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He took a baseball bat to her heart

With complete disregard for her dreams;

He shattered her soul. 

And when she looked up through broken glass 

Night had turned to day again -

And the sky

                           was blue. 

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January 42nd


Are filling in these empty holes

So fast;

Oh so fast. 


Have no idea 

How much I need that right now. 



Keep shoveling.

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"You dropped this."

He picked up her heart

Holding it ever so gently,

And stretched his hand out toward her.

"No, I didn't.

I threw it away on purpose."


He asked simply.

"It is broken."

He pulled a bandage from his pocket.


His arm outstretched toward her once again, 

"It is fixed."

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Lima Charlie

I have tried 

                   So hard

                   For so long

        To understand.


I understand now.



                 Do I understand now.

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First Aid

Your words,

Your smile,

Your memory,


Have been a bandage for me;


For my heart was broken recently.


And for that, my dear,

I thank you 


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This Time Around

Why, you ask me,

Why did you come back

To this place?


Come back? You don't understand.

I never left.


The people; I answer you,

Holding back thoughts and memories,

Afraid of showing just how much 

The People,

Meaning You, and the others,

Have impacted my life.


I looked at the skyline again tonight,

The same skyline I stared at on my final call with...

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Wasn't It

I don't know how you could say you loved me like you did,

And then go on to break my heart like this.

I guess it was always me, loving you, after all,

Wasn't it?

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Conversations with Myself

Sometimes I say your name aloud
Just to see if I can hear you say mine;
How blessed am I
To be so far away 
And yet, you remain by my side.

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