Poetry Blog by Ian Devine (2011)

Black clouds

Its not that easy

Living under this black cloud

I spend my time writing

Staying away from the crowd

You could say

I'm stuck in the circle

No beginning there is no end

One day is clear and clam

The next Black clouds are back again


I keep getting lost in these moments

Its nothing clever its nothing new

Takes me to places ware

Only the brave on...

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Luna Eclipse....

entry picture
December 2010 winter soloist
A luna eclipse I witnessed
Freezing cold morning minus seven, well below zero
Ipod on feeling chilled , well mellow 
The moon just catches my eye
Nothing but the moon and I
As I look and ponder
The awesome spectacle unfolds
A natural wonder
The moon slips behind its veil of shadow
Time slows, transforms liquefies into limbo
Just before ...

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moon eclipse

Just Words

Drifting making rhymes a journey into time
Domes of light crack the leaden sky
Looks like a photo of daze gone by
Angelic voices ring out so clear
Ever closer they draw near
Reflections,    twisted, distorted
Mind and soul else ware transported
Floating weightless going with the flow
Freezing cold well below zero
Following distant faint echo's
I shout but get no response

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American Man..

I meet a american he was a warm genuine friendly man

He drank wine and smoked a few telling me how his life spanned

White beard and wisdom both gained over time

I wish i had a life time to get to know this guy..


One fleeting connection may be never again

But who knows,



Or even when


I hope that someday I'll meet the american man again.... 


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State of mind‏

Blown in with the dust
Then gone in the wind
My journey just finished
Then it starts over again
The road stretches as far
as i can see
There's always somewhere
where i'd rather be
Is not you or i
or even them
Its the state of my mind
when i write a poem

The road seems call
Call out my name
Pack my bag and I
hitch the US ofA
I wonder I sing I laugh and I smile

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You Go There (song)

entry picture

Then they go and brake your heart

You knew this from the very start

But you go there, You go there

You walk right in with eyes wide shut

All that's left are what ifs and buts

But you go there, you go there


Loves a funny sort of thing            < (Ch. 1)

You don't what joy it can bring

Until you go there

Until you go there

I've been here many times ...

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Love lost love found

Over and Out

Over and over     It go's round my head

Over and over     I pick at every thread

Over and over     I can't let it go

Over and over     A constant Mojo

Over and over     Ash's to ash

Over and over     FLASH


What waits on the other side

I don't know what i'll find

Maybe heaven Maybe hell

That's it !!!! in a nutshell

Onwards into the grate unknown


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Drink Drink Drink Some More‏ (song)

I've just buried my best friend
He drank himself dead in the end
Hurt no one but himself
Drank only from the top shelf
He Swilled it down from dawn until dusk
A bottle a day was his must

The last words that he said to me
I remember them so vividly
He said them with meaning and with clarity

He said
Drink drink drink some more
Drink drink until your on the floor
Drink unti...

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Drama and Crises

Life is full of ups and downs
When i'm up i spread it around
When i'm down i'm out of bounds
I'm looking for the level ground
I Try,i try it can not be found

I try to walk through life like a breeze
But all i get is DRAMA and CRISES
Its a matter of highs and lows
How i cope god only knows
One day i'll find the middle
I'll get to grips with this riddle

Its how the wind blow...

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Make it go Away‏

Eyes burning, bursting with life
Bright eyes open, see it all unfold
Deep blue and innocent
Innocence's fades to dust
I can't make it go away
The things that i say
Please, Please make it go away
My thoughts drift down life's highways
Eyes gazing, watching time slip by
Its different now, but still the same
Eyes spanning the vast void of time
Opening doors into the d...

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Into You (song) By Dave Haze & Ian Devine‏

I've said i love you a million times before
I'll say i love you a million times more
You can choose to ignore it.    Or,
Let the words,  sink in Deep
Work their magic, and seep
Into you
Baby there's only you and i in my world
I know it sounds crazy and a little absurd
I'm not saying nothing you never heard.  But,
Let the words, sink in Deep
Work their magic, and ...

