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the end of an affair

<he ends of an affair


a long maybe ten years relation with poem site

it has got a new editor who is critical of my work

finds it too brutal, left wing and not sweet.

My work is being blocked out and I~m is sad as there

is no point sending in poems that are no published?

Everything must come to an end ends in death or

divorce, pity really I have many friends there

and a...

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the big lie

the big lie

I surprise me the wrong choices we make to stake
our living in the tourist industry which has no future
and consist of bringing some people from a to b,
instead of farming and smaller industry
I rather make holes in a horseshoe than being
an airline pilot, this useless occupation I can
think of.
We have sent our viable industry to China and
a created hole for ourselves so the ...

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the disappearance

The disappearance

The Gulf of Mexico suddenly ran into the Atlantic
left oil rigs high and dry.
Naturally, the USA claimed the land which was disputed
by Mexico and Cuba and Belize.
What was left of the gulf had rivers and lakes
and as the land greened it turned out to be fertile and
the Amish people encouraged to farm the land which they
did with earnest enthusiasm.
Village sprang up, ro...

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time is looking up

Time is looking up

Today, for the first time in months
the restaurant was opening, and we had a proper 
meal served
by a real waiter, although they were obliged
to use masks.
good food on a big table not too man people around
we had a wonderful time with a glass of red wine.
On Sunday the beaches were full and no one respected
the distance of two-meter,
I wasn´t there I dislike walking...

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not a sage

Not a sage

He is old now, and eyes are watery he looks absent
and hiss ready smile has disappeared-
people ask him questions he cannot answer because
he is unwilling to say what they want to hear.
Yes, he is a communist but also critical of its policy
it can so quickly end up with an elite- sham labour unions
and loss of free expressions
Democratic- communism is not possible as people
we ...

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dreamy landscape

dreamy landscape

I followed a narrow track leading up
to the mountain that has a flat, earthy soil.

The dog refused to follow.

On top the sun was hot had a dizzy spell I saw was a patent donkey
before I fainted.

Someone carried me to a stream with clear water
I drank and found a lump of sugar in my pocket

when I looked around, I saw no one, went to sleep
I used a soft stone as a pillow.


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Red Indians

Red Indians



This afternoon was spent watching an old western movie

it was the usual stuff cavalry in spotless uniforms

sitting on tall horses facing a bunch of extras playing

the Indians appeared incredible stupid were rounded up

and herded back to their dry reservation and poverty.

First time I saw the movie 40 years ago, we laughed a

the Indians they were like a pa...

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since people outside wear masks
and I can´t see if they laugh or cry.
Since bars are shut.
Since I´m reduced to look at ladies handbags
in the posh shops nearby

there no point going out.



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the month of birth

The month of birth

The months of the year when born
does matter
My brother was born in June
and sunlight followed him all his days.
And friend he had many warming
their meagre souls in his light.
I was born a mournful October morning
the sky cried, and the nurse said
he has an old soul.
In my presence, people tend to go away gloomy
and moderate my opinion.
Rain does not stop for happin...

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sunday morning

Sunday morning



I like to go home
to the village in the mountain
and the dog that loved me unreservedly
but she wanted to reinforce our bond
stroking her head whispering sweet words
I like to look back a whole lifetime for a dog
she was proud of me, a couple for a stroll
through her life.
Looking back I think this was my best moment
the creation of true friendship.

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like a painting

Like a painting

Is anything more beautiful than an early morning
in Cheshire, I walked along alone it was like being
in the middle of a painting dripping leaves and 
dew on the grass.
A lone horse came to the fence I stroked it. Then
it went back grazing again no longer alone.
On the other side of the field a gate opened., a flock
of sheep came, company good enough for the horse
I was f...

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lack of women

Lack of women

The plateau of Alentejo has a rich fertile soil but few women
most of they studied and became unemployed lawyers in Lisbon,
something had to be done. And a busload of women came in the hope
of finding a wealthy farmer.
They were in their forties but tried to look 35 with heavy makeup
it was pathetic, pale, sweaty faces the sun is intense under the immense
blue sky exposing a l...

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from day to day

from a day

Remember there a good time when we thought “Reader's digest.
Was high literature, the teller of the truth?
When I was propagandist luring us with fine words

in lies.
When we got older we learned and these days even the Guardian
follows a political policy skirting the truth.
There are the lie and the truth, but convention stops us from telling
anyone how it was.
I wrote a stor...

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sweet revenge

A sober revenge

there is on the plateau of Spain a town made of yellow bricks
the buildings are of the same size, seven floors and on top an artist studio.
The street bellow was narrow had many bars and shops selling socks
it can get cold in Spain too.
On the fourth floor, in one of the building, lived a couple. He had a drink
the problem and she scolded him for this but since he said sorr...

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the heartland

The heartland


When Carl Was about twenty-two yours old, tall and handsome

with slight gay air, many women liked he decided to open

a feminine massage saloon.

It took time before the place got going he borrowed from me

which he repaid handsomely when his the business was established.

But he got bored with the work oiling fat thigh and let his hands

inside smelling vaginas ...

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in the old days, ships were harder to handle and needed
a crew of about 32 people, modern ships need a team of 6 or seven
they had mess-boys back then our jobs were to serve food
do the washing up. We were very, young about 15 to 16 years old
and hormones were flying about making trouble.
Sometimes we met in a cabin for communal masturbation to see
how long we could keep i...

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the great change

The great change

I have a mask made of plestic glass covers the whole

face to avoid touching my face, of the type dogs, were

not to scratch their ears.

Surgical gloves are must when going to the shop, there

is nowhere else to go.

I don’t think the virus is going away this year or next

we have to ignore it and walk in the park.

Go to the beach swim a little and sit in the wa...

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