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forest dog

The forest dog


A dog lived in the forest

I think it was a she

It avoided contact with people

The forest was full of rabbits.

I sat on a stone in the glade

For a long time it ignored me,

But one day it came near

I fed him a sandwich, later on

It let me pick ticks of its fur

Before backing into the bushes.

On my walks, I often sat on the stone

Sometimes the d...

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the blue

The blue


I saw a fish

Very small

 It looked parrot

think about this,

but I remember the surgeon.


It took my hook

Fished it up

Its colors faded

A dead fish

Not enough

For a meal.




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the apprentice

The Apprentice


Every morning he took a short bus ride

to the factory where he was learning welding

a thing to know if you are building a ship.

One day he missed the bus got lost and began

Walking, took the wrong turn and the vista

 a new life of adventures opened up.

He has done many jobs, like being a cowboy

in Montana, a tourist guide in Peru,

a short-order-cook i...

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There are times one must admit to being crushed

By life itself, I moved back to my old house

Far from the crowd only to find it was

Overwhelming me, the house is built on a rocky slant

So every the floor is on a different level, which I found

Charming but now I fall over them.

I had this a romantic idea I could do some repair work

But I haven’t got the strength.


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a very rich woman

The very rich woman


Once at a the meeting, I met a lady

Dripping of riches belonging to a posh family in Ireland.

She didn’t have her Bently it was being repaired

I drove her home in my Fiat.

We sat on her sofa kissing and cuddling and ended

Up in bed, she wanted cunnilingus with her on top

And I found myself

With my head in her crotch, when she had an orgasm

It was...

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the piano

The Piano


He let his fingers glide

Softly on the keyboard which responded

With a sensual murmur

The piano bar was not open yet.

When he hit the c-string to hard she mildly

Protested, he had been too eager.

Together they played faster and faster

Till crescendo of love-music filled the room


The bar was opening and they had to play

The public wanted to d...

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the Greek-Orthodox church

The Greek- Orthodox Church

The church has deep roots in the Russian soul

The church is powerful the President listens

To the church who want Russia to be a culture

Not infected by the west’s corruption of faith.

Where everything is forgiven to the point of

Taking religion for granted.

We in the west being emotion finally dishonest

Is baffled by this worship, but to keep our...

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We are all familiar with the traditional relationship
A young boy meets a girl, Like Romeo and Juliet –
It must be added Juliet was 14, today this romance
Would not have gone down too well,.
Sometimes love happens at the most strange places
Like when I met a girl at a house in Kingston and her
Took a shine to me.
As we undressed in her room she said:
“My pussy is full of water,” I told her...

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war memories

War Memories

We see the pomp and circumstances

Old soldiers with a modest medal, the queen

And Donald Trump.

The real winner of this war Russia is on

This day overlooked, and history as we see

It displayed is a historical falsehood.

The old soldiers fought ok, kudos to them

In a war that was real.

The war didn’t end it continues in Palestine,

Syria, Iraq and other pla...

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the theft

The theft

She had been stopped, a packet of sausage

with a price tag on, she hadn’t paid for, of course

She denied stealing it but the uniformed lackeys

at the supermarket suddenly had power.

Police were called, the woman confessed and

the under the theft

She had been stopped, a packet of sausage

withprize tag on she hadn’t paid for, of course

She denied stealing it bu...

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the experiment

An Experiment

Yesterday evening I tried to be a vegetarian

Ate a soya chop and the stomach rumbled all night

In protest.

In the morning a pressing evacuation, too much

For the toilet flusher, I had to take out my gift to

Flowers and trees

Using a plastic bag and gloves.

Today I will eat, fried sausage with onion

And mashed potatoes

The vegan food didn’t suit my sto...

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poetry critic

Critical of a poem


I have never expressed a critic of a poem because I don’t know

What the poet was thinking of when he/she wrote it.

No one, to my knowledge, sets out to write a bad poem.

Therefore a poem written and published is a good one

even if the penmanship might be a bit shaky.

I do not care so much about spelling I can correct it

in my head, the only thing that a...

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the weakling

The weakling

As a small boy, I had tuberculosis and all

the other illnesses one can have, I was thin a weakling

no thought I would live long.

