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A cluttered apartment
Old photographs
And kitchen grease, but it
Always felt like home to me

A black coat and a white scarf
Worn by you, now me
Your loving embrace
Always felt like home to me

Your hands so soft
And your eyes so green
Your lipstick kiss
Always felt like home to me

Your greatest treasure
Now lives with me
Thanks to your love, this will
Always be home to me.

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I don't have words for you.

Three years and I've always wondered when I'd finally write about you. 

Do you even see me? 

Do you even see who I really am, or do you only know me on the surface?

Can you feel my dreams, my happiness, my desperation, my passion? 

I am not the kind of person 
You can look right through. 

But somehow you manage to do it.

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Little star 
You sleep so peacefully
That I wonder how you could possibly 
Belong to me.

All my fear and anxiety
And yet you remain so calm in my arms
Slowly rocking your way deeper
Into my hardened heart.

I watch the little hand on the clock ticking away
Ever spinning around and around
Knowing that with each breath you take
You get a little older,
I have a few less seconds to hold...

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"Don't do that", she asked.
More than asked.
I could see tears.

My mind began to blur,
Doors closed, gates locked down.
"It will all be alright,"
I autopiloted back at her.

"Don't do that, either."
Her eyes narrowed,
The rain replaced by dark clouds.

"I can see the difference
Between when you're gone 

And when you're home."

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I know my answer

Before it leaves your lips.

I never ask the question.

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Curtain Call

Scripted on yellowing paper 
We recite act one through five,
Never pausing for an intermission.

I vaguely remember rehearsing,
Watching you repeat your lines;
I know all of your counter actions.

I always continue the show
Knowing even though you will leave in act three,
At the end, we will bow together.

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You will come searching for answers.

Maybe when you find them

You will finally​ realize

You should have been present here

All along.


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Almost like a neon light
Not the color, just the sound
Close your eyes.

Hot summer air
Lemonade on ice, hard
The dark of night.

Mommy, little feet 
Handprints, heartbeats 
Deep eyes,

Little pill, please,
Put me to sleep,
I cry.

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Four Eighteen Three

Three years 
Post you

Your broken body
Like my passion
Like my drive

I wonder what you look like
In the ground minus a few bones
Donated to another
The only detail
That made your death
Possible to swallow

In three years 
My thoughts have changed
My task, so easy
I have done so much worse since then
Why was it you
Who affected me so greatly?

I thought of your ey...

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Once we were echoes,
Our voices and our motions
Matching one another,
Our eyes meeting 
At the same time 
As the feelings in our hearts.

Almost like your shadow
I followed you, 
So intimately that one would question
Which of us
Would disappear 
After sunset.

Now I shout for you in desperation,
Waiting impatiently
For you to return my call,

But all I hear
Are echoes.


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The Worst Way

We were separated in the worst way;
Not by miles, not by time
Not by experiences
Not by communications or continents
Not by walls or iron bars,
But by fate - 
The cruelest of intangible boundaries.
For even time itself 
Could not bridge the distance 
That drained our glasses empty
But left the taste to linger on our lips.

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In Comparison

In the same way

That torrential rain

Pelting your windshield in sheets

Makes it difficult for you to see,


You make it hard for me

To breathe.

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