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Battle Cry

You think you rule this whole damn town
But I can tell you for sure, I'm stealing the crown
You may have won before, but I won't back down
I deserve to finally be free now.

You walk with attitude, like women in heeled shoes
But it doesn't take a genius to know you haven't got a clue
You fought well though, so don't feel blue
When you see the tables turning, against you.

You think you r...

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anxietyBattle crydefeat is no optiondeterminationfighting backhad enoughmanipulationmental warphysical warpowersocial warstrengthstronger

Many sides of the truth

Why do things have to be only one way
Do you really believe we experience the same days?
Our lives take different twists and turns
And most of all we all truly do learn
So will you listen to me when I tell you
That your experiences are only one truth?
Your knowledge might truly be great
But it doesn't foretell everyone's fate
When I write, it's from one kind of perspective
But I am not sa...

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differencesexperienceindivivisualno right or wrongopinionspoetryrhymesome people relate others do nottake it with a pinch of saltUnique

The "C", forever with me.

Once you've been touched by the "C"
You'll no longer ever be free 
It stains me, sticks with me
I just want to be released 
But I'm haunted by this vicious disease
That aims to end lives, make me deceased
We may halt it, but it never truly leaves
It's tangled within me, lingering in my bloody Genes!
You never know what's lurking underneath
Not everything is always as it seems
It steals y...

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bowel cancerCancercancer in your genescancer never leavesdiseaseendless worryfreegenespain

Meant for Me

When everything is so bleak and dark
I dream of the day we will never have to part
You're my everything and my heart
I knew you were meant  for me from the start

I know your intentions are true
Because you feel the way I do you
Your eyes so honest and so blue
Loving me in all the ways I need you to

As time goes on I find myself mending
Because no longer am I alone fending
Against thi...

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lovereal loveromantic poetrysoulmateTrue loveunconditional love

True Love never dies

Sometimes situations cause us to part
But none of that matter's if true is your heart 
No amount of distance can tear you apart
Whenever you next meet, again it will start
But one fortunate day you'll find one another once more
You'll welcome them in and they'll never make you sore
Because the love you both share is one most could only adore 
You cherish one another, to  one another's core.

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lovelove doesnt dieromanceromanticromantic distance loveTrue loveunconditional love

Who are the real Monsters?

Isn't imprisonment enough?
Without the guards being too rough
And forever being cuffed
Prisoners  are abused and raped
Every damn single day
As if they haven't already paid
By being held captive and afraid.


Isn't imprisonment enough?
Without being forced to confess
To somebody else's mess
Being stripped and undressed
Every damn single day
As if they haven't already paid
By bein...

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abuseabuse behind barsabuse by guardsafraidalreasy paying their debtscaptivecrimecriminalcriminals are still humanscrkminals still have rightsdont lose your humanityextortionImprisonmentjaillocked upno escapenot everyone behind bars is guiltypaidpainprisonprisonsrapeset ups happen

Opinions are not Fact

We debate over opinions
As if they are a fact
We argue like it means something 
Its really quite an act
If you were to read, not Google
You'd look a lot less daft
But here we are, debating
Over opinions, as if they are a fact

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The Game Changed

Walking down this endless road,

Never knowing which way to go.

Each path seems dark,

each breath

harder than the last,

constantly hiding from the past.


I try to find the strength to move on,

But each time I do, you still want to have

your fun. When will it sink in?

You will never win.

I’m done playing,

You might think you’re staying.

Truth is you’re as temp...

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a-level poetrycheatcutting tiesdeceitdisloyalgamesheart gameshurtlieslossloveno longer being an enablerold poempainpoem from collegereciprocated lovethe new generation's gamesthrowback to old poetrythrowback to old workunfaithfulyoung love

Man Versus Marlin

In and out the sea doth sway

Erasing mans death and decay.

An old man's struggle,

No net, no sail. Only a flag

of permanent defeat.


Great fish swimming around and around,

the reel running, a screaming sound.

A Marlin swims, the ultimate catch,

only days to see if luck they will have.


The men struggle and pray away,

A massive catch needed to save the day.


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boatdecaydefeatfishermanfishingmarlinmouths to feedseastormstrugglewaves

'F' the FDA

So many medical advances

Technology forever enhances

But what are the chances

That they are being honest,

And not leaving their patients pissed

About the complications that exist

Of which they were none the wiser

Until the technology is inside ‘em

And they are experiencing the pain

That the FDA could have saved

If only it wasn’t for the loop hole

That leaves the re...

