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I`m a stallion

Once run for miles

To cover a mare


Tamed pulling a cart


I have lost the spirit


When the man whips me

It because he hates his wife

I think of hay.

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What a strange word

It exists for those with longings

for the mystical past.


The world has many cultures

it is easy to get lost

in the wilderness called identity


without, one is a cloud in the sky

varies according to the weather.

Wouldn`t that be wonderful

to belong to no one but oneself.

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winners and losers

Winner and losers


The two boys

 down they ran

to the town`s pond


feeding the ducks

they had a bag each

one of them had

a mother who worked

in a cake shop.


The boy who came second

had been eating

cake crumbs

as he ran


didn`t care if the first

one won,

his mother worked

in a cake shop.


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the great war and India

The Great War and India

 Thousands of soldiers from India`s interior

(I.5 million) were sent to fight in the Great War

Many of them died and were maimed just

so Britain could keep its hegemony.

When books were written, and history told

somehow the Indian soldiers were mysteriously

forgotten erased out, until now.

But disquiet lingered India became restless

they served th...

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she was giving birth, a surrogate mother, to a rich childless couple. she had been instructed to not look at the baby, did and relented, she had given birth

a wonderful newborn how could she give it away?

sensible people told her it was for the best, the child would get a good education, she the mother could not give her.

Under pressure by the righteous, she gave the baby away

but she ...

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the oldies blog

The oldies blog

I know of a writer/poet who has dedicated

His blog to old age, being considerably older

then him, I think he is on the wrong track.

To write about a poet who couldn`t find his

Specs, his wife saw them in the freezer beside

The ice-cream is chuckling, but overall people

Don`t want to know about infirmity.

To write down what happens to an old person

On an e...

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the burning

The burning

Let Rome burn, so spake Nero or one of his flunkies

Towns and cities are burning every day in the Middle East

Flames taste not of roasted chestnuts in the Alley

Of peace but the stench of hatred fills the air.

This will continue till the last drop of oil, better still

Until we don`t need petrol for our cars any more.

In the middle of this, we have Israel armed to t...

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The re-membered


Speak to me of a memory that ran into the sand

taken by the high tide drifting away

but at low ebb glitter on the lonely strand.


Speak to my memory as seen in a child`s eye

when my mother was young and danced

had laughter on her lips and stars in her eyes.


Speak to me memory in the haze of dreams

when life was lovely, and summers were long,


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chicken and fado

Chicken and Fado


 They eat a lot of roasted chicken with chips

in Portugal, once it was a rare food now it is eaten

with gusto most days, it is cheap and filling.

What sets Portugal apart is Fado,

I know of no other country with music that grabs

your heartstrings and makes you cry evokes

memories of yore, bitter and sweet.

I don`t know the origin of Fado but to my ears


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the long walk

The long walk 

From my terrace, I can see the museum where Paula Rega`s
painting is, it didn’t look far, so I walked down it took a bit
longer than I thought but it was a beautiful day.
At the museum, I spent a long time looking at her pictures
she is an intriguing painter blending the masculine and 
The feminine into one it can look objectionable as she paints
Scenes of what can appear g...

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in the beginning

The beginning

When I went to school, it was only on religion

Christianity! Jesus with his cross and Danial fighting

a giant ogre, none of the pupils, believed any of this

yet it was entertaining stuff while we wait for

the school term to end so we could jump on our bikes

and play cowboy and Indians.

But what though as a child sticks lately, I have been

thinking of the origi...

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page fifteen

Page fifteen.

I have been looking at this page for hours

walked to the terrace and back still 15

went shopping bought thing I didn`t

need, the page hadn’t budges

page 15, how to overcome this obstacle?

writing about the weather, so you are a meteorologist now.

Actually, am I can forecast rain with my knees and

 a general feeling of discontent.

Page 15 can do its own thin...

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The weather plays a big part in me

When the sunshine and the wind is calm

I feel the lightness of being.

When storm blows and dark clouds 

My mind gets dark, and I think of suicide

However, I like to watch thunder and lightning

stay on the terrace and sing

“Hit me with your rhythmed stick” a bit of a song

I remember.

A full moon is depressing it is as i...

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flying things

Flying things


I once saw a flying pig

there was a hard wind blowing from the east.

over the bay of Cascais

The wind slackened and dropped the pig

that was alive and swimming ashore

alas, where men with knives waited.

Every café was serving pork in all its form

a pig is versatile for human consumption.

Can`t say the same for my little donkey

on the terrace, it cos...

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                      I have been ploughing

The field of nothingness

A furrow at a time,

With an elderly mule that farts a lot.

The soil is unyielding

It is cabbage and carrots

I want

You can`t eat flowers.

I have the carcass

Of a goat

But needs vegs

To go with it

All I need is for you

To see

I can cook a good meal of words

So far I have tw...

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we, conjurers

We, the conjurers


The USA wants Venezuela

And the worlds` press follow suit

demanding an undemocratic coup.

We have been here before

we remember the vilifying of Iraq

and Libya those two counties were lied about

before being invaded and occupied.

