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Reference in Rhyme

To whom it may concern

From this I hope you will learn

More about this candidate

Who up to now is never late

He always gets things done

Provided his team have won

He’s as honest as the day is new

and also makes a decent brew

This man has integrity in his bones

Never been known to whinge or moan

Nothing is ever too much trouble

He just lives in a hard work bubble


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Alexa and Siri (A digital love story) Audio

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Haiku Truth

And so this is the truth

We care not for the World

But the World we ourselves live in


Telling me you love me makes me feel good

Telling me lies hurts my feelings

Telling me the truth makes me suspicious


To the public the press reveals the truth

To the press the public look for the truth

To the press and the public the truth is hidden


A politician is regard...

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Extra Terrestrial Poets (Audio)

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I fell in love with an Alien (audio)

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The Place of Dreams?

As I am dreaming of spirit or demon

Driving me on to confusion of mind

Vivid then hazy my eyelids feel lazy

Limbs feeling heavy and fingers entwined 

Floating, show boating because I can fly

Let’s drink as I sink in this place in my sky


I go there, I cry there, not die there, not yet

Tossing and turning, mind churning a lie?

A place that seems tranquil, eerie and dry


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The Druid

Is he sage, sorcerer, diviner or devil?

Seer and soothsayer to those in peril?

Future, past, present, prophet or charlatan?

Layer down of laws, lauded by emperors


Shrouded in mystery, cloak and dagger

Learned man or sometimes a woman

Interpretation of dreams and visions

Revered, respected, withdrawn from conflict


The Druid was steeped in mystery and all

The fol...

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Food and Drink

Sitting here, a nice cool beer

Sound of voices, many choices

Condiments laid out, salt and pepper

mayo, salad cream, taste seems better

Crazy size menu, fish, meat, curries and pies

Vegetarian, vegan and special diets

They’ll boil, braze, poach or fry it

If you want sides, they vary far and wide

Salads, chips, wedges and fries

A fish section, seafood, steaks and pizza’s


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The Deepest Cut

If only life could be cut and pasted
Erase the months and years I’ve wasted
Paste in the things that others can do
Cut out the memories of fear and you
and the demons that so often play 
with my thoughts, deliberations, day by day

Dig to the core with blade in hand
to unearth hurt, pain, like sand
sifting through the realms of time
What’s mine is yours, and yours is mine
If only in tha...

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Ode to a Toad

To you oh amphibious one do I write

this tribute most deserving

To he who is either frog or toad,

depending on exactly what mode

A human being classifies your

mysterious and bulbous eyes

Depending on the shape or size


The scaly skin you wear like a mink coat 

You are the aristocracy of the moat

The pond or lake with green and slimy frill

Where your peers and serv...

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House of Cards

Did we ever stand a chance in a paper world

Where every fold, every tear really hurts

Creased and crumpled, a throw away line

Ripped and torn we limped over to mine


A tempestuous relationship, cruel and hard

We unravelled, fell apart, in my house of cards


A paper plane, an origami creation

Travelling light in a floating paper sensation

Tripping the light fantastic...

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Slide, slide, slide away

On your belly every day

In our gardens, and our sheds

Making dark places your comfy bed

No puppy dogs tails for the slugs and snails

But plants and bulbs to ruin and munch

Especially at night so you need no lunch

It’s not the story, it’s the way I tell it

Excuse me while I put down some slug pellets

I’ve tried making them walk on eggshells


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Haiku Day 3

To the public the press reveals the truth

To the press the public look for the truth

To the press and the public the truth is hidden

The Urban Poet for Poetry Day 2019

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Haiku Day 2

Telling me you love me makes me feel good

Telling me lies hurts my feelings

Telling me the truth makes me suspicious

The Urban Poet for Poetry Day 2019

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Haiku Day 1

And so this is the truth

We care not for the World

But the World we ourselves live in

The Urban Poet for National Poetry Day 2019

(A daily 3 liner leading up to Poetry Day 2019)

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Ode to an Evil Fracker

Those whose business

is all about fracking

Deserve nothing

else but a damn

good sacking 

Spoiling our shoreline 

Don’t give them

more time

To ruin and endanger

Like an evil stranger

In the name of money

For just profits sake

Causing minor earth quakes

So don’t laugh at us or scoff

Just pack up your drills and


The Urban Poet 2019

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A Writers Life

A writers life, a writers mind

Thoughts bombarding, counting time

You ache to write down what you see

The things you hear, the trapped, the free


Views and opinions, feelings strong

A writer knows not right or wrong

Just wants to capture colour and shade

Like military regalia on parade


To lore, to reel the reader in

To enter the writers mind within

A banner o...