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check medical researchcheck your factscompaniesdon't take their word for itdont fall into the medical trapend essureessureessure'sFDAJohnson and Johnsonloop holeMalpracticeneeds to be knownnot a conspiracypainpaper idolsave your bodystill advertising treatments that hurt everyonetechnologytrust your guttruth

The torture of the Heart

Watching, listening, waiting

An endless unmoving time

Pain thriving within her

Her heart is far from fine.


Feeling, hurting, crying

An endless stabbing pain

Giving up on trying

Her heart so full of strain.


Retching, whimpering, head swirling

An endless wrath of terror

Her fingers clasping, curling

Her heart forever slain.


Calming, numbing, unfeeli...

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cryendendlessheartheartbreakhurtlosslost lovelovepainThrowback from college

Not alone

If you should fall down again
And find yourself needing a friend
I will always be here by your side
Please don't shut yourself in and hide
I will hold your hand through the pain
You will beat these demons again
Together we will pull you out
Of the fountains creating doubt
I will stick with you all the while
Hoping to see you yet again smile
You are never on your own
In my arms you have ...

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battlesfriendfriendshelp each otherMental health

We wish you a British Summer

You see the chavs unveiling torsos
Which fashion hair that always grows
The shorts his distant cousin wears
Showing us sights that only scare
The ice cream man appears once more
Serving melting ice cream through his door
You hear the neighbours having a Barbie
An hour or two later they sound rather barmy
The neighbourhood drunk stumbles as usual
And vain young girls become rather delusion...

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bah humbugchavfunnyrhythmsummer

The demons that only I knew

Would you believe me

If I told you the truth

Would you stay with me,

Or would you just leave?

Would you still feel 

The way that you do

If you saw me kneel

Before the demons so cruel?

I tried to escape

But it fell right through

It was never fate

What should I do?

I didn't mean to fail 

I did choose you

But the monsters fight

Harder than I'm able to


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anziwtybipolarcreaturesDemonsdepressionmental healthmental illnessmonsterspsychosisptsdtired

Friends of many faces

Friends of old, friends of new
Friends who want to help you
Friends of penny, friends of wealth
Friends who're ill, friends of health
Friends of knowledge, friends of wisdom
Friends who are your support system
Friends of youth, friends of age
Friends who free you from your cage
Friends of love, friends of mutual hate
Friends who are early, friends who're late
Friends who are near, friend...

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friendsfriendshiphappinessloveneed each othernew friendold friendtrust

The unspoken rules of tidiness

We love to have a tidy house
But we really don't like to clean it
If only someone would tidy up
I would have some place to sit
Days pass and nothing changes
Till you feel that nauseous pit
Then you realise the rooms a mess
And it makes you want to quit
As you start to clear up all of it
You think to yourself, "oh shit,"
"How did I ever live like this?"
It's really quite a tip
Time flie...

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cleaninghousemental healthtidy up

Make sure you don't have it

If you can check for nasties 
To make sure you don't have it
Then why  would you say no,
You're silly, opening the door
Saying "hello, come through,"
Or " I'm not scared of you"

The needle might be scary 
Or perhaps you're rather weary,
that the procedure they require
Is not one that you desire 
It won't be as bad as you fear
When it's over, have a cold beer

A stool sample might ...

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diseasedon't be afraid to send your stoolget checkedinfectionmake sure you sonr have itnastiesPrevention is better than a curerhymeslightly comedic?

Fingerprints on our Souls

You may think that friendships will never last
That is, until you rekindle one from your past
Sometimes we disconnect as time goes by
But that isn't any cause to be sad or cry
If destiny and  fate cross your paths once more
You will feel at home again, no longer sore
We leave finger prints on one another's souls
That keep us marked until we are grey and old
Time may hold many turns and cha...

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break feom doom and gloomchildhood friendsfriendsFriendshiphappylight poempast friendssweet

One Step Closer

I'm running away scared 
But trying to find the light
They hurt me too hard.
Standing here from this height
If I had the courage to do it
I could float among the stars
My chest forming in a pit, I sit.
I'm broken in two halves.

How did I get here?
I truly tried to fight it
Even kept denying it
I can't even hide it

I'm shaking but holding on tight 
The ledge is sturdy but it's high...