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Sleep if only

Early morning three fifty five

Eyes wide open brain alive

Waiting for the first ray of light

Why does sleep evade me

each and every night

I wana rest my weary head

Fall deep into to my bed

Sleep one night all way through

Sleep just like you do


I miss dreaming:::::::::::::::::::

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Laura's lullaby (song)‏

Goodnight,              I love you
Sweet dreams,       My Angel
I watch you,             What are you thinking
Peaceful,                  Calm now
Drifting,                     Into dreamland
Goodnight,               My Angel
Sweet dreams,        I love you
Goodnight,              I love you
Sweet dreams,       My Angel
I watch you,             You are sleepi...

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Don't live in shadows cast‏

Through the glowing mineral light, sound waves ripple
Across the void, fading all the way until just a trickle
Strain my ears and eyes so i can get them in tune
The moment,                        passes all too soon
Thought's i had they will not prevail
I try,  i try but to no avail
Thought's i have all go up in flames
Well i've only got my self to blame
I Thought that you'd...

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Lost in my Mind

Sunrise's over the pyramid peak
Each one so beautiful so unique
Warming, alluring giving us heat
A wonder of nature a marvellous feet
Dive into the blue liquid unknown
Another world next door to our own
Look at all the life swirling around
You have to dive in for it to be found
Sunset's scorch, burn the sky crimson red
This image is deeply ingrained in my head
The be...

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Lost in my Mind.‏

Sunrise's over the pyramid peak
Each one so beautiful so unique
Warming, alluring giving us heat
A wonder of nature a marvellous feet
Dive into the blue liquid unknown
Another world next door to our own
Look at all the life swirling around
You have to dive in for it to be found
Sunset's scorch, burn the sky crimson red
This image is deeply ingrained in my head
The be...

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Yesterday went on and on (song)‏

Yesterday i felt so blue
Think its all because of you
Yesterday i was so down
I'd give anything
to have you round
Yesterday nothing went right
It was such a awful fight
Yesterday i was so sad
God it drove me raving mad
All i saw started to fall
Its hard for me to stay on the ball
Everything's going in slow motion
Its like i've drunk some magic potion

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Constant True‏

In the vastness of our universe
I know your out there, some ware
Totally unaware i'm thinking of you
Are you thinking of me??
Look up then you'll see
The same sky as me
I look up at our big yellow Sun
And think its the same one
That's feeds you and me 
It shines graceful, Majestically
Just like you
Constant     True
Watching clouds,  Bubble, collide, transform,

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Fools Paradise (song) by Dave Haze and Ian Devine‏

Memories,     they Tease,     they
Tantalise ,     they  Paralyse,  they 
Make me smile,   only for a while
Cos i was living in a fools
Just a Fools Paradise
Brick by brick  Stone by stone
We built it all up on our own
Unlocked the gates opened them wide
Walked rite on blind inside to a
Fools Paradise
I'm sick of playing the jester
In your court of fools
I'm sick...

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Its The Truth (song)

Think what's been said
Get it straight in your head
But you only hear what
You want to hear
And ignore all the rest
I gave you my best

Its the truth, bare bones
Its the truth, a millstone
Its the truth, the unknown
Its the truth, we face alone
I've told you this before
I'll never close my door
I stretch my hand to you
I'll do what you want me too
You can hav...

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Remote space is ware it begun
Millions of stars died one by one
Billions of years in the melting pot
The chances of life Trillions
Billions Millions to one
But we are here looking deep
Hoping for a glimpse a little peek
Trying our best to fully understand
Every Atom every DNA Strand
Of our vast Beautiful Universe
Look up OPEN YOUR EYES let
yourself be fully immersed


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These Days (song)‏

I hope your happy, With what you get
I hope your happy, Don't be upset
I hope your dreams , all come true
If you believe it , Through and through
Your dreams they can come true
I'm telling , I'm telling you
Don't get chained, Its just a pain
Don't Get tied,       Don't tell lies
Just be free,          Be what you'll be
Don't look back,     Learn the knack
These days they...

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She says He says

She says " I Want a new kitchen."
He says   " Why, there's nowt wrong with the one we've got,
                    everything works doors aren't hanging off or anything, 

                   oven  and hob are nearly new.
She says  " I know but i'm sick of looking at it "
He says    " Well don't fukin look at it then "

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This Old Town

This old town holds loads of memories
That's what makes it so hard to leave
This is ware i played when i was young
This is the place i grew,  had my fun
All i know is right before here
My future now shadowed,  unclear
I leave this town with heavy heart
But now is the time for me to depart
I will not return
Although i will yearn
I'll miss it like mad
But i will not be s...

