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The Unknown Soldier

How brave he was

How brave and brave

Lying there in the open field

Stilled and rigid by death

One eye slightly opened

Still looking to the sky.


So young in the field of death

Corn coloured hair

And freckles,

Shot down by the military canon

His body broken

But his spirit still looking skywards

To where the startled birds fly.


He was unknown

No one...

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The Bound Bird

They put her in a little brass cage

Quite ornate really as cages go

With filigree edges

And a silver rose door.

And everyone put their faces up against the bars

And wriggled their fingers,

Inviting her to come to them.


They brought her exotic seeds

From far castaway islands,

Cleaned her cage with scented oils

For healing and soothing.

Put pearls of amethyst be...

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City Encounter

It was just where the bus stop stands outside the library.

Noisy, crowded part of town

And he came along

Led by a dog.

He was blind.

He stopped near me,

Will you tell me when the number 30 comes along, he said.

Yes, of course, I said

But how can you be sure I won't be telling you for the number 43 instead?

I trust you, he said.

Was he really blind?

I wanted to wave...

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The Garden Shed

He used to go down to the garden shed

To get away from her talking and his compromising , he said

The shed was so tidy

All the tools in their place

Cleaner and more ordered than many people's homes.

He used to gaze from the small window in the garden shed,

Listen to the trains roaring by over the nearby railway bridge

I'll be on one of those trains one day, he said,

Get awa...

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Mail Order Bride

He glances through albums of photos

Mostly oriental ladies with a grin or a blank stare

All with very similar details,

Desperate to come to the West

For the riches they imagine are there.

He wants a wife but is not that interested really

He spent more effort choosing his car

But it's time he settled,

After very little success with local women

He's shipping one in from af...

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Strong Vulnerability

I always kept that painting of a little boat

The one you gave me

But each time I looked at it

The boat seemed to be moving further away,

Until I feared one day it would be out of the picture.

Why did I choose to photograph those two empty deckchairs by the ocean?

Sensing a separation, sensing something.

I remember that remarkable day,

It was so frighteningly hot

And you ...

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The Traveller

Sweet music drifts in through the open window

As he drifts in

The traveller.

Sits wearily down

Talks of all the drama, all the dreams

All the places he's been.

He's seen the frozen lakes,

The dolphins in the wild,

The bronzed mountains of Nepal

The string of precious pearls from the distant maldives.

Don't listen to him, they whisper,

He's a hypnotiser, a mesmerise...

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The Mad Aunt Of Doolin

She's crazy, my father said

Always has been.

No, said my grandfather, not crazy, just one of a kind.

My aunt followed in the tradition of a long line of women

Who through the ages have chosen to live alone

Usually with a bunch of animals,

Growing their own food,

Not wanting any man.

In the past she would have been known as the Medicine Woman

Or the Midwife

Or The Fool...

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Unrequited Love

I am usually so slow to love

A bit unobservant

But with him I loved him from the first time I met him.

He threw away a piece of paper and I retrieved it and kept it.

He was on my mind and somehow I didn't notice other things.

I knew he belonged to another and I hated the idea of being the third person

But I longed for him in every dream.


I kept checking my horoscope, eve...

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An inner sadness in the soul, you called it

Keeping you in the shadows

On the edge of everything

And then we met and you knew you could be loved.


Other hands have held my hand since then

Bu never that way

Never like your loving fingers

That slipped through mine so effortlessly.


Walking in crowds together

Looking at paintings,

At eccentric lovers.

We knew ...

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Urban Myths.

Sometimes we don't know what to believe.


She walked along the sunny side of the city

Regents Park of north-west London.

With the wonderfully elegant white embassy buildings,

Georgian windows and the Victorian zoo.

She was headed to the park pushing the baby in the buggy.

Past the highly scented rose garden and floral displays.

When they reached the sandpit...

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The Grass

I was at the back of the building

On the ground

Playing on the grass.

We called it  'The Grass'.

It was one of those pre war apartment buildings situated in the south of London,

Old and decrepit,

With wrought iron banisters, cold concrete staircases and long unimaginative walkways that echoed with sound.

He was on the third floor looking out of the window,

Our next door ne...

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The Corn Dolly

The Corn Dolly

She was a little girl in the 16th century

She worked in the corn fields till her hands bled,

Her father was hung for stealing a slice of bread for her

And she wanders the fields forever more.

Her suffering was such, she knows no rest,

She has long tangled hair and wears torn rags,

She has no shoes on her blistered feet.

She haunts the countryside where wealth...

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The Letter

The Letter


We were walking along the beach that day

He was behaving in that mean and moody way

That I had found so fascinating

But today was just a little grating.

We stared out at the sea

The two of us with no one near

I’ve got something to tell you, he said,

Dropping a stone into the ocean

From the wooden pier.


You’re not going to like it, he said.

The ...

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The Man On The Corner

The Man On The Corner


One day he just appeared on the corner

Just standing there on the corner by the train station.

No one knew who he was,

Or where he came from

Or what he wanted.

He just stood there night and day.

He didn’t eat,

Didn’t sleep,

Well, didn’t appear to.

At first men came with bottles and bricks

And threw them at him,

But he didn’t say anythi...

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