Wishful inking

If ideal poetical words

were placed by the Gods of my subconsciousness

in an ever so convenient imaginary box

on a reachable shelf in my minds frustration room


then in choosing I could take each one as if picking flowers

and make the perfect daisy chains of poetry

with each line being true to the scale of perfection.

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Beach Tenant

See him, this Robinson Crusoesque character

less his Man Friday


Jetsam scavenging

collecting piece after washed up piece

of this, that's, whatever's 


and sending up flurry after flurry

of curious raucously screeching gulls in his wake

during his stop, pick up and moving on process


each piece then being loaded onto

his awkwardly balanced, odd wheeled contra...

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The sadness gatherer

With the Moon

not close enough to comfort my heart

a dirgeful wind catches me off guard

finds me crying without reason

and hopes like birds have flown out of sight

finding a worthier cause


O! how I would steal Heaven

just to be able to smile!


Why am I feeling compelled

to wander through thoughts of loneliness

collecting shadows? 


Day by day my future...

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Life's most ecstatic phase

Such a gift of richness is of the

having everything to do

with gratefully being blessed

by love


My Heart is no longer in a state of restlessness

and my Soul is being allowed to see the world afresh

as if newly minted with surprise and delight

and so radiantly realised!


Both the old dark lingering spirit of loneliness and I

no longer need to stare at each other ...

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Where maybe a rock never was before

was something upon which I broke my oar

this mound arising without warning from

the depths of the sea

but if not a rock what else could it be?


yet this strange encounter was to bring me pleasurable gain

a wondrous happening unlikely to ever happen again

like a huge dappled mountain through the surface rose

I feared my life was about ...

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I wave goodbye to hope

as all the lonely do

so far am I from touch of lovers hand

as I am from a loving heart that once was you


I am but choiceless to bear this unwanted sorrow

dressed in hurtful inflictions of soul damaging truth

and everything that once was like a summer sun to me declines

as does my time now that it departs from youth. 

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Ruined house, neglected garden midsummer

I wade more than walk

through the long grass

here and there,

brambles of all heights

tug at my clothing

some trying to make good

their sinously thorny escape

over the crumbling surrounding stone wall


the air above the small brothy, limpid green pool

little hordes of insects and the like hovering


dawdling and taking too much notice

of a beautiful butterfly...

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Summing up

We added ourselves to each other

hoping to multiply

but that was until you subtracted your love

and we became divided.

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Rule of the blade

In the neon dressed city street

a hooded youth

yards away from where the knife

that had penetrated his chest

tries to stand


in his blood stained logo emblazoned attire

with fear filled eyes

he stands again momentarily before falling once more

his panicking voice adds its frightfulness

to the horror and fatally wasteful scene


O! young man!

you have no guar...

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Knife edge

But for 

snaking, pulsating conduits

fluid providing, fluid removing

synthetic arteries, those life saving imperative connections

neccessarily invading your encasement

you would not have been

the beautiful, frail dwarfed miracle that you are

on this, your first day home.



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Lid lifting

If we are to possess an after-life mind

it is then we shall find

the other explained parallel meaning called death

when gone the breath and our souls into enigmatic spaces

feared unknown places where earthly beliefs may possibly end

beliefs that we allowed to infer

how foolishly, naively we had clung

to myths and gods that never were. 


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In the cold light of now

In his youthful days

he used to wonder what he would look like

when he became as old as he is now

-the images that the wondering put in his mind then

really used to make him laugh


but that was then

if only he could laugh at them now

instead of crying.

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Restore to factory settings

While abusing useful time having unuseful times

a gradual mishaping begain adding itself to my bodily contours

I became breathless even in climbing the slightest gradient

my energy levels went down as my age went up

a stoop began to make itself at home on my back




the seed of enough is enough germinated!

my mind ignited a fat burning fire of desire

to cli...

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A few pages from the book of animality

Skylark secreted in the heather

Raven atop the Castle heights

Robin pip-pipping in the hedgerows

Eagle on thermally assisted flight


Wild boar snuffling for acorns in the forest

Stag broad antlered a-wooing does at will

Hares on the green slopes boxing opponents

Corncrakes rarely sounding trill


Frogs attend their croaking get togethers

Lepidopteran flits from re...

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Blood flower

Roses to be

deeply beautifully seething

slowly gaining ascension

culminating in pinnacles

of scarlet profusion


eager to taste 

the dewy dawn of  first day

thornily snaking through the interwoven lattices


slenderly, sinously meandering

seeking the fullness

of Summers honey toned light


requiring only the care

of loving green fingers

to help prolo...

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On an Autumnal mellowed evening

Blackbirds vocal intermittences

smoothly pleasing the listeners ear


tenebrously feathered performer

singing late into the dreamily fading light


I can but sit and be audibly pleasured!


How unrushed and calming the sound

fitting in so well

with occasional quills of chimney smoke

lazing their ways into the stilled air.


Although an ending is at hand


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Mother Nature taking care of her own

 I see its still up there

that branch that broke off

from the top of the biggest tree in the park

during a storm 

now withered

but it continues being supported

by the undamaged branches

not being allowed to fall


to me-theres something family about that.

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Returning to singularity

She'd lost her happinesses

they had always played their wonderful parts

in her life and in so many different ways

but its just that she doesn't recognise them like she used to do

when her husband was alive.

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Questioning illogicality

The sequence of her days

are about to begin

now that her dreamings 

on the wombs sweet pillow are over


Into the light she emerges

woken to become miraculous substance!


The precious spaces of her days

playing fields of her life

are waiting to be explored, nurtured

all within the boundaries we call life


While the insufficency of time continues

taking i...

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Surprising effect

She had to take the blame

in the way she closed her eyes

to the scent of those flowers


you see it wasn't the flowers

or the scent

but the way in which she closed her eyes

that excited him

ever so slowly, provocatively 

in the exact same way 

he had seen her close her eyes in a dream

when they are both at the point

of no return

from ecstasy.

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In passing

In the death throes of Autumn

a lone small tree, wind ravaged

looking for all the world like

an old ladies sleep messed hair

leans over the lanes edge

in a dripping aftermath

having no option other

than to wait for the Spring to put

all verdurous things back

as it should green leafed be


I know the feeling! 


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All weather optimist

Invading blizzard

snowflakes falling as big as and

as numerous as Autumn leaves

wind whipped, flurrying

with a persistance unaltering by the hour

yet descending with such white tranquil beauty

Summers memories under icy lock and key

and in the face of all of this my heart

I must request that you

do not allow the slightest declination

in my adorations

of every one o...

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the two illicit lovers knew

that the only way they could only be together forever

was in the next life

waiting for them after the long fall

so holding hands

they jumped  

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Most common fact of desirability

Outside every old person

there will always be a young person

vainly fighting to get back in.

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A memory remembered

It was in a long ago then

when aged with teen giddied years

I wandered the green canopied lanes

that melodically resounded with many an avian minstrel song

wearing the skilled hand made dress

Mother had patiently put together with needle, cotton thread and pride


How lovingly she had always placed me

in the reminded memories of herself

waving as she too wandered and wav...

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Lightly hang's the dawn's veiled beginning

mistily bringing in another day

shrouded, brood's the waiting Sun

to kiss the Cloud's away


Brightly bloom's the new Sky

mirrored in the glass-faced Sea

and obligotarily beat's Nature's clock

continuing to set all of creation free.

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