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The Sun Melts Away (song)

The sun melts away,      the sun melts away,
into the ocean
My heart miss's a beat you make me so complete,
I Think i love you
If this is the real deal I hope that she'll,
she'll Love me
I'll give it my best shot, i'll give it all that i got
I Think i love you
As i think of you i know what i have to do
But will you love me
The stars they shine,  your always on my mind,
I t...

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The Devine Curse (song)

Here stands before me is a broken man
I want to help you brother but i don't think i can
My words make it far far worse
I think its the Devine curse
You live the life you love
It fits you like a glove
You love the life you live
Then you know you can forgive
Sometimes you've got to let it all go
Scream shout let it all flow
Reach out and grab someone you know
Some Gravi...

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My Grey Eyes used to be Blue (song)

We've all lost someone that we love

I've lost my faith in the gods above

My eyes have turned shades of grey

My tears have washed the blueness away


Ch. 1

I've Cried so many tears for you

Its all thats left for me to do


I miss you every singled day

I miss you more than my words can say

Now your lights have faded out

I wonder what life is all abo...

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Never Fail Never Fall

As i think of loved ones lost

Thinking back i know the cost

The baggage i carry is a burden

The price i've paid a heavy one


I see my family all together

Locked in time forever and ever

There always around when i call

Never fail              Never fall


Glance back. not for too long

The present is ware i belong

Can't live my life in the past


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Your better off with out me (song)

Look at the time we've talked the whole night through

You've dragged the past up, well there's nothing new

Looks like i'm one now, there's no more me and you

There's no more me and you


I see my baby, she is sound asleep

I kiss her gently, she breaths in so deep

Don't think you'll ever.

Don't think you'll ever know,

Why i had to go


I step outside n...

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Fucking Cancer

The air is stifling
Ill people all around
Didn't recognise you
Pipes and wires
Strange little sounds
"What the fuck r kid you look like shit
its like Gods waiting room"
"Shut up nobby" with a rye smile 
i feel like shit
I'm in loads of pain mate"
"Have you told them, cos there's no
point in suffering in silence when
you don't have to. Get some of th...

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My Life (A brush with evil) Part 2

I meet my first wife

pretty as can be

But only on the surface

she was evil underneath

So full of hate

never did know why

Everything she touches

withers and dies


When i said i was leaving

you crumbled to the floor

Looked at you there weeping

thinking you had all this in store


Eleven Years as past

She still hasn't moved on

One da...

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My life (AGood Start) Part 1

Left school you know

with nothing but my self

Written off by Bastards

and thrown on the shelf

They gave me a number

then a line i was shown

That was Thatcher's BRITAIN

And i was on the dole


I was the One in TEN

with no prospect

That's what they made me

what the fuk did they expect

Life seemed so pointless

Just a number on list

That w...

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Snmmer Side of Life

Summer side of life is ware we met
What a time we had, a harmonic duet
All the fun under a big yellow sun
I was the chosen one
Her body her face her sense of being
My Sprit and Mind she was freeing
In return i gave my heart
Did you know you ripped it apart ??????
Summer side of life is ware we meet
Your touch your kiss always so sweet
These moments i can not forget

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entry picture

Angel tears run down her face

I bow my head its my disgrace

Its me that caused them in

the first place


Let her slip off into space

This memory i try to misplace

but it always seems to retrace


I miss your smile, your warm embrace

I miss your eyes, I miss your face


Closer each day to total meltdown

I'm just a fool, I'm a sinner

A sad o...

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Travelling Man (song)

entry picture

I've been on the road since i don't know when

Same old roundabouts and then back again

Familiar routines, my lucky pick, superstitious nonsense

makes me tick

Pick up my guitar, through her in the car ,

wonder how far      i'm travelling


I look up at the sky

I ask myself why    o why

I look up at the sun

The day as just begun,

I'm leaving

I'm lea...

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I'm Wired

Its quiet,  so silent,  its deafening.

