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Hands of Our Own

Many a time
I have been to the place
Where man has died
By the hand of his own,
Expecting soul crushing sadness
But finding
The greatest presence
Is the presence of none.
There is no weight gained or weight lifted,
There is no song unsung,
But instead, an emptiness
So soul-sucking that one might wonder,
In taking ones own life,

To what destination does the spirit go?
Does it spin a...

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Morning Medicine

Here am I 
Hammering coffee
Smashing mugs
It's great to be alive.

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You say I don’t need it -

Clearly, you don’t know me.

I need it like I need sleep,

I need it like I need peace

And clarity.

I wish there was a better way

To find relief

From these thoughts,

Demons, chasing me;

I wish I were free.

But you don’t understand

What I do

Is saving me -


Not killing me -


       I’ll only die if I succumb

To your defini...

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We All Fall Down

It's more than just matches
Orange glows and smoke

The cold air reminds me that I am alive
And I need that sometimes

Even if it kills me.

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Light, shadows and reflections

Light, shadows and reflections

The light of my life
(That's you)
(That's me)
(That's us)

You say you can see it
(I already know)
But I nod in agreement

This is permanent.

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