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How it commenced

How it commenced


Some fish found it difficult to breaths

Underwater, they swam ashore and rested

Later they crawled to the garden of Eden

Where grew hands and feet


The post office is an oasis of harmony caused

By women staff who work slowly.


The fish now transformed into humans

Expelled the weakest link, they got no hearing

Or discharged into the jungle of...

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inside the mirror

Looking inside the mirror


Rambling thoughts

Reflection in a window

Standing still

Frozen in time

Is this me?

Shall I not

Be anything

So many information.

Are my views


Or are other people’s


Influencing me?

Is there charnel


That sifts the many viewpoints.

Are nothing

My original thoughts.


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fear of rats

Fear of rats

When I came to my friend’s house,

Doors were open he sat crying in a corner.

What’s wrong, I said. I think I’m going mad

Saw a rat on the kitchen table eating butter.


Some animals have a streak of humour

They often laugh of our antics.


I went into the kitchen and saw many vermin

Feasting on butter sandwiches, I ran

Out of the house and shouted to t...

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blowing wind

The blowing winds


As the wind blows from the North Atlantic Ocean

We are in awe by its forces but also scared us

 Know in its power we are small dust particles.

Defeated, we stand and wait for its destruction.


Up and up the mountain wave the ship climbed

Down its slope, it raced, and we could only wait.


The wind can be a friend too when it blows

Ashore on a h...

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the cemetary

The Cemetery


Children going back from school

and took the quick way through the cemetery.

They stopped by a new dug grave.

One of the children said: who was he?

Oh, just another old asshole.

One of the children said.

Since my soul overheard their remark

I forgave them,

The truth is we are all assholes

And our life is mostly without any consequence.


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the socialist

The socialist


Spilt coffee on the kitchen table

the liquid formed the face of Jesus, as painted by an artist.

The face has idealized the sum of we hoped for

handsome and not old.

Jesus was the Assange of his time, a contrarian telling

us the truth; we don’t like being told the truth.

The church, the capitalist of the time, adopted him

like he should be one of them.


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The rain falls gently making no splashes

The wind is absent today.

Safe indoors I look out and know many

Seek bus shelters, and they have no home.


Paris is an ugly city, expensive and dirty

Their subways stink of unwashed people.


I think of the unseen whom we don’t see

Mainly because we don’t want to.

In our cosy dens, we should know this

The calami...

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the Roma tribe

The Roma


I can’t stop thinking of the Roma people

There are many of them in Algarve,

Horse and cart to the annoyance of car drivers.

Horse manure their only pollution.


When a bank goes belly up, you can’t sue them

For misusing your deposit.


When all aeroplanes have stopped flying and

Cars are rusting by the roadside, and there are no donkeys

To plough the ...

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the weight

The weight

He had written two short books

Wanted to show her, his work,

Not now she said, I’m watching telly.

Around the beam that keeps the heaven’s roof from falling down,

He slung a rope fastened to a scrap iron drum using

Himself as a counterweight.

He hoisted the drum up, but he was too heavy

He carried too much weight of pride.

He cried in the night struggled to ge...

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overtly political


Social-democracy is a dressed-up capitalism

And you can’t have it both ways.

Sooner or later capitalism will take over

By transferring the utilities to private hands


Water is a human right issue so is access

To see unhindered the wonder of nature.


Socialism is about sharing recourses

Capitalism is by taking it and selling it for profit

The two beliefs...

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ovedrtly political

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a memo



The bus is full, and the kettle is on the boil

Three children are playing on the beach

One will be a businessman one will be an architect

And the third one will be a contrarian

Critical of the social orders.

The problem with remembering childhood

Is that we are recording a thought time everything

Is accurate and also fantasy how it should have been

But neve...

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the rock of time

When death struck


I was rowing in a narrow fjord the sea was calm

Then rocks fell into the water disturbed the peace I rowed on

Until a part of the mountain fell formed gigantic wave

I was lifted riding the wave and saw a village disappear.

The boat splintered, but I was safe.

I looked down into the village people coming out not knowing

They were dead. I saw them dissolve...

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The artists


Alfred, my chosen father, who denied

The paternity has his statue erected in Faro

At last, they honoured him for being glorious

Brought colour to an otherwise gloomy town.