Our compliance with this crime is staggering

and do nothing for peace in the world.


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forenoon show

The forenoon Show

 There is a ship anchored close to the shore

in the bay, I wonder what the cook is doing now

perhaps he is chopping onions for frying

with a bit of meat from lunch or maybe he is

                      washing pots and pans while the officers who have

nothing to do play cards in the mess hall.

The crew stand by the railing looking at the shore

and the brigh...

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 A cynical person

Protects his soppy heart

From mawkishness



A lurid nightmare

Is an extension of a day

That went fucking bad




                      They say he is rude

When objecting against old age

They expect poise  

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the outing

The outing


 It was a sunny Sunday we drove to a park

that has an old house in the middle selling paintings

some of them are good but mostly plenteous crap,

I know enough about art to see the difference.

Naturally, the place was closed since it was Sunday.

But going up a ramp to the park a driver buzzed his horn

they do that a lot in Portugal I told the driver what I thoug...

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the princess

The princess


 I don`t understand the British

when Diana died the county went into an unseemly

mourning a mass hysteria of grief.

She was divorced for a little shit called Charles

they had two sons who are both going bald.

I didn`t think much of her going on holidays living

The kids at home, if a working-class mother had

done this the social people would have knocked


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the doll house is burning

I could see the smoke coming.

                      from the attic

the thing is the house of dolls

was not on fire

only the figures that once was cherished.

I put the ashes of someone’s childhood

in a box of wood.

One with golden handles.

Later did I realised that all must go

even those nearest to our heart.


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looking east

The view

 looking out of the window facing inland

I see a petrol station painted green and across

 the station a shabby supermarket with

an incompetent staff yet an excellent place to go

if you need to buy milk.

Buying wine is not recommended they don`t

know how to store it and the wine goes off.

The road below me is as usual full of traffic

that flows to fast.

I can`...

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too big a flat

Too big a flat


Who are those people whose idea

of posh living constitute a cavernous apartment

filled with unused rooms.

Someone could be murdered in one of these rooms

and not be discovered before the firm

of spring cleaners entered.

No identification on the skeleton and teeth

never interfered with by a dentist-

unsolved crime, the apartment is up for sale

the o...

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suckling pig

Suckling pigs  

In the time of the Vikings
when a baby girl was born in the winter
put her naked on a shield 
carried her into the woods where she
was eaten by wolves or froze to death.
Piglets are little darling suckling the sow
but not for long they are slaughtered and
roasted and sold for our table.
I ate suckling pig for lunch today the flesh
sweet and soft, the crust tender it was...

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On my frequent lone walk by the old docks

I came across a building which turned out

to be a communal bathhouse.

It was incredibly cheap for a few pence

I got a towel and soap and had my first shower

I was at the time, elven years old.

And when I was short of change asked my mother

for not ice cream, but for a shower.

My brother said only poofters went there, ...

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bully beef

 Bully beef


Twenty years after the war

I found in the attic of a small hotel

several cans of corned beef.

since the cans were dark green, I assumed

they had belonged to the German army

not that they were going to demand

 the cans back I opened one the meat was

perfect and could be used in a stew.

No one wanted to a taste the meat I ended up

eating the corned beef...

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No wind blows


From the bakery


The aroma

Of fresh bread

Light is probing


                       I hear the rumbling


Some get up


Wear yellow vests



Has arrived

The smell of coffee


Through the building.



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When I first came to Australia

it reminded me of a colonial outpost.

The officials were pompous and behaved

like little Englanders.

I thoroughly disliked the country, it didn`t

help it was so far from civilisation

I was thinking of Europe pubs closed early

and beer was served in small glasses.

There was not much of nightlife I think

the whole nation wen...

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the bird of omen

The bird of omen

On the railing of the veranda

I sat a raven since I have never seen a white one

one can assume it was black.

It had yellow eyes but not from the Far East.

It flew into my living room walked like a sailor

on land leave into the bedroom.

Why does a sailor seek a bar, it is because

the hustle and bustle ashore makes him nervous

and beer is sold.

The rave...

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not what you see

Not what you see


 It looked an idyllic scene

a farmer with a sweet, little red tractor

was ploughing a feel while his mule now unemployed

stood under a carob tree resting.

The tractor stopped no more fuel, the man went to

the nearest petrol station to buy some more, but a dreamer

walked past gave the tractor pink wings, saw it flew

towards the sun.

The farmer went t...

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anit this and that

The anti this…

 We can be anti this and anti that

say, our hatred of Muslims is there but not deep

and is often based on ignorance.

But we have to face the fact that anti-Semitism

is in the psyche in the western mind.

Here we have to differentiate between Israel and

the Jews as there is not many of them  

in that state of Israel, the sitting government

there are Zionists...

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once when

Once when 

I lived in the deep countryside

Of Algarve come spring

And knew of every tiny village

When seeing me, the dwellers waved

The strange foreigner is here

It will be summer after all.

I had many friends back then and drank

Coffee with sturdy farmhands.

I will not be there this year, will they miss me?

Perhaps at dusk, someone will say

They saw me riding by a...

