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Lying here,
Eyes shut tight,
I can feel the tears welling,
As I will them not to fall;
The whole time
That if loving you was like breathing,
I must now hold my breath
For the rest of my life.

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A Super Human Hell

The first thing to go is emotion.
What would once cause pain and tears now reflects a blank expression.
Horrific details become objective facts.

The next thing to go is anxiety.
Intense, nerve-wracking procedures become routine. 
Adrenaline fades into complacency.

The last thing to go is compassion. 
Individual stories become common scenarios played on repeat.
The most disturbing detai...

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Et tu?

Of all the faith I placed
In the value of your words
What hurts the most
Is knowing
That I had come to believe
The lies you told me
About myself.

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Dark, ominous 
Soul sucking
Not unfamiliar 

Drawing me in
Dragging me back
Pinning me
Not unfamiliar 

Blatant, painful
Searing truths 
Not unfamiliar 

Unspeakable stories
Endlessly spinning
Slowly swinging
Not unfamiliar.

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Deep Sea Dwellers

Another slips under the surface
And joins the hundreds 
That drift gracefully below.
Long hair flows around their pale, colorless faces 
Arms stretched forward, fingers extended 
As if reaching for something gravely important
That lies just beyond their grasp.
Clothes tattered and worn where they are worn at all,
A sign of how much time has passed.
Above them, the day's final rays of ligh...

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She is
To kiss him now
She thinks about
  Cleaning her house
    She thinks about
      Anything else
        She thinks about
          Why she can't just
            Embrace this and
Kiss him
  She thinks about
    Being out of milk
      She thinks about
        The weather
          She had better
            Wear a dress
              But not too short

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                  Brush cheeks



Burns and boils over

            Like molten lava 

Thick, dense, humid


     Fills Lungs


S   u   f   f   o   c   a   t   e   s




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I have been pacing
Like a racehorse in a stall.
The gate remains closed.

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I don't even like cigarettes,
Like I didn't like coffee;
But I've always liked you.

I was never addicted to nicotine,
Like I was never addicted to caffeine;
But I've always been addicted to you.

So here I sit, trying to quit,
In my hand, a light and a brew;
But all I can think about is you.

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Elementary but true.

If I could wish one wish for you
I'd wish you'd never love me the way I love you.
I'd wish that you'd never feel the hurt
That comes from always putting you first.
I'd hope you'd never experience the pain
Of believing in someone's ability to change.
I'd pray you'd never commit to the chase
That always leaves you in second place.
If I could wish one wish for you
I'd wish you'd never love m...

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Maybe Later

I sit sullenly in the dark
Lighting green lanterns in my mind.
Who am I to infringe upon your newfound stardom?
Who am I to make the request of sharing your time?
They wave paper at your face and you turn away from me,
Only glancing back to request that I wait.
Yes, wait. Just give me a moment, I'll only be another moment, you say.
But minutes have turned to hours,
And hours to days,
And ...

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The Timesmith

The timesmith wears worn brown boots with frayed yellow laces
Spectacles slip slightly on his aging face
The creases of his eyes dark with the shadows of sleepless nights
But still he works diligently,
Wiping his calloused hands on his tattered, faded jeans.
In suffocating silence and thick, heavy air
Brass key in hand, he begins to wind and crank
Sweat beading and dripping from his wrinkle...

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The Bee

"I'm busy," 
Hummed the bee,
As he buzzed on by.
"Doing what?"
I questioned, 
To which he replied,
"Buzzing, my dear,"
And away he flied.


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Helium Ride

You found me
At the edge of a steep cliff
Standing on the tallest rock
Feet planted not so firmly
As if I was more afraid
To remain than to fall.

Looking back at you, I smiled
Tears of joy running down my face
As I proudly exclaimed,
I can fly!
My words put fear into your eyes
You knew that I would certainly try.

There is a better way, you said
And as I turned my curious head

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Too Soon

Oh, to be a flower bud
Picked from the earth before having the chance to bloom.
What shall I say to you?
"Be happy that you had the chance to be a bud," the choir sings.
Must I nod my head and concede,
While other buds blossom so effortlessly?
Shall I just agree that the Good Lord chose them Himself,
And that you were destined to leave?
Or shall I numb my mind to the tune that you were jus...

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They say "Hope is a good thing,
And maybe the best of things, 
And no good thing ever dies."

But good things do die,
And so do good people, 
Even when hope exists.

How do you have hope 
When for fifty years you've seen
Good things and good people die?

And what good is hope 
In unsurvivable circumstances 
And unrealistic scenarios?

Hope becomes a knife
Dug further into the woun...