The doctor had prescribed a half a bottle of cream

I could only gulp a handful and gave the rest to my sister.

Then when about thirteen all this changed I ate well

got the energy to run, cycling and football, I also tried boxing


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the mourning

The mourning

It was an early morning

The day before Christmas

The phone rang

I reluctantly answered

Your mother is dead.

I couldn’t get a flight

Took the dog for a walk

In the woods,

But this day she walked close to me

And didn’t hunt rabbits.

Coming home

I sat by the bed and cried.

At Chrismas Eve

I gave my dog a cream cake

When thinking of my mother


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The talented contrarian

Christopher Hitch said when

He was dying

He believed in the Pascal theory

50% chance that god existed

And 50% against

He said this with a smile and

Added I  like  surprises


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half a life

Half a life

To be fifty was a difficult time

the youthful dreams didn't materialize

the road to Rome ended

on the factory floor or no promotion

to the board of decisions, and your words

went unheard.

You look behind you the furrow you had

wanted to leave, is none existing.

A deep sigh, time to get the pick-ax and

continues to break stones, pay taxes, bills

and w...

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 Are we too uncritical?

on Facebook

also helpful and ultimately dull.

I’m not thinking of baby pictures

and cute puppies,

but of opinions, I disagree with

not voicing these objections.

Is Facebook a place for mutual?

self-congratulation a display of

Achievement, however, banal.


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Linkin is like the facebook

Only posher and middle-class

Here company directors,

Guitar players and teachers

Can write learned articles

Mainly about themselves

And what interests them.

Apart for being pretentious

It is free of baby pictures

Which is satisfying and keeps

Facebook users at bay.


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death of a comedian

The death of comedy

Freddy Starr is dead they say it was because

He smoked too many cigarettes, no one asked to ask why?

He was accused of making lewd remarks

To a young girl in i974, the case was dropped.

But unwisely Freddy sought redress in court, men often

Loses in cases that involve sex.

Freddy sold his house and moved to Spain he paid

Some of the million own but he wa...

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a bad day

A bad day


I’m moody today

Depressed you can say

Too much wine last night

I talk too much under the influence of wine.

I’m not a pleasant drunk.

It depresses me this endless banality

When the world should be silent and

Let spring Sing.!

I’m morose today the summer day is chilly

Flowers in my garden look pale.

I,'m being hungry, but  fat has gone on, a diet


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I like breasts in my infancy I didn’t get

To cling them, the mother was ill and I was sent

To home run by the salvation army.

I stretched my tiny arms up to touch them

But they hastily withdrew.

In my young years, I suckled man abrest

Some of them liked it.

I was never a pussy man for me it was just

A damp hole to discharge my desire.

Big bums are nice too esp...

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At the supermarket, my wife pushed the trolley

While I walked around in the hope of finding some

Unboring food found a tin of tunny in hot sauce

I could make a breakfast of this (diabetes).

But the tin in my pocket to hand to my wife

And forgot about it.

We paid and left.

Outside I froze we hadn’t paid for the tin!

What to do know? Go in and pay for it, ...

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living forever

Living forever


The knowledge of living forever

is already here, all one has to do

is renewing one's cells once a year

beginning at the age of forty

or there about when a person is

self -sufficient.

It is also possible to renew cells so

often that one regress to infancy

and looked after by your son who

is unable to grasp that he is changing

his father’s nap...

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the lonely years

lonely days

 He came home early

Switched on the news

Which was read by a man

Who fell several times, over his own words

There was only one channel.

After the news, a lady played guitar

End of evening TV.

He took his bike out of the shed

And cycled to the nearest pub

There was only 3 of them in the town

And they closed at eleven.

Cycling home was difficult so


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abortion law

Abortion law
25 men, yes men, Alabama is deciding 
that abortion is illegal, not a single woman’s protest
was heard.
How can an unfair law be passed in our modern age
It Surprises me and there ought to be a mass protest
to rescind this law.
While I on principle is against abortion that it
should not be like pulling out a tooth, terminating
a potential life must be in agreement with the fe...

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who is?

Who’s the finest poet in

The world?

 I inhale roses’scent

And spew words over

The land.

Fertilization it’s called.

