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What is more fascinating than the close study of the created being? 
She is so intriguing that I cannot wait to discover the destination that she offers, in her jewel like eyes, as they try to conceal what she dares proffer to find out about her.

In her own way, she laughs, scoffs and scolds in tormenting fun, to the point where she searches your eyes, and coyly tries to look for answers about...

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Age of Chivalry

A sultry look, a friendly smile
Youthful persona no edges rough
Educated, focussed, and ambitious 
Knows where she’s going,
as life can be vicious

She’s petite, pretty, with hair so long
but to me she’s tall and headstrong 
She struts around with spring in step
Its not that long since we first met 

She looks at me, with some admiration
Because we connect, well so I think.
I’m hopefu...

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Blue World Below

Forests of kelp flourish in shallow waters
in warm turquoise sea bed villages
Giant fronds rising up to heady heights
creating crowded thickets of life that
fight for food and space to survive

However the enemy in the shape
of sharp spiky sea urchins, descend quickly
feeding endlessly off this
life sustaining plant in seemingly endless
bristly armies in full flow

Golden coloured gari...

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It is not as if it creeps up like 
a hungry predator stalking the silence
Or that the blackness felt, is mixed
with the slightest tinge of grey 
But the fear is tangible.

It is strangely and eerily simple
Easy to reason, but not entirely
comprehensible in any sense,
Because it causes trepidation.
The fear is real.

Now too late to realise
That a solution has not been
discovered, to ...

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Oh Rotating neutron
Dense white dwarf
Emitting your strange,
radioactive beam.

Luminous thermal energy
When pointing to 
Mother Earth
only then is your
glow observed.

Electromagnetic presence
Pulsating in milliseconds
A precise, accurate,
Magnetised star
You are the Pulsar









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I utter words, you don’t respond

I try to explain that I’m not just fond

Of you, or want you as a friend

I can’t accept make do and mend

You turn away


Words you’ve said stay in my head

Churning all around even in my bed

I try to make you understand

You cover your face up with your hands

Then turn away


The fact remains that what you say

Seems almost like I...

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I’m a little bit scared

I’m a little bit scared

Of falling in love

Of not being able or capable to love

Of taking chances 

Of who I might me

I don’t know how much more

I can give or go through


I’m a little bit scared

I was so very satisfied you see

I never meant for it to develop so rapidly

When I’m up there on a pedestal 

No one understands how much I give

Or knows how it all aff...

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In these days of anti-social behaviour 
Nuisance and more petty crime
A way has been opened to broker
An agreement to repair any harm
Restoration, reparation,
agreement, peace

The importance of an admission of wrongdoing
By the person who committed the crime
Helps in bringing all parties together
To discuss and agree in good time
Restoration, reparation,
agreement, peace

Now everyo...

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Old Man Young Love

Once famous pop star

With a fading reputation

Sits wandering just how

he’s in this situation


Just how did he get

in so much debt no one knows

A tortured soul through

The life that he chose


A lifestyle demanding the best

Set him apart from the rest 

The upside being the age

of his admirers which he still

continued to attract by the car load


But ...

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A virtual man

With a virtual girl

In a virtual house

In a virtual world

Gets virtually lost 

Then virtually found

So no need to worry

He’s virtually sound


A plastic woman

With a plastic man

In a plastic dream

About plastic pans

That melted plastic

On a plastic stove

In her plastic kitchen

In a plastic home


A synthetic poet

Writing synthe...

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The Salubrious Mr Stevens

He’s moral, ethical,

good, clean and nice

Virtuous, pure

Innocent and chaste,


He’s encouraging, edifying

righteous and upright 

Upstanding, high minded

But never gets uptight


Non violent, not erratic 

Honest, just and noble

Respectable and decent

Chivalrous and honourable


He’s proper, correct, simple 

and right minded

Squeaky clean

Just l...

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The Macho Male Tale

I can’t believe people think I’m sexist

Everyone has opinions even on Brexit

It’s really unfair just because I’m male

So that is why I’ve penned this tale

So do as I say woman 

but not not as I do

Why are you dressed like that?

What the hell is wrong with you?


Tone down the way you look 

And stop buying all those bags

When you go out with your girlfriends

You ...

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Double bass rumbling strong
In time with dusty drum kit worn
Treble clef on the music sheet
As toes start tapping to the beat
Choir looking smart and neat
The audience stuck to their seats
Woodwind section tuning in with
Violins making a screaming din
It’s still in tune and keeping tight
Conductor waving baton white
Orchestra pit on tenterhooks each
Section exchanging nervous looks

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In slow stately ballroom style, she dances in triple time, a stylistically refined minuet, with her partner but not in step.

He being mesmerised with her beguiling beauty, and electric personality, as the orchestra plays in ambiguous tempo or so he says

Not tiring, Fanny looks to refresh her performance by swapping dance partners, and so I move swiftly in

No need for introductions as we s...

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Does Anyone Like Me?

Like being on the stage

Or a Facebook page

I wanna be liked

I have to be liked


Like a movie maker 

Or a mover and a shaker

I crave to be liked

I’ve got to be liked


Being late for an appointment 

Or filled with disappointment 

Is what nobody likes

Not everybody likes 


Too big for your boots?

Or are you out of the groove?

Then nobody likes you


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By Fred Varden
I’m a one man gang
Don’t want to join your gang
I’m the leader of my own gang
My gang doesn’t ask for sacrifices 
When I wanted to join your gang
You wanted me to prove worthy
of joining your gang by promoting it
and campaigning for you

so that you could be highlighted as a good gang leader and become a gang master
Every gang leader has to have gang...

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Lady Desiree

The object of my innermost desires

Are neither abstract, theoretical, 

Hypothetical or borne out of delusion

No confusion exists in my thoughts at all

Just Lady Desiree

At first sight in a glint of morning light

I observed her flowing form at which point

I think I was reborn because my life became transformed for the better

Although I'd had not a tryst I started

To exist...

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