Furnish a...

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Up The Steps

Up the steps,

Off to bed,

Where I can lay,

My heavy head,

Close my eyes,

Clear my mind,

And put to rest,

The day behind,

Snore a snore,

Dream a dream,

Of things that are, 

And things that seem,

Slumber now,

Rest and lay,

Make ready for,

Another day.

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Out There

Detached from the crowd,

Apart from the rest,

Not better or worse,

Not more and not less,

Just separate, I know,

I can't bridge that divide,

Can't span that void,

Must look in from outside,

Must never, "Be here,"

In any real sense,

Must observe from the edges,

From, "Over the fence,"

Must take part, but apart,

In present absence.


It's a cold place out...

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Life is full of choices,

Of varying expense,

Of supportive and dissenting voices,

Loss and recompense,

So you add up the "invoices,"

'Cos that seems to make sense,

Cut out the background noises,

And weigh the consequence,

Depending on your choices,

The cost might be immense,

But I'll tell what this boy says,

"Don't sit on the fence."

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I saw Mrs May, "Our Theresa,"

The other day on the news,

I have to say, not a visual pleaser,

All sour face and, "Fuck me shoes,"

She came across like a sad robot,

With the charm of a council gritter,

And I thought to myself, "You can't polish a turd,"

"But I s'pose you can roll it in glitter."

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Oh Dianne, you don't have a plan,

You can't even do figures and sums,

You have no conception,

Of answering questions,

You just go all, "Fingers and thumbs."

With a clueless, "Erm, Erm "

You wriggle and squirm,

'Cos the truth is you don't know the answer,

What I'm saying in rhyme, 

Is it's probably time,

You gave it up you gormless chancer.

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It starts with wanting, it starts with wishing,

With a nagging itch that just needs scratching,

With desire that requires satiation,

Without requiring an explanation.


With wanting the latest, the newest of new,

With the thought that, "If they have then I can have too,"

With a lust for gaudy material things,

With a need for the feeling of pleasure that brings.


So y...

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Working The Angles

I need a little favour,

I need you to help me, 

But I'll have to, "Work the angles,"

To get you to agree.


I'll need to "Think 'round corners,"

To work out my way in,

To, "Plant a seed, lay a trail,"

To, "Get under your skin."


I need to, "Cast my line,"

I need to, "Get a bite,"

I know that I can, "Reel you in,"

If I get it just right.


I need to "Pe...

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A Notion Of Love

Such a small word, such a large emotion,

So narrow a name, for so broad a notion,

Like naming all oceans from the trace of one fish,

Like naming all food from the taste of one dish,

Like naming all sorrow from one taste grief,

Like naming all forests from one hand held leaf,

Like naming all skies from the flight of one dove,

Such a small word, for a notion of love.

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One tear lost,

Another remade,

A new life born,

An older reclaimed,

From old to young to be replayed,

Says mother to son, "Do as you're bade."

Son grows older,

Turns into man,

Man grows stronger, 

Takes his own life to hand,

Then death doubts the flame,

But we are not swayed,

For every tear lost,

There's another remade.

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Switch On And Tune In

When it's all about to go sideways,

Theres a moment, for those in the know,

A moment that those in the know can see,

That sideways is how it'll go.


Like suddenly holding your breath,

And everything starts moving slow,

Then everyone hangs on that moment,

Afraid of letting it go.


There's a peace in those solitarily seconds,

You can feel the ebb and the flow,


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My Best Girl

My best girl stands high above a far flung field of shining pearls,

On marble tower adorned in silk, body naked, hair unfurled,

And she sees clear across her realm from marble tower so high above,

And as I look from midmost pearls I keenly see my visions love,

I know I'll climb that marble tower though at the top my strength be spent,

For what is love without desire, desire to love ...

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The Dachshund That Loved Christmas

(A true and accurate description of our mad dog at Christmas)


I have for you the strangest tale,

Of Christmas joy that does prevail,

Amid minced pies and warm egg nog,

There's a happy little sausage dog.


Every year his spirit lifts,

In expectation of his gifts,

And not just his, he likes yours too,

Which he'll happily unwrap for you.


Christmas Eve he's by ...

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Walking Through The Fog

A mist descends and clouds my eyes like it never has before,

Shrouding things I knew so well they may be lost forever more,

The closeness of the fog creeps in and grips so tightly to my being,

That all familiar sights and sounds are faded from my smothered seeing.