Not that it helps

When we consider

That 99% of people

Don’t read poetry

And the literary 1%

Pretend they like poetry

Because it is

The cultural thing to do

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Alfred getting old

Alfred getting old


Alfred, the violinist had some setbacks

he fell in love with a woman of high culture and rich,

Alfred moved in with her as she also had a piano

which Alfred loved. He played Chopin and another semi

popular tunes, so engrossed he was that he didn't notice

she was tired of him and told him to leave.

It was shocking for poor Alfred who without arguments


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to a friend

To a friend


A friend of mine ended up in a hospital

His heart had taken a heavy load of a hard life.

I told him he was no longer Tarzan. but a middle-aged man

whatever unresolved problem he has in the past

he had to leave it behind in the heap of hurts and slights

that hatred only damages the hater.

I spoke from experience, I had been where he is now.

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the eagle

The eagle


 High, the eagle flew up to the blue sky

The majesty of all it could survey.

Oh, beautiful bird enemies are everywhere

It was mistaken for a drone

Shot down and bloody feathers drifted down to earth.

Should you on your walk see a quill?

Has most likely belonged to the eagle that

Flew too high, and forgot about man’s evil ways,

Pick up the plume and mourn.


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old dogs and so on

Old dogs don’t like change


I once had a dog

But I had to go abroad

For a month.

She stayed at a luxury kennel

Got fed and groomed and

Given cuddle by the staff.

When I came to fetch her

She was overjoyed

After licking my face

She jumped into the car,

Home James.

She inspected every room

Nothing had changed.

We old people are the same

We are not imp...

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a rare moment


A rare moment

it was in the winter I tried to fasten

my skates to my boots

A girl about 14 came

Helped me.

She said we had the same father

And was therefore

 Sister and brother.

She gave me a hug

And half a chocolate bar

And ate the other half she ate.

A rare moment

I felt safe sitting there

Another sister

Who didn’t tease me?

A little boy, so full...

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freak of nature

The freak of nature


There is a tiny islet in the foggy Saragossa Sea

it has no name since no self-respecting explores

would put his name on it.

However, it had a Vulcan that erupted and when

the lava stream cooled seagulls found it a good

a place to nest.

Something strange happened some of the eggs

grew huge and when hatched had a wingspan

of 3metres and they were n...

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A new head

 I walked on a hard earth track, but the earth shook

And turned into the silt, I sank into the mum only me

Head was above ground, after some time the raven

Came and gouged out my eyes, much later the fox came

Ate my lips and ears. They were chased away by the boar

Who ate the whole head.

As the soil hardened I was able to get up and as you know

We have two brains...

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a woman's revenge

A woman’s revenge


There was a radio operator on the ship

He hated women, yet went to how a house in Jamaica

Were many women were assembled

He treated them with contempt, belittling them and

Using a racist language.

Finally, he went to bed with the woman he had

Humiliated the most, but she had a surprise for him

She had broken a shaving blade in half the old

Fashion ...

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the nature of love

The love illusion

When a baby, the child

Seeks  nourishment suckling his mother’s tits

In her bosom, he feels bliss

Then neither can be replicated.

He grows up and falls in love, but cannot

Explain why

He might fall in love many times and is

Surprised when it ends.

This because he confuses sexual love

With the real thing.

Finally, he marries, he marries.

His wif...

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Alfredo Villavera

Alfredo de Villaverde



One evening in a town that shall be nameless I walked past an expensive restaurant and

since this was before air-condition windows were open the pianist played Chopin, a music

 I like as it is not taxing to the ear. I went in ordered a drink the waiter said I had to eat something

ordered an apple. I got a fruit cocktail. When he had a break, he came over...

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time for recognition

Time for recognition



There is time for patients by the stream of legends when fishing for a dream.

To see the reflection of undulating faces of those who can no longer cry,

sad eyes that wish to sit by the stream and dream just once more.

Released from the shackles of their past they are yesterday’s leaves, and from

the soil, a dirge arises, and the wind sighs for those wh...

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man drinking beer

Man drinking beer


 At the downstairs café on its terrace

a man in an overcoat drank beer although

it was not yet ten o`clock yet.


he looked lonely a doomed friendless

a person wondering what happened

to a life that started out encouraging


I could have been a winner

hadn`t it been for the bloody divorce

in the hour of need, he was deserted.


