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The day Charles`s mask fell off.


Charles Rose, a predator? He looks so harmless

on the screen, a person of high intelligence talking to Psychiatrists

like he was one of them, and then he does THIS!”

Men are more predatory than women it is an instinct, look at

the lion, why it kills little lions, yeah that is what I mean it is stupid

But a lion wants all the lionesses, that`s...

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the day Charles`s mask fell off

The day Charles`s mask fell off.


Charles Rose, a predator? He looks so harmless

on the screen, a person of high intelligence talking to Psychiatrists

like he was one of them, and then he does THIS!”

Men are more predatory than women it is an instinct, look at

the lion, why it kills little lions, yeah that is what I mean it is stupid

But a lion wants all the lionesses, that`s...

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under a stone

Under a Stone


The twitter and other news organs are full of women

who never made it big, but come out from under a stone where they hid

tell of sexual exploitations they have suffered, some of it might be true,

but for a chance to shine they make their case grotesquely gruesome,

while it is about a pathetic man who wanted them to masturbate him,

and how they rebuffed him, pr...

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The resurrection


It was a shoe box, black on the outside and white inside,

I had a puppy dog, it was run over, and it was so very still.

Funeral in our neighbour`s garden, we used the shoe box.

I told my audience how much I missed the dog, and how

funny it had been, sang religious songs and went home.

In the evening we hear a scraping at the kitchen door,

mother investiga...

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Cry Freedom Lapland

Cry Freedom, the Lapland



It is not only Caledonia and the Flemish people

who are crying freedom, a new nation has been born

It stretches from Norway, Sweden and Finland.

The Swedes has accepted this new state as the female

activists said it would be discriminatory and racists to deny

The indigenous people their right.

Norway refused point blank, and as a retaliation ...

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 It is in fairy tales we learn about rich and poor,

the wealthy suitor always wins and gets the princesses hand

and the poor cobbler will always be mending shoes.

In the “glass slippers,” the poor girl fits the slippers and the prince

while the ugly sisters get a job in the Guardian Newspaper,

where they get paid for griping about men.

In Little Red Ri...

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The Nordic Dilemma

The Nordic Dilemma


There was a time in the sixties and the seventies

when the idea of social justice was taken seriously even by

the elites, the shipping tycoons of the day,

who paid (more or less) the taxes like everybody else.

But times improved for everyone, oil was found and

people were quite prosperous and lived in a cocoon of

self-satisfaction, and when people from ...

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the Plateau

The Plateau



The plateau is so much bigger than I thought it took years

to get here but the distance is so enormous will I reach the other end.

Before my birthday which I try to ignore those I loved have

died and not spoken off they are a ghost in the machinery of living.

The world has turned around the sun many times and what mattered no longer do so,

but I`m happy to f...

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I opened, one early morning the window in the door,

and was met with a face that looked like a cloud; it

blew frost roses on the glass, they were so beautiful,

abstract, and oh, so fragile.

Years ago by the cloister`s wall, I saw some miniature

looking roses, I replanted them in my garden, they

disappeared I thought they had died out, but this spring


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indoor and outdoor plants

The rain that fell on the night was of the type pot plants like,

 it has stopped the air is mild, and the flowers smiles except the lemon tree

that is born grumpy and bears bitter fruit, which incidentally is good

with fried fish and it refreshes otherwise lame dishes, say fish cakes with

boiled potatoes, a meal crying out for something bitter to hide

the Norwegian boredom food like...

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a story of a mountain

A story of a Mountain




                      The mountain on the other side of the bay was born

 before colours were introduced to make the world a jollier place for humanity,

mind it has three hues, black, grey and white, without these

shades the mountain would have been unseen, a shimmer of the morning light,

to avoid an accident, it would have t...

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the child in us

The Child in us


Outside I see life hurdle past at a speed

leaves vapour trails behind and as I eat my soup, a child

 in Rohingya dies of malnutrition.

It is morning after the party, and I try to feel guilty about

the food we ate and cannot, and now as I write a child

in Yemen died of a shrapnel wound to its stomach.

What a sin we commit not given an infant a chance

to ...

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the cleaning lady

The woman who comes and clean the house

once a week, has a voice like a foghorn, she speaks with

a Gypsy accent I have to guess what she says,

anyway she ignores me when I say: no need to water the plants

there will be rain tomorrow; well, it is morrow now.

Now rain has fallen seraph-like clouds drift about as they should

have a day off and decide to have a lazy day.

