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The paedophiliac?


I sat on a park bench beside another old man

we saw a beautiful 17 years old girl walking past

and I said: we can’t get any of them.

The old my smile and said she is my granddaughter

and I sleep with her every night

My God! Another pedo, Got out of my seat and hasted away

in my case slowly.

The old man died, they tend to do so. At the funeral

his g...

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Boca do Inferno

Boca do Inferno


There is a small narrow inlet

on the coast of Cascais, or rather a scare

in the landscape the sea comes in has nowhere to go

churns around like a witches’ brew it is like looking

into a watery hell.

A man jumped into this dervishes dance and vanished,

other suicide victims are typically washed

Out to sea. In this case, the man was pushed into a cave


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a dog`s life

A dog`s life


 The neighbour`s dog barks

 it heard me coming up the driveway

I usually stop and give him a cuddle

but today am too tired

When barking doesn`t help it howls

I get up to go to the dog and play a little.

Dogs don`t demand a lot they get sad when ignored.

Five minutes of my time and the dog is happy

just sits there and love me with his eyes.

If only li...

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a dog`s life

A dog`s life


 The neighbour`s dog barks

 it heard me coming up the driveway

I usually stop and give him a cuddle

but today am too tired

When barking doesn`t help it howls

I get up to go to the dog and play a little.

Dogs don`t demand a lot they get sad when ignored.

Five minutes of my time and the dog is happy

Just sits there and love me with his eyes.

If only li...

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don`t know why I wrote this

I don`t know why I wrote this


 You must remember this, a kiss

 is not enough I have to pay the maid

 as time goes by.

Tomorrow she will be back and do my den

it`s full dust flying in the breeze like half-forgotten dreams

 and projects never done.

You must remember this I was not good at dusting shelves

this because today I feel old

but tomorrow I will be like Tarzan...

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old soldiers cafe

The old soldiers Café


We went to my favoured restaurant it is no longer so,

on a table near us sat a group of Ukrainians eating plenty

of meat with sausage and the server said there was no more left

so we lunched on a dish I wasn`t keen on.

Eight of them men with brutal faces and as the wine flowed

they spoke about the war and killing Russians.

Two of them looked like ass...

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There are certain things in life one has to accept

I used to drink a lot, but it was at an awkward junction

of my life before I learned to like myself,

no, it is not a grand love story I avoid mirrors,

it has the nasty truth to tell me of my age.

What I have inherited from my family is the smoking habit

I try not to smoke it shortens one’s life.

But in the eveni...

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the pay gap

The pay inequality


So Serena Williams had a meltdown

and in the furore called the umpire a thief

this meltdown was quite entertaining

but didn’t stir me into action.

What shocked me was learning

Randi Toksvik made forty % less than her

Pre- presenter, the odious Stephen Fry made at, the same program.

My mother fought tirelessly for the same pay for the same work


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obituary of a cook

Obituary of a cook

 A famous French cook has passed away

this is sad of course, but it shows how the world of catering

has changed character.

From an unshaven backroom man to a leader but only

a leader in his restaurant for cooks holds no other power.

I enjoyed that he once threw a plate of spaghetti

after Chef Ramsey for not making ravioli right, mind

with a master like th...

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high tech gods

High Tech

In the Silicon Valley the sit the tsars of high tech

producing stuff, you didn`t know you needed

They know the Armageddon is coming but try

not to stop it, as it will obstruct their profit.

When the world resources are depleted and

nuclear war beckons, they are too busy to find

a secure place to survive the upcoming wars.

With all their intelligence combined, they...

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the odd bird

An Odd Bird


   The seagull and I were flying over the Andes.

   the mountain was brown, and we saw a lake green

   as an emerald ring on an Irish girl`s finger.

   Let’s fly down and have a bath I said, the gull said

   the lake was poisonous, so we continued on our way

   to the pampas of Argentine.

  Landed on a jade green patch of the land

  it was then the seagull ...

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about me isn't it all

About me (isn`t it all)


Old age is travel towards death, and I spend

the waiting time writing what I call alternative poetry

as I`m not fond of swanky poems full of adjectives.

I have published many books of poetry on the Amazon

and about 30 E-books each book is about thirty pages

consist of poetry and opinion and read by no one.

I have a catering education but what I kno...

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week days



I like Mondays

it starts hopefully


are a setback

then it goes


all the way

to bloody Sunday

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after life



They came

Men with sharp axes

chopped down

the old oak.

It`s shadow

stood there

out of habit.

At sundown

it disappeared.



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Chimbote Peru

Chimbote Peru


I was a pilot on a transport plane when

it landed in Chimbote I worked for a small air transport

company “Vanilla Air” who accepted med despite

I wore glasses when waiting for cargo back to Rio

walked around the town. At a café, I met a well-rounded woman 

and sparks flew between us, she, Sophia was the widow

of train master who had accidentally been run ove...

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September gladness


  Autumn arrived today, in Portugal, September

 is like a day in May in Norway.

 had an appointment with my cardiologist

she was radiant had an inner glow of love

she could not hide, but she sent me around doing several tests,

the old ticker was ok. She asked if I was drinking which I denied

this caused giggles from her and my wife.

I gave her my boo...

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 I began writing my biography

after a chapter, I realised my life was a big joke,

laughed so much could not continue.

I`m now writing a novel called:

 a book of unintended humour




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the political class

The Political class


The problem with politicians is we need

someone to represent us and they do for a reward

the power and prestige.

Delegates speak fluently give promises they have

no intention of keeping and a prone to corruption

and will always do the bidding of the haves.

In the corridors of power, they strike deals which

are hidden for us and when called out they ...

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the genetic pool

The Genetic pool


I`m my father`s son I carry his genes

He is a part of me this is inescapable

If I hate him, I dislike myself.

Now that I`m older than my father

He is my son you can`t help but loving

Your son

Once I saw my father on a bus going

Into town, he reached out to say halloo

I, misinformed, looked out of the window

I saw his tears.

Wish this moment wo...

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the rotting of a socialist

The rotting of a socialist



I knew of a young man a rebel who wanted

his country to adopt the Scandinavian model of socialism.

He was elected to great acclaim by the people,

to do what he wanted taxes had to go up especially among

the wealthy and upper middle classes and they rebelled

by slurring him in the newspapers, lurid tales about sex orgies

and a luxury living,...

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The Chef


As the Bourdain said a cook is nobody

he has no power no one cares what he has to say

some of them are gifted with a natural talent for food and its ingredient

and flashes of inspiration can fire the spark that is godlike.

I knew of a restaurant which was always full at lunch and dinner,

Where the chef? I asked a waiter. Oh, he is somewhere in the back.

Back of t...

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