Things I had known now are gone and things before me stand anew,

But some are there that were before, some are ther...

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The Raging Fire

We lit a fire, you and I,

It burned so bright it lit the day,

It glowed with incandescent light.

It's hard to watch it fade away.


It lit the way ahead so bright,

It left no chance that we could stray,

From the path we knew was right,

And in its light we forged our way.


It burned so hot it almost hurt,

Yet in its fiery tongues we lay,

But as the flames subsid...

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Why I Voted Leave

Something divides you and me,

Plain as day for all to see,

A multi layered bureaucracy,

That was once called the E.E.C.


It started economically,

But then it grew, politically,

But sadly we can all agree,

It's not a true democracy.


So many died for you and me,

So many spilled their blood you see,

So many gave their lives that we,

Could live one that was tr...

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Come In, Come Home

(Inspired by walking the West Highland Way)


Here I am and here I stand,

Gazing out upon this land,

In awe of sights that fill my eyes,

Its peace, its beauty and its size.


The wilderness before me stretched,

A "Mirror" which I see reflect,

The depths and heights inside of me,

The longing I have to be free.


It dips, it curves, it rests, it stands,

This wi...

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I Know My Killers Name

I know my mothers name,

I know my fathers too,

Brothers, sisters, uncles, sons,

I know them all, I do.


I know my teachers names,

My friends and foes, it's true,

My aunts, my gran's and grandads,

I know them all, I do.


I know the names of flowers,

And colours of each hue,

Of bridges, domes and towers,

I know them all, I do.


I know the names of doct...

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The Fading Day

I know the day is fading,

I know the night draws in,

I know the light is ending,

And the darkness will begin.


I know the rythms slowing,

As the breeze moves in and out,

And certainty is growing,

And diminishing the doubt.


I feel the river flowing,

But flowing only just,

The undercurrent slowing,

Slowly drying then to dust.


I hear the soft wind blo...

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The Best Of Us

(Inspired by a good boss)


The best of us step forward,

Those prepared to lead,

Those prepared to motivate the others to succeed.


The best of us are thoughtful,

Take time to contemplate,

Take time to hear the rest of us, then deliberate.


The best of us are humble,

Knowing as they do,

That humility's not weakness, just the strength of staying true.



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The Shot

This bow stands ready at my hand,

Arrow nocked and goal in sight,

Tensioned limb and tensioned sinew,

Ready to release in flight,

A whistling shaft of devastation,

Through the dark unending night,

To its intended destination,

I pray fly swift, fly true, fly right.

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The River

Though the years have passed between us, like a never ending flow,

We, two rocks, hem in the river, guiding it as best we know,

The water wears upon our surface, making cracks for all to see,

But though we're cracked and gently wearing, still we stand there, you and me.


At our flanks we've seen the banks that hold this torrent worn away,

And yet we stand our strength apparent, ...

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Little Lies

I told a little lie today,

I told it honestly,

Well, I made it seem as honest as a little lie could be.


I made a little story,

For my lie to hide in,

It seemed to make more sense if it had somewhere to begin.


To house that little story,

I built a bigger tale,

It helped me to remember each minute detail.


And then to hold that tale,

I built a little world...

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Oh joyous little butterfly,

Loose your wings and fly away,

Spread them wide and flutter by,

Flutter by and do not stay.


Do not stay or I fear I,

Might hold you here another day,

So flutter by sweet butterfly,

Flutter by and fly away.


Earthbound creatures such as I,

Should not keep you from your way,

So flutter by sweet butterfly,

Flutter by and do not sta...

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The Warmth Of The Sun

Here I stand, barefoot on the sand, on this beach as old as time,

Vaguely I wander and vaguely I ponder, where I should be drawing the line,

The warmth of the Sun, feeds the strength that was gone, from my body, my heart and my soul,

And in that warm feeling's a comfort that's healing and helping and making me whole,

And though I am lost and am here at great cost, I know this journey's...

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You Are My Stars

You are my stars,

Picking out the night sky,

My light in the darkness,

The spark in my eye.


You are my breath,

My billowing sail,

My tenderest breeze,

My tempest, my gale.


You are my Sun,

The warmth at my pole,

The fire in my heart,

My smouldering coal.


You are my rain,

My sweet H2O,

My tears from above,

My current, my flow.


You a...

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What Fires They Are That Burn So Bright

What fires they are that burn so bright,

Banishing the inky night,

Cleaving open minds and hearts,

Breaking through the deepest dark.