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Fanny Arlington

In slow stately ballroom style
she dances in triple time
a stylistically refined minuet
with her partner but not in step.

He, being mesmerised with
her beguiling beauty
and electric personality
as the orchestra plays
in ambiguous tempo or so he says

Not tiring, Fanny looks to refresh
her performance by swapping
dance partners, and so I move
swiftly in

No need for introductions

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We Can’t Breath

Can somebody please help us?

We are inhabitants of planet earth

We have been around for a very long time

But we can’t breath


Some of us are humans, others not so

We need oxygen, food, clean air and water

Some of our friends live under the water

But we are all finding it harder to breath


There is an enemy who has also been 

an ever present in our world 


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Ranting Reg

The patients wait patiently for his dulcet tones
He sits there with headset and microphone
Most maybe sick and lying in bed
But they still can’t wait to hear Ranting Reg

If it’s cricket scores you want to hear
Or old music remixed and well stirred
Lie back, tune in, just give it a whirl
and listen to Ranting Reg

Ranting Reg knows his stuff
Of Ranting Reg can’t get enough
He plays the...

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Naturally Innate

People differ in terms
of their innate abilities
Yes, Innate, inborn
Natural, and inbred
Congenital, inherent
Intrinsic, or instinctive

Intuitive, spontaneous
Unlearned, and untaught
Hereditary, inherited
In the blood, or in the family

Quintessential, organic
Essential, or basic
Fundamental, constitutional
Rare, connate, and non natural
Built-in, ingrown or

Yes, p...

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Have you heard the latest rumour

About the Vicar and his Wife?

They got stuck in the crypt

no one there to assist

And it changed their whole outlook on life

You see with no one there to help them

And Devine intervention not seen

The Vicar chose not to pray to God 

But sought solace in a few G and Ts

So is the moral of this story

As we amble along in life's race

Is ...

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Claws tearing at the stinking mattress

A source of sustenance or rodent madness?

The urge to cause chaos, to scare, to shock

Water dripping down a filthy pipe blocked

Rats, rats the symbol of filth?

Rats, rats, won’t cure you they’ll kill

Running in packs, working hard to destroy

Everything that crosses their slimy paths

Vermin of the first degree, representing evil

To y...

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My Kind of Life

The life I knew is faded and skewed

In a way that even I didn’t expect

As along the way I start to collect

Memories sweet and those to detest

It’s as if the years have past and so

It leaves me in a place I just don’t know

Or recognise in shape or form

From those I remember since being born

I suppose that it’s my kind of life

The ups, the downs, the laughs and frowns


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Ga Ga Rhyme

Ga Ga romama

Poker face

She’s misplaced

Katy Perry

Mungo Gerry

Iggy Pop

Please don’t stop

Foo Fighters

All nighters

Fag lighters

Ga ga rhyme 

Rock and roll

Drill and soul

Rap and r ‘n b

Music mix


Breaks the mould

And man

it sets you free

The Urban Poet 2019


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The Enemy Within

No strategic plans in this battle
A war without guns or explosives
Yet many victims and casualties
Some succumb to its powerful draw
Others battle on defencelessly
Along the way they experience fear
dread of an endless existence bubble
A treadmill of pills and well wishes
A mountain of advice to climb
Even though it’s futile words again
Do they really understand the pain?
Is there compr...

