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haiku about what does not matter


Drunk I was last night

Today my wife doesn`t speak to me

I`m sad and lonely



I`ve stopped smoking

Time hangs heavy in the air

In the smoke-filled pub 



New Year’s resolutions

Bring out the worst in people

Makes them boring 

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the psychiatric patient

The Psychiatric Patient


Driving home from the shops I do not walk around anymore

I noticed despite the winter is holding us like victimized Palestinians,

a thaw, the flowers and weed by the wayside looked more erect

like they were ready to let their virgin hood go - ok I know about

the bloody bees, my friend the eminent poet, is deeply concerned.

Clive, used to be a psychiat...

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the battle

The Battle

 There was a hell of a fight in heaven; Lucifer wanted

to share power with who would have nothing of it and banned Lucifer

from heaven. But Lucifer who knew of the human weakness

and gladness of shining pearl told them to consume and consume,

 and we were blind oblivious of the beggars and the victims of famine and war.

Only when our oceans become a pool of waste and p...

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legal pornography

Legal Pornography


  The young man had the ability to get an erection

on demand, but to do this he had no sex life, as he had to save

his ability, but went around with constant lust

At the drawing class for ladies, the door was locked to protect

their blushes as they tried to draw a nude body with a creation

A lady - in a trance- got up an touched the man`s member,

once, t...

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new year somewhere

The New Year



We are going out to eat early

go home before midnight to avoid the noise,

besides, since we are elderly

and this may be our last New Year; we rather spend it at home.

After a long fight, I got to wear my collar less shirt

no tie needed and my tennis shoes, grey slacks and

my old blazer.

What my wife will wear I have no idea since she has changed


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the piano tuner

The Piano tuner


 The blind piano tuner knocked on the door

Where I was a caretaker -like I can afford to buy a piano-

I showed him into the music room and left

to read a newspaper.

I heard some clunking as he tunes; then there was a long

silence, he had fallen asleep with his head on the keys.

When he awoke I said the piano was perfect, but for

some reason, it only pla...

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the Algarve



The cold northerly wind has died down

if it wants to blow it can do so in July and August

when the heat is unpleasant, and the birds and I sit under or in trees

the time of year when the sun is an enemy.

It is the immense clear sky in Algarve that attracts me, not

the beaches, and the smell of suntan lotion I can do without.

No other country has such pure air it b...

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power play

Power play


I sometimes think people get what they deserve

Hitler was elected, Stalin too and Netanyahu is also elected,

but when the house falls it's easier to blame one person

calling him evil and thus avoid looking at ourselves

The majorities of the Israelites have a hardened attitude to

the Palestinians, it is as they look at them as vermin,

we have heard that before i...

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food and drinks

The Food & Drink

 I read about onions it isn`t fattening

only it smells so beautiful when fried it is tempting

to add a burger or sausage and that`s fattening.

Fried onion added to Thais soup is out of dreamland,

I`m hungry but had to wait two hours, because if I eat it now

I will be starving later. My dream is to eat and drink what I want

and as much I want, alas, life isn`t ...

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How long is long


We live in a society that

No longer believe in an afterlife

We, therefore, strive to live as long as possible

Even though, it might be detrimental

For our or others well- being.

What is the true age of man? I don`t know but

I think when the memory is erased

When we become a burden, death is not an enemy.


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the poverty

The poverty

It has been raining for days, but now the sun shines

the walls of the old ruin look whitewashed and with its pride intact.

Sunlight makes paucity look nostalgic, a whiff of the old days

when life was supposed to be simpler; a movie by Sophia Loren.

We go on romanticising time of need like it should be an honour,

and the poor are so funny they speak grammarless and hap...

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winter poem




On the way home I had bought winter-wood, only buy

a little at a time this because I’m so bloody old and can`t carry much.

The supermarket was nearly empty I liked that people make me nervous and grumpy.

I bought a bottle of wine with golden horse; the wine is from Alentejo

We all have a penchant for lions; Norway is full of stone lions some

of them look sca...

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Alfred and the addiction

Alfred and the addiction


Alfred the pianist is my father who denies fatherhood

had stopped smoking, he had a golden cigarette holder

which he gave me I also noticed he hands trembled

this because he had stopped drinking. Usually,  had a glass

of wine at noon; for a fortnight Alfred avoided me if

he saw me on the street he walked another way, this naturally

made me feel hu...

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he was no Alfred

He was no Alfred


The war was over my father was coming home from the sea

he had chocolate bars, and inside one there was a picture of a film star

propaganda is not new- my picture was of Clark Able

I remember the bar of chocolate as being a bit stale, but sweet.

I was in bed at the time, was pale and thing suffering from tuberculosis

my old man looked aghast and said; is thi...

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when deserted by Alfred

Deserted by Alfred



It was not my fault I had no shoes

And the police stopped and asked and since it was none of their business

I naturally told them to fuck off.

was handcuffed and put in a police car,- which was more cooling than

the asphalt, after all, it was October in Albufeira.

I thought this is a perfect movement when a father defends his son

but Alfred who ref...

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looking for redemption

Looking for Redemption



                      Great minds are at work to prove or disprove

the God`s existent`s we know this I a game the intellectuals play

because they cannot accept the plain reason,

the world exists because it is an illusion.

 a conjuring trick, forgotten by its creator.

God is a perfect idea it resides in everyman’s mind

It asks an abstract good f...

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when Alfred was witty

When Alfred was witty


Alfred, the pianist who insist he is not my father

Told me he could walk on water,

to prove it we went to where the water is shallow

he sank slowly, legs, torso and his head

I was not unduly worried,

at the bottom, he walked back to shore

and I gave him back his alpaca and French Beret, but I said nothing

he hadn`t stepped on water only walked on ...

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industrial decline

Industrial decline


There were few oak trees left in the valley

they had been chopped down and used in the clog industry,

ash trees were tried to make clogs, but it gave

people foot disease, which manifested itself by causing

webbed feet; excellent for swimming but not for walking.

The Birch was tried, but workers refused to work with this type

of the tree, the clog indust...

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Alfred, the pianist who is also my father

although he denies the paternity vehemently,

was in Hawaii and played the ukulele with

little success and went back to Europe.

Alfred the pianist and also my father, could

get the sweetest tones when he played and

women swooned in other men’s arms,

 was when not playing of a rather sullen nature

he spent the day walki...

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haiku for peace


In the Middle East

Firecracker holds no allure

People want accord 

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looking for Gumbo

Looking for Gumbo  


He had wanted Gumbo, the local café was out

he had to seek a broader horizon at home he couldn`t find it.

He took the coach to the end of the country, but no

the further away he got the less Gumbo, he got the blues

and bathed in the river, which was natural for him to do,

moved into people’s home, but they didn`t have Gumbo.

At a bakery-café where most...

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