The darkness creeps rite on in

Thoughts running,  through my mind

Circles,  then repeats all in good time

Its cold,

i'm frozen,

suspended in time


Voices,  choices,  pathways

Roads to roam,  no way home

I'm wired, i'm fired, so tired

But the voices carry on


I'm shouting, i'm drowning, in this silence


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Lets go paint a Rainbow

You could be my enemy

sail across the sea

if you've come to make war with me

I think i'll let it be

You could be my best friend

here forever more

We'll make peace together

Cos there's nowt worth fighting for


So let us not fight

lets sing a song

Lets go paint a RAINBOW

Let us not fight

Lets get along

Lets go paint a RAINBOW


You ...

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Your out of reach

Your out of my life

Always in my head

Can't take back all

that's been said

The words sink deep

Rite to my soul


This awful feeling



My cup overflowed

Now its run dry

The words that was spoken

Cannot be Untied


Your out of reach....

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Self induced Insomnia

Yet another drunken night

Another bloody fight

I've seen this all before

I'll be back for more


One line leads to the next

Time folds, space in flecks


Stagger in about Five

My head is still alive

Drugs pump to my brain

I've got to learn to abstain


Can't find no sleep again

Its just starting to rain

Flash's of memories

I really...

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The Buzz i Love

Sit back the day is done

Relax, Chill,  roll a fat large one


Grind the herb the aroma BLISSFUL

Licking rizla the usual ritual


Light the fuse inhale deeeep

Exhale slowly that tastes sweeeet


Herb seeps through my harden veins

Fall into my green membrane


The buzz

The buzz i love........

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A Broken Promise

Up to my neck in quicksand

won't someone lend a hand

Alone in the pitch black night

won't someone shine a light

I'm sinking in a sea of hate

i won't last long at this rate

Please someone throw me a line

I'm fast running out of time

Slowly, slowly i'm slipping under

I can here a delicate sound of thunder


A broken heart

A broken promise

never ...

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The Devil came a Knocking.

The devil came a knocking

one dark and dreary day

The devil came a Knocking

to take my soul away

He stood there just laughing

papers ready to hand

"Your soul is mine now and you'll


There is no point in running

there is no place to hide

I've got you ware i want you

I'm guna take you for a ride

You'll do as i say now

each and ...

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Star Gazer

I look above its a starless night

they are there,

drown out by this fuking light


Up above is a cosmic wonder

but my eyes strain under

this fuking light..

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Human fears

Angel    Tears


Human  Fears


God       Denounced


Devil      Pounced


People   Diminish


Memories  Finish

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Time Hurts

The first ray of sun light
that splits the dark long night
My eyes wide open
what a wonderful sight
Another one pass's by
I can not tell a lie
It hurts just a little bit more
Harder to take than before
One more year on the clock
My minds in full blown SHOCK
Time just slips on by
in the blink of an eye
Time ticks away
time go's astray
Years have clicked on

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Tracks and Cracks

Tears down my face

Tracks and Cracks

My eyes start to burn

My soul it yearns and it burns

I still here your voice

I have no fucking choice

I  still see your smiles

We drove for miles and miles

I still here the songs

It wont be too long

Until we'll meet again

Don't know ware

Don't Know when, but

I still feel the pain

Again and again



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Step back in time

I took a walk down the lane
The old shoe shop looks the same
They don't sell shoes no more.....
The New Albion pub, juke box long silenced
regulars all but erased except for the few that
takes time to remember
That's to name but one in this ever shifting
face of change
Old mills lay silent their hum of life, like the
countless souls that worked their, dissolved
into hist...

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From a distance...

I see you from a distance

It don't seem that fair

All that's left is

just your empty chair

There's so much time between us

its hard for me to believe

I've got to cast my mind back

more than twenty years


My mind takes me back

and i'm standing rite there

Its good to see you laughing

and sitting in your chair

The years have been kind

your j...

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Car't take my eyes off you..... (for Sarah xx)


You speak to me in a voice i understand

You take my hand and we walk across the sand

We watch the sunset orange redden glow

Turn our backs and slowly we go

We walk away stars start to shine

Our hands still knotted our life's are intertwined

The stars shine there infinite bright light

Then the moon peeks up and creeps into sight

I know its a wonder its beaut...

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Grains of sand slip through my fingers
like time passing
The harder i grip the more sand i loose
until there's only a few grains left
Clinging to my hand like i cling on to life
Not knowing when the tick tock STOPS.
I wouldn't change it for anything
This amazing life of mine
not even if i could go back in time
The mistakes that i've made i'll
carry to the grave
They br...

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