Wishes and wants

I want to be as hot as the sun,

As bold as the ocean.

I want to shaped like a perfect, pretty, pink heart,

And painted by Di Vinci himself.

I wish to be as beautiful as Cleopatra,

Yet as poisonous as a snake.

I wish to be happy with long hair, and shiny ivory skin, as plump and picturesque as one can be.

Let this not be jealousy,

Let this be the truth.

Let me not be engu...

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Self lovegrowthjealousyinsecuritiesgrowing older

Breezy day.

You were the wind sweetheart,

In the cold you stung but I didn’t care.

When it was warm you felt like a warm hug,

Cuddling me like a teddy bear.


You were everywhere,

And are still here now. 

In my imagination,

I see glimpses of anything you allow.


Each leaf blowing as the air surrounds me,

Wrapping me in an autumn cloak

Handmade by you and your songs.

I c...

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We are human. We are women.

Women of the current time

Are women of culture.

Cursing and crying 

As society is calling.


We weep and we pray,

They call us names every day.

We see a man who is not gay,

And we are made out to be lead astray.


She drove home with a break light out,

Only one red light still able to shine in the dead of the night,

As she sang along to a “promiscuous” song abou...

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Feminismwomengirl powerhumanityempathyequality

The end is near

I have uploaded this one before, but deleted it as I had accidentally posted it in the wrong place :) 

p.s. this poem is about my experience now that I have finished therapy! 


Somewhere in the reflection,

hiding between my outstretched palms,

lay your words.


Above fly the birds,

carrying your essence,

and reminding me of what I've learnt.


My mind is no longer...

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Moving onfuturepastmelancholytherapy


Some context before you read is that I believe the colour blue is the most ethereal colour in the entire world so I decided to write a poem about it :)


Let the blue shine from within you.


My heart isn’t red it’s blue.

It pumps the freedom around my body,

Even when the world begins to look grotty.


The ocean, the sky, the colour of my eyes,

All represent a journey.


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blue oceanhappinesscolour imagerybluethe skyfreedom

Mad mirror

Most men maliciously disregard me.

My mind maliciously disrespects me.

Misfortunes make me dance magically.


I don’t think it happens on purpose.

Mad mirrors stand before these men.

Mad mirrors stand before my mind.

Mad mirrors create these misfortunes.


Misogyny can be mystic.

My mother makes remarks of a more mental man.

By man I mean men.

By men I mean mank...

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A gentle push forwards

She was my full moon.

I am the wolf. I am the howler.


My sounds spill onto paper.

She said never doubt yourself,

so I never do.

I am the wolf. I am the howler.


Her reflection spreads out across the river.

A white stripe of hope,

slowly fading as the sun rises.

I am the wolf. I am the howler.


She pushed me forwards,

reminded me of my inner strength,


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