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Those days we wished

We hadn’t woken up,

Propped up with pillows

Perhaps, with our legs

Curled around the covers.

Arms folded appropriately

Around ourselves, holding

Chests in, pulling the guts

Spilling across the bed

Back into ourselves.

We talk then don’t talk,

And a quiet shudder or two

In the gutter was the onl...

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Rinse Cycle


Rinse Cycle


It’s all about those up-downs

In the stomach,

I did it for the hit-and-miss;

A squeeze in the gut.


That’s what it was,

Hate for love, love for hate

And all of those.

Drawing together opposites;

Sucking in at the teeth,

And raging at opposites.


Love-hate, war-peace.

War-love, hate-peace.

I fought in words, li...

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