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Wasting Time

I am tired 
Of pacing the floor
And listening to the clock shout
That we are wasting so much

I am tired 
Of waiting for carrier pigeons 
To bring yellow, tattered notes 
With handwritten promises
That you have seen

I am tired
Of being on my knees 
Praying to anyone who will listen 
That you will realize where you are 
And come

I am tired,
But I...

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Brave Soul

I wish I could tell you 
Things like this didnt happen
But being who you are 
You know better. 

I wish I could tell you 
This was all just a terrible dream
But you saw it with your own eyes
And now your life has changed forever. 

I can't change the outcome,
I can't take it all back.
So instead, I will tell you 
What now to expect.

You will replay
It will hur...

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Stained Glass

Our eyes meet 

Our hands 

Touch cold panels 

Stained glass


Dividing us

Our present life

Our broken dreams

Our distant past


Our souls locked

Tear drops

Pour down

No relief


No sanity

I watch

You fall

Upon your knees

Time stops 

Air stills

Breath fogs

Silence rings


I look at you 

Through stained glass

And all I s...

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I couldn't believe it
When I got the call.
God no,
I thought,
It is finally

I couldn't believe it
Until I saw you,
Lying there,
So small,
I almost lost it then.

Up and away you went
In the arms of your rescuers.
He soothed you
while I
Prepared to breathe for you.

Then you
To cry;

I have never been so happy
In my entire life.


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It's the middle of the night
I'm counting the seconds that tick by
Waiting for the one that names the call

Its inevitable,  I realize
When the hour is right
I'll rise and don my boots again

They sit ever ready by the door
Loosely laced as my racing mind
Diligently standing by

As I pace these floorboards in my socks 
And watch the hands on the clock
Move steadily towards fate's det...

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Beautiful on the outside and dead on the inside
Broken objects strewn about a  beautiful house
Broken thoughts don't match the way the words come out

Singing peaceful lullabies to an empty set of eyes
I'm just trying to find the peace of mind to write
Without crinkling up the paper before I fill the lines

It doesn't happen anymore, though it did once upon a time
When king and castle bot...

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Four eighteen four
I haven't forgotten
Your car still sits
In the sea, at the bottom
Your bones still move
In the limbs of another
Your soul still free
From your pain and your suffering.

Four eighteen four
Makes five years for me
And many more faces
I've helped on the way.
Four eighteen four
And I wish you the best -
Keep shining, dear angel
In peace may you rest.

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Wire ceiling, wire doors
Sliding locks, newspaper floors
Swinging back and forth and fro
Singing songs of tire and woe

Born in freedom, wings to sky
Captured, caged and terrorized
In their fist they clip my wings
Return me to my jail to sing

Sing, they beg with eager eyes
Demanding wistful lullabies
And sing I do, for I not wish
To sleep beside a seedless dish

Someday they'll fin...

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The air was still
In the mornings when I would
Sip coffee at the picnic table
Watch the fog lift
And run my fingers along the wooden grooves.

A moment of peace and solitude
Before chaos would ensue.

Day after day, time after time
We would face our fight,
Head on and with a passion.
We wouldn't always win,
No, but we never did back down.
We were conquerors.

The air was still in t...

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The Door

Sitting alone I hear sirens
And I think of you.
Truth be told
Maybe I was thinking of you
Before the sound of the sirens
Ever met my ears.

You, all of you,
You each come back to visit me
One at a time, knocking on my door,
I have no choice but to answer.
It is written in my code of honor
To never deny help to those in need.

Come on in, I welcome you,
There's plenty of room.
You s...

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Hands of Our Own

Many a time
I have been to the place
Where man has died
By the hand of his own,
Expecting soul crushing sadness
But finding
The greatest presence
Is the presence of none.
There is no weight gained or weight lifted,
There is no song unsung,
But instead, an emptiness
So soul-sucking that one might wonder,
In taking ones own life,

To what destination does the spirit go?
Does it spin a...

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Morning Medicine

Here am I 
Hammering coffee
Smashing mugs
It's great to be alive.

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You say I don’t need it -

Clearly, you don’t know me.

I need it like I need sleep,

I need it like I need peace

And clarity.

I wish there was a better way

To find relief

From these thoughts,

Demons, chasing me;

I wish I were free.

But you don’t understand

What I do

Is saving me -


Not killing me -


       I’ll only die if I succumb

To your defini...

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We All Fall Down

It's more than just matches
Orange glows and smoke

The cold air reminds me that I am alive
And I need that sometimes

Even if it kills me.

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Light, shadows and reflections

Light, shadows and reflections

The light of my life
(That's you)
(That's me)
(That's us)

You say you can see it
(I already know)
But I nod in agreement

This is permanent.

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