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anxietybattlesdemonsDepressionleap of faithmental healthpainstarsstruggles

Distrust is a bad trait

Performing an intrusion


                     Could damage the illusion


                                           Leading to the forgone conclusion


                                                                                   That I might just lose you.

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anxietybad pastcheating exDont betray trust or trust shall betray youlesson learned young and never to learn againlet old paranoia restlovesee no evilSnooper no snooping

Obsessed With You

I'm addicted to, all the

Things you do. The way

You look at me, make me

Breathe. I can face this now,

With you I now know how.

Your words enlighten me,

Your eyes, they help me see,

I've never felt this free.


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addicted to youenlightenedfreefreedomgroundedhappyhopelovelove poemslove poetrylustpoetryromanceromanticsafestrengthunconditional love

Can't Escape

You try to escape the demons

But they latch on way too tight,

Their claws digging into my body

And mind, with all their might.


Fighting is exhausting,

It physically and mentally drains.

But still I endure it, hoping

One day I will finally escape the pain.

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anxietybattlecan't escapedemonsdepressionexhaustedhopeillnessmaniamental battlemental healthmental health issuesmental illnesspoetry and mental healthptsdrage


I'm sitting here, trapped, frozen in time

Head imploding, finally losing my mind

Nowhere to run, bound and confined

To the prison within, my unconscious mind.

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boundconfinedDepressionlimbolosing my mindmental healthmental illnessnumbnumbnesspoetry and mental healthprisonspacedspaced outtrapped

A Bipolar Mind

Each day, more exhausting than the last.

Time goes far too slowly, or too fast.

you're either extremely low, or elevated.

People either love you, or you're hated.


There is no middle ground

- no inbetween.

Everything is one extreme.

you're either Jekyll or you're Hyde.

It is a never ending fight.


You're a walking contradiction ,

With no explanation,

No cha...

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awarenessbipolar disorderchangecontradictiondepressionexplanationhydeinvisible illnessesirritabilityirritationjekylmaniamanicmental health issuesmental illnesspainpoetry and mental healthragetwo extremes

Ich Du

“Ich du, Ich du!”

Those words meant nothing to you.

Nought but bindings

Tethering me to you.


Your loving face turned hard,

Your gaze hurting me like barbs.

“Ich du, Ich du!”

The words that bind me to you.


Your  ghastly glare

Evoking within me so much fear.

“I truly do love you dear,”

Barely but a long-lost whisper in my ears.


Your gentle touch tur...

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controlcontrolling relationshipdarkdark journeydark storyfeelingsgothichateloveprisonrelationshipresentmentstand upstorytrapped

Sickness Within

We were born sick
But we adore it,
Nothing compares.
Living on the edge,
The dual extremes
in which we thrive,
are eating us alive.
Devouring our souls,
Ripping us apart,
Yet wholesome we feel
With our demons so close,
Sat upon our shoulder
Whispering to us, sins..
Orders upon orders
to which we must follow.

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acceptancebipolarbipolar disorderborncompelleddepressiongive ingiving inmaniamanicmood swingsorderssicknesstwo extremes


I feel dead inside

I can no longer hide

For so long I've lied

I promise, I truly tried,

But today is the day that I died.

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beneath the maskdead inside. dead. mental healthdeathdemisedepressiongive uphurtliesmaskmetaphorical deathnumbnesspainrock bottomsadness


I’m losing my mind.

Don’t you understand?

I’m desperately reaching out for your hand.

Don’t leave me hanging, slipping, falling…

down into the endless abyss of darkness,

Never destined to land.


You’ve saved me once before,

But this time there are no safety ropes.

I’m free-falling, plummeting, going down…

My only hope Is for you to save me now.


I’m losing my ...

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abandoneddarknessdeepdepressiondesperationdrowningemotional painfallingforgottenhelphurtleftlimbolosslostlovemental healthmindone-sidedpainpoemstoryunrequited love

Real Life Nightmare

Every moment to fear,

Forever holding back internal tears.

Life- so complicated,

forever indecisive.

The world too big, too scary,

my mind so full of queries.

Never certain, never happy,

each decision could be deadly.

An escapes impossible,

every outcomes implausible.

Sinking under water,

Always being taken for a martyr.

The pain runs so deep,

Barely able to ...

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anxietybattlecomplicateddangerdarkdeepdesperationdestructiondrowningemotional painemotiveescapefearFrom the hearthopeindecisiveinternal battlemental healthmental health issuesmindnightmarepoetrypoetry and mental healthsanitysinkingsubconsciouswar


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