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The Mother To All

She’s a bright star, within the unlit night 

Guiding others through, the tough thing, that we call life 

Her strength is beyond admirable to all 

And even if she should ever fall 

She would somehow, pull though 

The things, that to others, it would inevitably un-do 

Her beauty and grace, isn’t just a way to save face 

She's had to fight great wars, every single day 

Even wh...

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Long distance Love

Days pass way too fast

It's hard to invision, that we'll last

Running onwards, aimlessly

Without allowing our truths, to set us free


When will we gain control?

Stop plodding on too slow?

Not one of us really knows,

We just continue with the flow


I dream of the day, they set us free

Finally able to live the way, we want to be

Just me and you for eternity


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