The sun i...

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the gloom of October

Autumnal Gloom


                      Sorrowful October, rain hangs in the air to mean to fall

a murky joker without a sense of humour, I don`t care whether it rains or not,

it is just the persistent greyness makes my beard white,

my hand's thin so many rivers look like Bangladesh overrun by the stateless.

People born in October tend to be mournful, with the sudden outburst of i...

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the para

 The Paratrooper


I was falling through the air couldn’t see a thing, opened up

my big black umbrella and descended in an orderly fashion.

A scythe of a moon gave enough light so I could see the coastline

and the dark, menacing sea just waiting to fill my lung with water.

By manipulating the umbrella`s ribs, I landed safely on the beach,

folded the collapsible and got away as...

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God`s laughter




 They had been angels sitting on clouds for

ten thousand years playing the harp, but

since they were in a timeless environment

They didn`t want knot, only filled with a sense of

ennui that came from sitting on a cloud void

of touch, and they also miss not being hungry

and thirsty, and feeling sad for throwing one

off the cloud, he had no ear for music.



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a poem of disappointment

A Poem of Disappointment  


A knock on my door a friend stood on the tram

he had a book in his hand it was mine I had given to him last Christmas.

He looked disappointed he had expected golden words

to lift his spirit so he could fly, and found dystopian words on paper.

I saw him leave and watched him merge with the sun mist that

hangs between the dales.

How could I tell h...

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Dance of the wolves

Dance Nocturne



August night, is an abyss hotter than the day

and the wind the blows was born in hell.

From open windows in their dark interior

the primal scream of lovemaking,

wriggling bodies trying to produce a child

that like them soon will die, but first, it must

go to through the ritual called love, which is but a primitive

urge to copulate the planting of se...

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love`s agony

Love`s Agony


You are the long evenings, the deepest night.

Sweet dreams you are not, in your embrace I`m not reborn

the future is bleak.

I know well a night spent with you gives birth

to bitter regrets.


I promise not to seek you won`t help,

I love you more than life itself.

The blue hour casts long shadow and I can`t

resist its alluring echo.


Our lair i...

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tomorrows future

Tomorrow`s future


Christianity appears tepid I usually do not think about its

lack of centre as I dislike all religions they are fairy tales

that demands to be taken seriously.

Christianity can seem innocent enough, a bewildered vicar

and nice ladies bringing a flower to decorate the altar, till

we remember Bush and Blair; they invaded Iraq, not for

 oil alone, but to pro...

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 I wasn`t going to say anything about women and their suffering

in the hands of men, a minister lost his job since had patted

A woman`s knees in 1985. It is not that I disagree with women

on this as I have never been the touching type I embrace

a woman with my heart and not with my working-class hands.

The news media is full of women complaining about men and


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August night

August night



Dark, starless night sky, a sliver of the moon

golden scythe is mowing down the old.

Harvest time, forgot to close the window,

a chill settles in ancient lungs evil coughs.


Church bells toll the day; the day is hot and

gives nothing away, the old priest is on holiday.

The locum is clumsy, hasn`t had a bath for months,

a murmur of discontent.



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lonely is the famous

Lonely is the Famous

Once I met Cliff Richard, a sweet little man,
came into the newsagent and bought
a paper-broadsheet- perhaps that makes
him looks intellectual; what do I know?
He nodded my way, smiled, mind, he smiled
to everyone. He is a professional showman,
smiling for him comes easy.

He had plenty of hair, slim no unsightly beer
belly like me, and I was quite envious till 

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Today the British elite and the Zionists

Celebrate history’s biggest theft

That manifests itself by being called Israel.

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The Balfour



Today in London

They celebrate the Balfour declaration

A historic shame

Israel by its existence

Is a momentous theft,

A catastrophe for the Palestinians





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autumnal air

Autumnal air


The month of October in upper Algarve

with cooling evening and sunlight

begins to fade earlier every day.


Sky is still blue if a shade paler than

yesterday`s And has white whispery

strands of clouds near its horizon.


Windless, this day birds on the roof have

flown for a short break in Africa but will

be back in March to start a family.



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the french connection

French emancipation


French women are free, well-educated and elegant,

but spend much time to attract men.

Easy of virtue, yet frantically look to get married to

a wealthy man, who can free them of distressing liberation.


They will intellectualize their misery, see themselves

as Sagan Melancholic, ye yarning to me middle class

housewives worrying about the price of ga...

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