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What do you do?



What do you do when you can’t find your smile and you look to the floor and you stare for a while and your poems sound like paper and your cheese tastes like bread, tap your foot for the demons that dance in your head. And you can’t find the light that shines out of your soul because you sold it for diamonds that you put in a hole, and your spade it got broken and covered in rust so you ...

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The year is 2019

The U.K and U.S have been taken over by xenophobic sociopaths with floppy hair

People haven’t got time to notice the absurdity, because they’re working 6 jobs

The retirement age is about to be raised to 103

My mate John paid more tax than Amazon did last year - John is a cleaner

We all still miss Freddie Mercury immensely

There’s an app that can track planes acro...

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You want a writing tip?


Get cheated on

Fall for somebody who can’t love you back

Have a breakdown/ a depression

In an abundancy of lack


Set sail upon a voyage

On a prison ship of demons

Your hands chained up in rhymes

While they keelhaul all your reasons


Drown yourself in sorrow

While you’re swimming for the light

Evaporate the line that divides

Your day and night



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Behind the Thoughts

I’m smoke on a lung, a line never written

A talk without words, an act of contrition

A scarecrow, a jester, a hullabaloo

Not the thing that you asked for

But the one that will do


The most serious nonsense that never transpired

An energy spike in the night when you’re tired

I’m wired, I’m bricks, I’m a skylight on acid

I’m electro shock therapy

Until you lay placid


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