With Croutons

It was one of those cuppa soup thingies.

Minestrone with croutons.

Really the lowliest of soups,

Not only from a packet

But from a little sealed inner sachet too.

A few particles of dusty substance,


Monosodium Glutamate enhanced,

Coming alive with boiling water.

But instead of putting it into a mug

I chose a couple of elegant white soup bowls

With fine ...

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Sometimes love is doomed

No one understands why

No walks by the sea

A moon that doesn't shine.

Hands that clash but never hold

Heads that bang as you reach for a kiss

Both speaking at the same time

Both in silence when nothing rhymes.

Hurt feelings by accident

Misunderstandings at every turn

Good intentions all gone sour,

Lifeless fade in every flower,


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A Poem For VE Day

There was joy that day.

Happiness, laughter

Strangers kissed and hugged one another

The streets were for dancing.

The roads and avenues closed for so long,

With the torrent, the throng,

Of destruction

And cruel heartless war,

Were open once more.

Now people sang,

Children could return home,

Jimmy could go to sleep in his own little room again !

Amid the pain and...

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Colombe - The Dove

La douce colombe - sweet dove.

Bird of peace

Calm and assured

At one with her sensuality and beauty,

Flying over this blood stained world

Casting a shadow of loveliness and hope.

Sweet colombe,

As humankind looks down, when if they should look upwards

They would see the beautiful bird of peace,

Weeping for this toil hardened world,

With souls embittered with the fatig...

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She Said

She said she had something to tell me.

She looked very serious, a bit grim.

We had been good friends, quite a while, a couple of years.

We were from different cultures,

She American, me English.

And sometimes we clashed on things.

We were able to speak our minds,

Feminists in our own way.

Attending meetings, reading books,

A bit of writng . . . 

Plenty of study, disc...

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The Clown

We always love a comedian, a clown.

I loved his high pitched laugh

So wild and free

But now he says it was all manic

Not joy but misery.

We loved his self deprecating humour

Which we thought was trying to make us see

The crazy silly things about ourselves

But now he says he was tearing himself apart onstage

And we thought it was to make us laugh and cheer us up

To sel...

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What We Cannot See

I'll never see you again

Because you've passed away

But your sacrifice seems even greater now,

Seen in the context of your life when it ceased.

Before all I saw were glimpses,

Just pieces of a puzzle

But now I can no longer see you,

All about you becomes more clear.

Your angry words were borne out of frustration, intelligence and sensitivity,

Not out of malice or venom.


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When I lived near the sea

I had a love/hate relationship with the seagulls.

I wanted to love them and I fed them.

In times gone by they were fed by the sailors who threw them fish

But the sailors left and all that changed

So they turned to human food.

Chicken burger, rye bread, with a splash of vitamin D.

Fish and chips if they were slumming it !


One day I gave the sea...

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Got Any Change Luv . . . ?

He would be there every morning

Sitting under the railway bridge

Alone on the paving stones

Young, small, dark hair, very slight,

Faded ragged clothes . . .

Got any change luv . . . ?

Every day the same chorus, the same mantra.

Always on my way to work,

Passing him by.

There came a time when I gathered coins, silver, copper,

Keeping it in my pocket, just for him.


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