Graffiti made by the likes of Banksy charms,

Most of the rest is scribbling on a wall.


I know little about a painter but Caravaggio

Spoke the unvarnished truth about our life.


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Tourist season


We went to a Greek island during the building boom

What was once a hotel with sea view was blocked the next day

By a taller building.

While my wife was showering, I went for a walk and got lost

New streets had sprung up like mushrooms in a forest,

I looked for the ferry port couldn’t find it. Went to the cinema

To see a horror film and met an old friend of ...

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reading the enemy

Reading the enemy


Chaos, a whirlwind of dreams and laughter

I read a conservative paper full of hysterical lies.

Trying to defend the rich and well to do.

Pathetic, their uproar became comical.


Goats like tobacco they chew and chew and

Ask for more, the swallow too quickly.


It was good to read this paper showing them

Contempt against the working-class

It i...

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not listening

Not listening


The old poet, a Canadian of Jewish ancestry,

Was tall elegant, wearing a hat in a jaunty angle

Reminded me of Alfred, my imagined father

He had a winning personality.


Remember the coma they tell me and write

More about love, beautiful women and wine.



I used to wear a six-pence; Alfred made fun

 of me, learn to play some music, he said


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Resolve the unanswered problem gone

Overmighty is the task, for one who lacks the courage

Sever is the lack of self-knowledge

Extraordinary is the failing of others feelings


 She doesn’t like the young cleaner find faults with them

They remain her of her lost youth.


Quite a reflection over time that will not return

Life lives in hatred and love,...

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Black Friday I thought it was the day

When black people could go outside and not

Being shot and molested by the police

I know better now it is a day of shopping.


I have come to dislike facebook for them

Double standard and put us in a big book if we misbehave



Resolving the shopping, let the ads make our choices

Oversee we get the right produc...

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the new I

The New I

 I have travelled far and crossed the oceans

I have seen the unseen, the grotesque we are

Capable of doing, but I have also met kind

People I never sank into the abyss of cynicism


I have seen flower no botanist has, but I keep

It a secret the nameless will remain hidden.


Rejoice for I have found my modest personality

Oblique I was nor here nor there and ...

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powerplay and roses

Power play and roses


The USA has a pinball machine rigged in their favour

And pin by pin the countries in the middle- America fall

One by one the collapse when they try playing just

Against those who have stolen the mafia’s textbook.


I wonder why we have high regards for liars they are

Nothing But a soul that thinks we are expendable garbage.


Revolves around the...

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A general, so proud

Now he is burned to crisp

And we are told by a cowardly press to rejoice.


Don’t look at NATO only a naïve Norwegian can

Believe in this useless rust machine.

What we need is a new army

Helping the French to extract more oil from

Central Africa.

Who is the enemy or not depends?

On how effective the propaganda is, but

As the rul...

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Ocean, speak to me once more

Ocean, speak to me once more


He was an early riser on a ship bound for Japan,

The ocean was calm as a pond he waited for

Glorious sunrise.

The splendour of the moment colouring the sea, red.

He could feel the vibration of the ship

Ploughing forward and the engine was music

for his mind.

No one around yet, this was his moment of happiness

There had been so many sunri...

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Feline problems


The pride behind the sofa leaning against a wall

Are new-born puppies their mother tries to

Hide from me as I should care, but I wonder

How to get rid of them, a bucket of water?


You can’t see how old a dolphin is when it swims

I have never seen one with sagging skin.


Resolving the cat problem give me a headache

Obtuse is my thoughts on how to...

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flowers in your hands

Roses are not blue


The world as one is a grey blanket of nothing

The same language, the same culture (consumerism)

A haze foul of jollity and hollow laughter.

Lost minds save the elephant and waterholes


Life is self-indulgent rush into the arms of self

And movies of no consequence.


Roses are blue it is the only colour today

Oxalating hamburger, beans in tomat...

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a mattress

Mattress and roses

A great day in Cascais sunlit and moderately cold.

We are changing a mattress the new one was easy to handle

But the old was too heavy we need someone with

Arm muscles like Hercules and he was healthy.


I was thinking of getting a canary bird, let it fly around,

Outside it would be killed by wild birds.


Resolved, the lair, angry disputes that were s...

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