What songs they sing that draw us in,

What melody and grace within,

What resonance, hypnotic beat,

That bring the fallen to their feet.


What hope they bring to weary souls,

What chance to make the broken whole,

What depth of f...

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That First Day

From the first day that I picked you up, the day that you were born,

I felt the bonds between us tied, the link between us drawn,

The contract that says, "You come first, no matter what the price,"

From that day on I swore that I'd make any sacrifice.


I'd sacrifice my life for yours, my hopes, my needs, my dreams,

I'd take on any strife and chores to satisfy your needs,

I'd ...

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There Is a Box

There is a box,

They made it for me,

Constructed for me to lie in,

But before they dispatch me,

They'll have to catch me,

'Cos I ain't planning on dying.

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A Summers Day

Blue sky above,

Green grass below,

Birds to their flight,

Rivers their flow,

Bees to their work,

Men to their love,

Green grass below,

Blue sky above.

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Don't Try To Be Happy

Don't try to be happy, you'll set your sights too low,

Accept you need adversity and pain to help you grow,

Don't fear sadness, it's part of who we are,

Without it we are shallow grinning fools who won't get far.


Don't seek comfort, unless you've first felt strife,

It's easy to be lazy when you've lived the quiet life,

Don't fear pain of the body or the soul,

Take it and ...

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The Garden

Oh richest of all fertile lands,

Bewitch me with your heady scent,

In your soft and tender hands,

I rest amid your firmament.


But resting only makes me rise,

And rising only drives me on,

On into your gentle depths,

On until my strength is gone.


And then I stop and catch my breath,

As in your bosom I recline,

And know there in your tenderness,

My heart is...

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The Border Of The Years

All heartfelt hopes and passing fears,

Slip their moorings, loose their bonds,

And cross the border of the years,

Before the old year quite has gone.


And there they bob upon the sea,

Waiting for the break of day,

For those of us who'll catch their line,

And lead them back into the bay.

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The Officers Prayer

(To recognise the "forgotten service.")


Today someone spat in my face,

Tomorrow it may be a knife,

Today I'll fear for my health,

Tomorrow I'll fear for my life.


I constantly think of the risk,

The danger, the grief and the stress,

As I work through unlock lists,

Through people's pain and distress.


Today I'll, "Cut someone down,

A life will be saved by ...

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A Breeze On My Cheek

I felt a breeze on my cheek today,

A scent it carried within,

Of what I know not and nor could I say,

But something hung there on the wind.


And softly it spoke to something un-woke,

That lay hid within my mind,

It curled and it wisped like roiling smoke,

That twisted and twirled and entwined.


And though I persist in this coiling of mist,

Its meaning lies too de...

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The Dying Light of The Sun

The traveller slows, tired of the road, tired of each footfall and rise,

The weariness grows, the weight of the load, puts an ache in road weary thighs,

Each mile that has passed, from the first to the last, has been conquered one step at a time,

And each hard won goal, has taken it's toll, and now he must rest, must recline.


He'd measured his gait, he'd shouldered his weight, he'...

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Debate Me

Why do you hold your anger so tight?

You know all your rights but you don't know what's right,

Why do you think that your tribe is so strong?

Have you ever considered your tribe may be wrong?


Why do you shout to drown out my voice?

Let me speak, you can listen, or not, it's your choice,

Why do you think that I must use your words?

Is yours the only voice free to be heard?


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I Stand

(In honour of our services.)


In this darkest hour of need,

In this time of great demand,

When those around me choose to kneel,

I choose not and so, I stand.


Though it cause my voice to quake,

I'll steady out my shaking hand,

Because I have a choice to make,

I cannot yield and so, I stand.


Don't think me brave for I am not,

This is not a thing I planned,


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Folded Notes

(From my habit of writing on A4 then folding it and stuffing it in a pocket)


In the silent depths of night,

When my head is full of quotes,

And sleeping just does not seem right,

I write my thoughts on folded Notes.


Though in truth they start quite flat,

These virgin sheets of blank A4,

I know that once they are filled that,

I need to get them home once more.



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The Beach

Seven billion grains of sand,

Washed on one hand by the sea,

The other bounded by the land,

The sand is where the sand should be.


Some grains taken by the wind,

Settling on arid plains,

Some drowned in the tidal deeps,

The border's where the rest remains.


Stretching down from dune to shore,

Reaching far as they can reach,

Each unique and singular,


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