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keith jeffries on Fast Forward (7 days ago)

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I chose to sit in this gloom...to find an empty room.A comfort to cling hold of.Safer than being happy and giving in.... To your love....to your forgiveness.

A blackness that prevents any feelings. Deep inside my sinking head. No longer accepting that there’s any hope. And watching a world float by. Full of nothing....just imitation well being. It makes me so overly sick to see it Take it away ...

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Fast Forward

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Step into  the light....
See the real truth.
The writing that’s on the wall.
Trouble times ahead for us all.
Burning trees to feed the nations
Polluted skies that hide the lies.
The greedy masses who just don’t  care. 
The fate of the planet in careless hands

So cry to your gods for your eternal salvation.
Dare to hope that those cries will be heard
Absolution for this world's wrong do...

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destroying the planet

New grass

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New Grass. 

New days
New ways.
Seasons change....
Pastures anew for you.

Restoration on the grandest scale. 
Perfect .....running through lush meadows.
And you see with opened eyes....
Underneath glorious skies.

Far from this madness here.
Freed from the bitter disease. 
Chains broken....smashed forever!
Clean air flowing through your lungs....

Air from Angel’s wings that cool...

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