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Blind Date

I’m late, I’m late
For a very important date
I don’t mind you see
If it’s a blind date or three
‘Cos I prefer not to know
What she looks like and so
I just turn up, give her a sultry look
and then hope for the best
(You can imagine the rest)

Now in me minds eye
She’s a looker, that’s why
I always prefer, to buy flowers for her 
But I’ve had too many shocks
Like a bird with Botox

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Norma Jean

First day of June in twenty six

Blonde bombshell born

will star in many flicks

Childhood spent in foster care

but stood out from the crowd

especially her hair,

her beauty and so much so

she was popular with the guys

who all wanted to know

who she was, where was she from?

Where did she tarry?

At sixteen though

she went and got married


Oh Norma Jean your s...

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When did I sign up? (A Carers lament)

The stress the strain and endless pain

Is normal in a world where sun is rain

Where white is black

and you daren’t look back

or answer when they say “hey what’s up?”

When was it that for all this I signed up?


Don’t get me wrong I do the caring

not for money or gifts but for love and sharing,

and promises I made on that special day

but hey!  When did I sign up for th...

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Can’t sleep at night
wake up with the light
I’m crabby, angry
and up for a fight
The night before
I slept on’t floor
To try and change
the old routine 
It worked at first
but things got worse
when I needed a leak
and the floorboards creaked
I tossed and turned
So I made a brew
Grilled a slice or two
but me toast got burned
and me plans were spurned
There was nothing else for it

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Who is this please?

Forty more years with nothing to show
Only fragmented memories to join together 
The past behind so just go with the flow
Keep it safe, don’t push it, can’t live forever

Who is this please?
In this cellophane dream?
Is it you, or is it me?
Promise me that I’ll soon be free
From a hazy world I can barely see
Who is this please?

Trying to establish connections to gaps
In time and spac...

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True Friends

True friends laugh
when you laugh
Cry when you hurt
Know your favourite colour
The cut of your skirt (or shirt)
They feel when your down
And know when it’s real
See all the signs when
you’ve had a rough deal
When you’re far apart
Their best wishes they send
You know it’s genuine ‘cos
It’s from a really true friend

The Urban Poet 2019


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Boring little old Me

I’m not radical, controversial or bad
UnInteresting, a mess, or completely mad
I admit to sometimes being the sad
Boring little old me

I’m not a Goth, gay, a punk or a follower 
of any group, icon, not a self pity wallower
I’m not big, or tall or tiny like a Borrower
I’m just boring little old me

I’ve never been trapped in
Or had secrets in a closet
Been in a bank and tried to rob it

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The Goal

The happiness of all mankind is the goal
In any type of war we become someone else
You’re not you anymore, you will never again be you,
once you have taken a life,
or violated someone or something 

You wake up the following morning
and you’re still you,
realising that it was you all along
This person who could act or react under orders
to help facilitate the goal of all mankind
The goa...

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On This Day

Nigel’s feeling cock a hoop

The others are having to regroup

The vote is done, we’ve had our say

It’s still not June but it’s the end of May

The Tories look towards Mr Johnson

So don’t worry Jeremy just carry on son

Cable Guy’s pleased, his term almost finished

So his group will probably soon diminish

UKIP looks a ghost of it’s former self

And CHUK with Chuka is left on ...

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The 24/7 365 Cell

Twenty four seven, three six five
Before imprisonment I felt alive
Free to do whatever I wanted
Without any fear or disappointment

Now I’m a slave and no longer free
Controlled by a screen and a PCB
It’s got that way that I can’t let it go
Every fact and answer I need to know

I used to have pets, a cat and poodle 
Now I touch and stroke my Google
It’s my closest companion from dawn t...

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Set ‘em up Joe (tribute to Doris Day)

Oh Doris the songs of joy you gave us

and the fabulous movies you graced

I was Bewitched by your Precious Love

As we were Making Whoopie on

The Black Hills of Dakota,

whilst on a Sentimental Journey.


Night and Day you were the Teachers Pet

Oh Close your Eyes and Fly me to the Moon

Move over Darling and let us share our Secret Love

once again.


I will sing you...

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Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor

Soon to be lauded by writers and singers

A media eruption as soon as you were born

People talking about you from dusk till dawn

Something worth celebrating across the world

In honour of you flags will be unfurled.