Ok, so h...

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the psycologist

The psychologist


Worried about my drinking I made an appointment

To see the psychologist, he was not there, his secretary

Said he was in the garden.

He sat on the top of a tree imitating a hawk, looking

Down at me and said: “have you never seen a hawk.”

“It is me, doctor, I have an assignment with you.

“Sorry, he said I had forgotten but can`t come down

As I`m too piss...

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sleepless at home

Sleepless at home


Three o`clock in the morning no sleep

 clear your mind lock the door to your brain

Think of nothing, tell me how is that possible

I thought of fried onions and home burgers

I could smell the food.


I thought of western movies, the old once

you know early on who is good or bad

the plot is rudimentary just no need for deep thoughts

songs of yore ...

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about fish

About fish


 Something made me think of fish

not those in tanks which life must be boring

swimming around and around

until tired and resting at the bottom

wondering how to get out of this watery trap


Do fishes think or is it all instinct?

Say, two codfish meeting each other on the coast

of Greenland: hi, their old mate hasn’t

seen you around for a while? No, I m...

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somewhere safe



Sunday somewhere safe


 My fingers itch to write

but it will not be about the moon

it hangs there like a balloon.


I refuse to turn on the news

 but a big liner was in trouble on

the coast of Norway


going to sea in winter sea

thinking they were safe in a big ship

you wouldn`t get me on a cruiser


I have read the news Palestine

wants NATO ...

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what? no moon

 What, no moon    


 Where is the moon

it was here last night

the heaven looks like a blank canvas

not even a star to break its ennui


there are many heavens, the near one

the outer one and the one

beyond the horizon, it is there

but we lack the vision


if you wake up in a dark bedroom

keep your eyes closed

you can see the astrosphere

and be close to...

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a mysterium at sea

A mystic death


 Stormy weather ship on fire

the captain gave orders

go into the lifeboats.


The cook thought otherwise

there was no fire at the bow

the bow`s deck a room where

the potatoes were kept.


Later he heard noises the captain

and his first officer came in.

Cowards as they had been, they

Resented him.


The captain had a gun

and shot t...

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Night is the time to think deep

Usually of ways to cheat death

But it has black wings

That might strangle you before

You find the formula of how

Not to expire.


Night is for owls, ghosts and ghouls

Shine a light in their eyes and

They don`t recognise it.

The ill wait for the dawn many

Don`t make it and die before dawn

Just as the sun is about t...

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the big world

The big world



  The world is bigger than what you think Betty

 It consists of several continents and countries

 And much more than Brexit and USA, not that

You would think when reading the newspapers.

“go west, young man”, as it was said one time

No more look towards Asia that is where

The future happens, Europe has become old

And decrepit and seduced by the consu...

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the long hot summer

The long summer


 It was a long summer for the Nordic country

Every day we met at a beach with a crate of beer

The four of us, Carl was the funny one knew how to cheer

Me up from my dark mind.

Carl`s wife had left him but he made light out of it

There is always another bus, but it was not true.

When we met at the beach there was only three of us

Carl had hung himself in...

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my England

My England

 Oh, England green and pleasant land

we can leave aside that most of the area belongs

to the aristocracy, but this is the Anglo ways.


Beggar bowl in her hand soon to be homeless,

evicted because she wanted to rule the roost

and not bend to the EU`s demands.


I do not share this fear there was an England

not bowdlerised by the request of globalisation


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a mother`s plight

A mother`s plight


  She got up early walking to work

 Reluctant children

 Going to school

 Which served breakfast,

Milk and scones

One-hour break

From none to one

She hasted home

Put potatoes on the boil

Wrapped the pan in an old blanket

Hurried back to work.

Our lunch was yesterday’s bread

With sugar on

Short of breath, tuberculosis.

Not a housewi...

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a view from a parking lot

The view from a parking lot


 No seagull is flying high

in the bay today, no ships at the anchorage

waiting for the pilot.

It is a day of stillness under a grey sky that

holds no promises of a tomorrow.

The supermarket`s parking place is looking

down at the cemetery in more than one way,

one is selling food, the other is storing death.

I see people walking among the...

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