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the aged

The Aged

If young people knew

How hard to be old

They wouldn`t use their car horn

So much when seeing

An elderly driver.

To drag your old body

To the shower

Remember which medicine

Is for what

Yet we the old cling to life

As we know nothing else.

It is a good thing

The young don`t know

What it is to be old

If they did, they might jump

Off a cliff


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the way it used to be

The way it used to be

            When I came to Liverpool in the seventies

I found a country in peace with itself,

the difference in income between workers and

the bosses were not extreme.

Living in England, I found my education woefully

lacking in substance and took classes in counselling,

philosophy and literature.

Then the catastrophe came in the form of Thatcher

or ...

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a horse

A horse

                       My faithful fjording

Go into toy stable the day is over

The little boy will come and stroke your neck.

When a boy is a man he will

Sit on the cart, but not load

It too heavily

And when you and he plough the field

He will give you rest

 A slice of bread or an apple

If the cart is full

After shopping in the village

He will get off an...

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forget me not

Forget me not


Rebellious heart

Cast the spell of love


Like spring breeze

Lacks boundaries,


No conclusion!

Shifting shadows

Only walked

By the unhappy


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I knew of a writer

I knew of a writer

who had to take the job as a kitchen cleaner

as no one wanted to publish his work

mind, he always had clean fingernails, when he sat

late at night composing words no one in the world

would ever bother to read.

When it became clear to him, he was an exercise

in futility, he quit his job grew a beard and his

fingernails grow long and dirty.

Crossing a br...

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a new society

A new society


Is Brexit more than Brexit

a dream of going back in time

when everything had a human dimension?

To physically eradicate the royalty

to take back thousands of acres stolen

by the aristocracy.

Leaving the cities as a bird sanctuary

go back to the land, a homestead with

a cow and a few chickens.

Living a sub-existence hunting boars

in the evening li...

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conspiracy thinking

Conspiracy thinking


What`s wrong with that?

It`s poetry!

Trying to find a nugget of truth

in the forest of lies.

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a calamitous night

This not a good day despite sunshine

he feels like a blob without muscle tones

dripping from the wall.

an unspeakable person he has become

to think he always wanted to be slim and elegant

in a tailor-made suit. His whole family are fat

it doesn`t bother them swilling beer eating pork

sit there with ample bellies being satisfied,

it as they think it is a sign of prosperity a...

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We are looking

after a cat

it is white and yellowish.

I feed it and clean

 the litter box.

The catwalks around mewing

and shedding hair

on sofas and beds.

I hate the fucking cat it is

not friendly, sometimes the cat

go on the veranda on

the seventh floor

and it isn`t falling down.

I like a dog can bond with it

take it for a walk and they will not


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the failed writer

The failed writer

For twenty years he has written down

what came to his mind, in the end, many books

with his name on a bookshelf.

There they reminded unsold, unloved collecting

the dust of time.

He tried to sell his books on Amazon and in shops

when that failed he gave books away to people

too polite to say no.

He danced a summer night declaring he would

be a writer ...

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sunlit Cascais

Sunlit Cascais


Today the sun shines

Over the bay, a pilot boat

Is going out

To take a small coast ship

into Lisbon.

In the night

the couple upstairs

made robust love

Plaster fell as snow

on our bed.

And that was ok

Fucking is better than war

I know the woman

often see her in the foyer

she looks haughty and chaste

and unsmiling.

Not that I wou...

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Brexit 2

  Brexit 2


They don`t get it the politicians

why people voted to leave.

there is and rightly, so a deep

discontent among people, the see

their water, gas, train and bus prizes

privatised by pirates.

There is a revolt in the air, the Brits

are tired being led by the nose

by a capitalistic system that long ago

ceased to be a democratic, free vote is not


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   I have taken to wake up late at night walking about

 the apartment that is big

One night there was a short-cut I lost my bearing collided

with a mirror. My wife who has a flashlight by her side

switched it on told me which way to go.


The moment when you don`t know your name

and the familiar faces unknown when you can`t find you

way back home and you...

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the Norwegian club

The Norwegian club


We went there last night

it was set in a wine bar and the prize,15euro each,

I refused to pay that much.

The bar was almost empty but for a group

of Norwegians who sat whispering in a corner

And there was no one to welcome us.

I was donating some books to the club

 left some of them on a table.

No one stirred.

I thought the scene was surreal.


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epigram 5

Epigram 5


 Self-awareness must not be confused

With self-consciousness which can be

Devastating for people with fragile egos 

You cannot be as good as your inner self.

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when all is an ocean

When all is Ocean


I have been looking at the map on the wall

Most of our world consists of salt water

In time to come when the sea level rises

Britain will be a rock that steadfastly refuses

To join EU, and that is ok, since most of

Europe will be under the sea.

The far and near east will consist of islets

And Swiss will have a seaport.

If you think this will bring ...

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epigram 3

Epigram 3


 If the universe has a limit, will the limitation

Be a wall, made of elastic a rubber band that

Can be overextended to the breaking point

A balloon that can be pierced at will, or like

The horizon, you see it, but it can`t be reached.

And what is beyond the boundary?

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