The Urban Poet 2019

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Eclectic Mix

Wide ranging


Universal and






Non exclusive


Broad based



All embracing 





Many sided





and Inclusive

An eclectic cocktail 

The Urban Poet 2019

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Four Lines

A four line ditty for my young lady so pretty.

So beautiful, oh your complexion, your eyes!

Your are stunning, very intelligent and witty

I really wish I was like you and didn’t tell lies.

The Urban Poet 2019

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Parenting can be a joy

Whether bringing up a girl or boy

It can also be hard, it is no lie

Especially when you’re sleep deprived

But don’t lose heart and have no fear

It only lasts for twenty five years!

The Urban Poet 2019

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I do Ron Ron

Well for the sake of the story,

let’s call him Ron

Didn’t meet him on a Monday

nor did my heart stand still.

Just a good old fashioned,

uncomplicated relationship,

oops sorry, meant complicated


We were in love, (or so he told me)

I was the only one for him (the lying b......)

He made me feel so very special

(you have to fake it sometimes)

We were an imperfect ...

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Rhymes and Reasons

Lines set out in rhyme In time

with beats and rhythm

in metre sweet

To connect, correct

Inform, pour scorn

Create and form, adorn, purloin  

“Am I bothered ” you said

they can tread on me

rat a tat on me, betray me

Sticks and stones they say

and that’s the way

I deal with it all

stand tall, don’t take a fall

for any dude who tries to be rude

‘cos it’s wate...

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Mistaken Identity

All these years I’ve known this person 

Every thought, habit, word and intention 

The personal struggles of mind and body

Beliefs, experiences, natural, spiritual,

emotional and even transformational

The way they adapted to every twist, turn and bump,

in a long road to adulthood and beyond

Reinventing a personality along the way

to match what was bowled in their direction


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Save Carrington Moss

A huge threat hanging over sheer beauty,

As the planners see it all as their duty,

to allow fat cats to trick them with compromise,

in order to see pound signs in each other’s eyes.

Governments will come and some will go,

but the beauty of our countryside

will continue to glow, with stunning new discoveries every day, and that’s one reason why we have to have  our say,

on matt...

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Plans for the future

Plans for the present

Planned by councils

Not with the residents

They know better

than us you see

They are the experts

To them we’re like trees

That blow hot and cold

In the political wind,

until our voices are

completely dimmed

By the length of time 

The process takes

Apathy kicks in

and it all goes away

The bulldozers

then a...

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Mothers Ruin

Trouble brewing

Mothers ruin

Gin and tonic


Filled with ice

Oh and a slice

of lemon in

and round the rim

to give it flavour

Just the one?

Do me a favour!

There’s pink gin

Orange gin

Elderflower too

Plum, vanilla, Rhubarb

To name but a few

Gordon’s, Greenall’s and Whitley Neil

Beefeater, Hendrick’s

Gin’s the real deal!

So when you g...

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It would have happened anyway

Remember the time you forgot your lines
In that play you were in at the village hall
The crowd got angry and chucked pork pies
In the air, on the ceiling and up the walls
It would have happened anyway

We went out on a date and we got back late
You suggested a coffee to round things off
But I explained that I’d got a lot on me plate
You took it the wrong way and binned me off
It would ha...

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Recipe for Disaster?

Remember to double check all ingredients

Take everything with a pinch of salt

However it turns out, it’s never your fault

Just stick to the recipe and be obedient 

Ensure the work area is clean and dry

Then decide whether you grill or fry

If at first there’s no success then just try


Firstly take a person on face value

Sprinkle with trust and a little TLC

Add hope, d...

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Build the Wall!

Another day at Trump Towers, whatever Donald does,

he comes up smelling of flowers

Because he’s the head of a major world power

Build the wall!


Some say he’s had a serious makeover

As hairstyles go it’s a huge combover,

now Is he white or is he foreign?

Maybe the future’s bright,

and the futures orange?

Build the wall!


Trump’s had meetings with Kim Yong- Un


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