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happy for some

A happy place…for some


Under the houses on stilt

That had no sewers

And was built for whores

To service sailors in Curacao

A dry, barren Island

In the Caribbean sea.

Pigs lived under the houses

 Grew big and ugly.

When one of them was


Its meat tastes of drunk

Seamen`s vomit and

Cheap perfume that hides

The grotesque sex

In the name of n...

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Epigram 3


 If the universe has a limit, will the limitation

Be a wall, made of elastic a rubber band that

Can be overextended to the breaking point

A balloon that can be pierced at will, or like

The horizon, you see it, but it can`t be reached.

And what is beyond the boundary?




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Epigram 3


 If the universe has a limit, will the limitation

Be a wall, made of elastic a rubber band that

Can be overextended to the breaking point

A balloon that can be pierced at will, or like

The horizon, you see it, but it can`t be reached.

And what is beyond the boundary?




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loving thought

Loving thought


Love is a delicate Spanish bluebell

In a field of thistles

You pick the flower at your peril

It may die in your hands and leave you

With a prickly weed of regrets

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beware of colours

Beware of Colours


It was about these flowers, you see,

blue a favourite colour for many they don`t

realise this colour can bring on melancholy

The flowers have long stems were in a vase

day- fresh with dewdrops sprinkled on

their leaf, how beautiful isn’t a goat would not hesitate.

Tomorrow the flowers will still be blue after

seven people committed suicide and a blind


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The night is endless the pupils of his eyes

are alert and free of sleep, will he make it through the night?

A brain without brakes, first gear not of any help,

restless wandering through childhood, where did it

all go so wrong?

The future is now tomorrow is an incident a lack of meaning

and only leads to another tomorrow.

A swarm of butterflies in the glade he ...

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the love

The Lovers



 On my walks in the interior of Algarve

 I followed an overgrown track that once

had been a road for horse and carts.

At a clearing, I found a clumsily made shrine,

and on it with unsteady hands, was written

Pedro and Maria 1912.

I sensed an immense peace sitting here.

Love is enduring and everlasting.

Their tenderness is what I breathe

in the tre...

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the poverty of self loathing

The poverty of self- loathing


The of the cloak of poetry I once wore

does not protect me against my insecurity

the fear of being destitute.

Nowhere to hide when the northwesterly blows

and happy people dance at a restaurant

to the music, I composed in my heart.

Steamed up café windows people eating broth

gesticulate with forks to get me away

to eat their food in pea...

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odd is the poet

  Odd, is the poet


He was the odd boy in the family

in a town that doesn’t rhyme with anything.

He wrote strange words in a notebook

the teacher told him to stop this nonsense

and learn that 2X2 makes four.

Declared he was a poet when eleven.

His mother was shocked at what happens

to my son is turning into a Nancy boy.

He came to England where people are so correct


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the vagabond

The Vagabond


He was a wanderer with a knapsack, had walked

the roads from one town to another for 40 years.

He had a house once, but family life didn`t

suit him, strolled out one day and continued

Drifting the way his feet took him.

on his itinerant way, he sometimes got a job

at farms slept in the barn.

He was a good worker and liked by the people

of the land, but ...

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useless wars

 Useless war

Red crosses on the graveyard near the battle,

bled, corpses of dead soldiers flew in the air

soldiers killed twice, for the enemy once is not enough.

A skeletal hand land near him, he shuddered but had

to advance over the field as ordered.

There was a lull, he sat leaning to a boulder wondered

what he was doing here in a war far from home in

a country, not his,...

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long for the sea

 Long for the Ocean



   The old man sits as usual on the terrace overlooking

   the bay of Cascais, the weather is hazy to today take

   his reading glasses off, still cloudy but less so.

   Three ships anchored waiting for a pilot to navigate

   into Lisbon, Cascais has no harbour but a marina

   full yachts and sailboats belong to the wealthy, he went

   there once...

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a time called noel

A time called Noel 

It is a cold morning, soon it will Christmas
and people of good-will are going out in the night
to feed the poor, the homeless and other  
victims, of our capitalist system.
Glowing in goodness, they think not the poor
need shelter and food every day.
The traffic in downtown Cascais was intense on roads
not built for this onslaught, we ended up at 
the biggest superm...

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I looked it up on the map, India

it is a big country, and I know absolutely nothing

about its interior.

I once was in Calcutta`s airport but this

doesn`t make me an expert.

I wrote a poem about the last Bengali tiger,

but know little of its fauna,

I didn`t like when Prime Minister Modi eradicated

the smallest currency of rupee it was not fair for

the small ...

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When writing shall we dare call it poetry

I, because of my lack of academic learning

cannot seek inspiration the classics,

except for the god Sisyphus which

I find funny realising I`m laughing at self.

The lacuna between me and poetry I have

tried to fill with words, one day I can build

a park for lovers,

At my relative old age which is no more

then a ...

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We got off the bump of New Year, 2018

is a submarine run aground on an island

in the Saragossa Sea.

Her sailors walk in ring drink whisky from

 bottles that never empty and don`t make

the drunk enough to dance a jig.

The sailors’ life is an odd one they see

life passes by but always from a distance

when they finally go ashore, it is the second

best offer the...

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religion versus culture

Religion versus culture


If the Dutch had adopted the Koran

made churches into mosques would Holland

be different for it is today?

I don`t think so. Because of

 their characters

and culture would have reminded active

travelling the world for a business opportunity.

Been Moslems in name only as they are

Christians in the name just today

The Islamic rule that works ...

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reflection on wednesday

Reflection on Wednesday



The bay of Cascais looks beautiful today

calm blue sea and sky a rare summer appearance in December.

 A big bulk-carrier is waiting for the pilot, as a red-cross helicopter

 comes onto view landing on the deck of the bulk-carrier one

of her crew is ill.

When the noise of the chopper dies down, I think

of yesterday when I wrote two poems which ...

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