You Always Hurt the Ones You Love

You always hurt the ones you love,
As if that makes it okay to tell your friends the things that embarrass me,

Laughing along with them at the things you’ve said to me.

You always hurt the ones you love,

As if that makes it alright for you to get in my face over nothing and scream,

Only to come back acting like flowers can cover up what I really see.

You always hurt the ones you l...

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It's All in the Ropes

It's all in the ropes;

Some people are caught in endless games of tug of war,



Until one lets go or they reach an endless breakable tension.

Others are anchored somewhere high,

Hard to break,

Hard to climb.

Whether you climb just a few feet,

Or to the top,

You will always fall.

And yet your rope is different from the rest,

Attached to nothingnes...

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Holding onOld PoemRopes

Just a Man

Just like any man, 
Going through heartbreak.
Just like any man,
Feeling the weight of his mistakes.
Nothing other than a man, 
Who has fallen in love.
Nothing other than a man,
Whose heart cannot be absolved. 
I am a man alone in my bed,
Thinking of you with a sigh.
I am a man alone in my bed,
Crying over the color of your eyes.  

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Thorns and Their Roses

It was a painful thorn that had sewn our hearts together.

Yes, that was it,

A thorn that attached me to you,

Made your hell taste like heaven.

When I left you,

The flowers in my lungs died.

And for the first time, I could breath,

Although every day I find myself missing their beauty.

But for however many of my roses die,

This is something I can be proud of.

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Lost LoveRosesThorns

Round and Round They Go About Leaving

Oh believe me,

I would let you come back.

I would let you inside my house.

Pull your clothes off,

Pull you back into me.

And when it's over,

All that'd be left to tell you is,

That I don't need you anymore.

That now you're still leaving,

Only this time because I made you.


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LeavingNeedMoving forward

Love is Child's Play

They say that love is your own to paint.










Full of Life.

But when I grew up

                Love became

                       A staircase,


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Child's playlove

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