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Sitting alone staring out the window
Disheartened at what she has become
Frozen in time
Unable to move forward
Revisiting her past
Belonging neither here or there
She is at best a lost soul
Her heart broken by one
Only to be found by another
Yet still her heart aches
Void of positive emotion
Contentment escapes her
A never ending struggle
Wanting to forgive
Unable to forget
Haunted ...

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After All This Time

And after all this time
I still love you
she said to him
And I love you
he said to her
Precious years together
always remembered
The good between them
never to be forgotten
Their hearts forever one
Two souls united

Now departed
her soul has moved on
leaving a blanket of love
behind to surround him
Wrapped in this blanket
he feels her presence
her love for him
never dies


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Planet Earth

This Planet Earth of ours cries in pain.
Perhaps because we take her in vain.
Who's to say how long she'll keep
Sadly true, her wounds run deep
Where will the children of tomorrow be?
No animals, water or even a tree
Innocent animals we know and love
are going extinct - no hope from above
Contaminated waters - pollution and more
the damage is done straight down to the core
Evergreen tree...

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The Beach

Amid the rain and thunder
He's walking without shoes
He's wandering the beach
alone in search of clues

He wants to know in life
what is true and not
He wants to be thankful
for everything he's got

But something makes him sad
and he cannot understand
Why he feels the need
to hold somebody's hand

Why he can't be happy
just being with himself
Why it's not enough
taking care of ju...

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A Second Heart

Can we grow a second heart
to love someone other?
Can we love again
after the loss of another?

Can a new found love
heal the pains of the past?
Can a second heart -
a new love ever last?

Can two new hearts
become ever one?
Can they compare
to another or none?

Matters of the heart
their pains run deep
Leaving them with scars
and memories to keep

Can they move past
matters o...

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Words On A Page

Words of sadness
depressing and dark
Are they mine?
Did I write them?
Why, when, how?
Where did they come from?
Without hesitation
Without fear
Words appeared on a page

Did I mean them?
Are they accurate?
Did they reflect
what I felt I knew?
Words on the page
come from the heart,
come from the soul
Words unspoken
which should have
been said

Words on a page
tell a closeted t...

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True Love

True love-
something few will ever know
It is not what you think-
clouds of fluff and
unicorns colored pink

True love-
an ache which fills the heart
Taking over body and soul
without him or her
you will never be whole

True love-
consumes your existence
Feelings of happy and sad
Unpredictable, uncontrollable
being in love is not a fad

True love-
makes you feel sick
It's not a...

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Why We Write

We sit, we type
some might even say
we writers sometimes write

about the world we share
often daunting and painful
it is what writers bare

Our words - albeit true
are not always dark and bleak
we writers sometimes write
of love and the hope we seek

Why we write
perhaps we are not sure
for a poets heart
is nothing less than pure


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Be Whole

One heart, one soul
One dream, one goal
One life to live
So much to give
One day, one night
Some dark, some light
One hope for love
One white dove
One road to walk
One voice to talk
One precious life
No room for strife
One must forgive
To heal and live
One must fall down
Cry tears, not drown
So seek and find
True peace of mind
Search one's soul
Deep down, be whole!


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The Sweetest Sleep

She sleeps the sweetest sleep
Her head lies gently upon her pillow
Clutched in her arms is his pillow
nestled under her cheek and chin
Kneeling alongside the bed
he watches and wonders
"Is she dreaming of me?"
Quietly he watches over her
like a Guardian Angel
Slowly he moves in closer
placing his face in front of hers
upon the pillow she holds so tightly
His lips just millimeters from ...

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In fine feather
steadfast alone
April beauty blooms
Masculine, feminine
in perfect balance
Sun-kissed petals
of satin pink
a vision of majesty
A tree of Magnolia


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A Butterfly Is Born

Her eyes met his, her body tingled all over  
He spoke but she heard nothing
Deafened by her own thoughts
"my soulmate stands before me"  
Undeniably, she wanted him, she needed him
He completed her, her heart pounded
Together forever for the rest of their lives
Young and pure, their hearts yearning
Blinded by love, they were inseparable
Seas of emotion filled them both
A tidal wave of p...

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Almost There

Am I almost "there"?
Is "there" an indication of personal success?
A win, a triumph, a place I must reach before a certain age
A point in time I will remember forever
Will I know when I've reached "there"?
Is it victorious,
The pinnacle
A culmination of a life's journey
Am I "there" yet?
The internal question I can't escape
A silent pressure to obtain status
What if I never reach "there...

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A cascade of tears
for pains in the past
sadness pours from within
Beethoven soothes the heart

A bleeding soul
stabbed by love
weighted with regret
Mozart heals the wounds

A lifeless body
abandoned and bleak
falls from shattered dreams
Stravinsky awakenes hope

Melodic overtures
avenging times of strife
tranquility ascends
Everything is better with music!



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Roads Ahead

Roads ahead
do not dread
Let yourself go
not fast but slow
Commend the past
options are vast
Change will indeed
events supersede
Face your fears
wipe away tears
Life is a twist
a hidden gist
Burdens to bare
life is not fair
Hills to climb
one at a time
Challenge the day
sunny or gray
Stand to fight
it is your right
Wounds do bleed
lose not your creed!


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