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Vomit City

Vomit City


I was stumbling home

the rain had turned to hail.

Ahead staggered a woman

Spewing in the gutter

Looking very pail.

So I lifted her from

The sodden ground

and said I’d walk her home.

She pointed out and mumbled

And off we went on her trail.

We came to a dark door

Behind was sounds of cheer

She asked me in

“Come and have a beer”.

The house...

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I’m a barfly.

In bars I fly.

I slap tenners

On the wet 

Bar top.

People stand clear

Waiting for me to flop.

But I don’t drop.

“Whiskey, double”,

“Erm Jamisons please”.




“NO” and “no bloody ice”

“You’ll kill it”.

“Unless it kills me first”

Wish I had a tab

Just in case.


I don’t fight.

But sometimes

I glare, at those


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