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Falling Alone

She studied the picture one last time, memorizing each pixel that made up his face. 

Her evenings were quiet and her mornings were rushed, but not a moment went by where she didn’t think of him. Oh sure, she found ways to distract herself from letting her mind wander, only each time she paused she began to ask “What If”. 

They left things in such a strange place that she felt too apprehensiv...

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Work of Art

entry picture

Alone in this moment I stand. 

Leaning against the bathroom sink.

Tears cloud my vision then stream down my cheeks.

 I don’t recognize the girl in the mirror.

 A reflection of destruction stares back at me. 

Everything I’ve been holding back escapes my soul. 

I grip the sink and try to fight it. 


I’m not Human,


I’m Emotion.

I’m bottled up pain.

I’m held back...

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Growing Pains.

My Dear,

Breathe in the fresh Michigan air

Go ahead, take it all in don't be scared

Button your flannel and let down your hair

If I were visiting North I'd pull up a chair


Tell me the day you saw him last

Just cry me a river of the past 

Speak of the moments gone too fast

Our hearts are made of tainted glass


Run away beyond the trees

Let your tired soul be f...

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Hollow Trees. 

Skinned Knees.

I hit the ground and plead. 


Wandering alone.

Destination Unknown. 

This dress I’ve outgrown.


Broken dreams. 

Silent screams. 

I chase the moon beams.  


Broken lass.

Midnight pass.

Heart of shattered glass. 


Branches claw. 

Satan’s jaw. 

Whispering all my flaws. 


Eyes fill.

Tears spill.


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What If

In silence between the whitewashed curtains I stare

My feet dangle from the bed swaying slow and bare 

The street lamp buzzes on just as the darkest hour falls

It’s 12 am and my only company are these four walls

I take a hike backwards on the trails in my mind 

I scavenger in attempt of old memories to find

Wet grass and broken trampolines make me smile

So I search for your ...

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Death of a Flame.

Two hearts.

One sky.

Two souls. 

You and I.


One moon. 

Four young fists.

Two Lips.

Long lasting kiss. 


Once a flame, now a smoldering blaze lasting long after the sunrise.

Throw your matches into the fire, take that chance and pray they won't burn out.

Run with me beyond reality and back. 

Hold my hand and pull me headfirst into the oblivion of us. 


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Here I stay in a place I haven’t yet known sitting as an anxiety infused soul. 

I am not a being wrapped in flesh but a being wrapped in fear. 

It’s the uncertainty of the unknown that bothers me, what I won’t know till later and the things staring me down but I can’t see. 

The oblivion of tomorrow is what gets me. 

I let the worry choke me until I’m too worn to fight back any longer, ...

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A Lust for Life

Her place is not yet found. 

  A lost soul she wanders freely.

The wind carries her to the next destination.

She prefers her feet bare soaking up the minerals of the ground. 

The sun rises each morning bringing a new adventure.

An alluring smile spreads across her face.

She is fully in love with life.

To survive she only needs to reach for          the heavens.

If this is w...

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Lonesome Complaints.

Lonely little life.

Lonely cold nights. 

Lonely empty dreams.

Lonely dismal thoughts. 

Lonely silent tears. 

Lonely vacant heart. 

Lonely fake laugh. 

Lonely bare hands. 

Lonely broken smile.

Lonely crushed soul. 

Lonely waste of time. 

Lonely little life. 

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What made me love Him

“What makes you love him?” They ask me 

It’s the  way he can make me smile when the only thing I want to do is lay down and cry until there is no life left in me.

Somehow he knows all the rights words to say to calm my troubled brain and save me from my own crooked thoughts.

His comfort is like a memory, it never leaves me.

He treats me like no one else ever has, always telling me I’m ...

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Her mind as bright as the sun.

Her smile sparkling as the ocean. 

Her eyes bold as a leader.

Her hands strong as hercules. 


I can hear her laughter even though she is far away.

I imagine her hands working, welding, painting.

I try to play back every conversation. 

I want to treasure every golden memory. 


Every hello ends with a goodbye.

Every hug must let go.


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Ode to Depression


Feels like a cloud of grey smothering you in your own thoughts till it becomes too hard to breathe or weights holding you down underneath the sheets. You are drowing in all that you feel trying to keep your head just barely above the waves. No matter how much you struggle to be released the harder it is to stay alive.


Sounds like a constant nag reminding you of all ...

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