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Ann Foxglove on Witnessing Sin (Fri, 14 May 2010 07:10 pm)

The Shire

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Take a moment and sit if you may,

by an English river on a warm summer’s day.

Relax and unwind - allow your mind to wander,

to ancient myths and poems to ponder.

The sound of the river is nature exhaling,

for she knows the beauty of this tale I’m regaling.

Eyes closed with the sun on your face,

you forget there’s a world outside of this place.

Nestled on pasture ...

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Witnessing Sin

Your smoke drifting upwards now intertwines,

Stench of your actions sits waiting to be found.

You never knew the pleasure from this sin,

In dirt and in danger, in feelings unbound.

The strength of the moment frozen in time,

One look or a glance the sky crashes down.

The witnesses squirm at the site of this scene,

One hundred thousand now feel like a crowd.

But no...

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