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Cynthia Buell Thomas on cleverly shunned (Mon, 5 Mar 2018 10:37 am)

penny for a lost thought

sat at the edge of a lonely penny
are slivers and swatches that bled
of a memory that had been misled
over and over, one time too many 
its feet dangle, toes wriggling, tickling
as would villi, but on the outside
of a famished yet entertained belly



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early brew

Coffee ☕️
It’s much too early
For mundane things
Dream of night
Each morning brings
Too many thoughts
This thinking stings
☕️ coffee
Hot, sweet, full
Bodied flavour
Brew a new....
Of old and borrowed


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chair in a corner
naughty or not
facing in or away
from whom only
which way seen
been ever 'tween


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poetry by numbers

numbers do not the soul touch
or rouse from depths of reverie
whose shallow sepulchral beauty
surface deep revelations aplenty
plead with matrimonial vows
parchment scribbles & ceremonies
do not a marriage make and
neither will ice cream make us
any colder after calories kick in
poetry’s soul may ride its form
but it transcends empirical parts
its triumph: Pinocchio shedding his strings


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poetic succession

There is always a poem after this one; 
the understudy to today's centre stage: 

This poem however, is never unimportant, 
it is as individual as the poem that follows; 
many written poems have unwritten forbears- 
each poem is breathed and lived; rarely spoken. 

The panorama of this poem is found in one place – 
the window of its reader's imagination; 
so each poem is the beginning point 

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new moon

sighing gaze, relief
up in the sky, floating high
a day's toil and turmoil
now swallowed up, entire
each breath smooth and free
there's even not enough moon
for it to really be blue



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compensatory delusion

a kindest gesture
above all others 
received gratefully 
was to be shown the door
leaving behind a pillared 
image of affection; 
gloved, pugilistic,
guarded stance
holding no sacred
ground -impugned
zero rated disuse;
here it all unravels:
of what benefit is
this grossly overpriced
monstrosity of a car
or these now stained 
designer threads
had you cared less
we’d end up here

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April themefollyfoolishness

nightwalk epiphany

Listen to nightwalk | epiphany by Cryptic Bard #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/cryptic-bard/nightwalk-epiphany

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Rimbaudian summers

The lindens are lining the promenade

how we wish we were seventeen again

their branches arching ever skyward 

framing Vincent's starry manifold

swallowing every thought and sound

each caveat, each dolce far niente

now fading and then pulsing with the

rising and ebbing of rhythmic tides 

how serious this business of life is;

our limbs intertwine as we scramble

shaking ...

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quiet rain-kissed bed
dewy blooms of verse caress
tempest shatters peace

poet on the run
pulls a Bachman manoeuvre 
forgets all, save self

dawn's early light breaks
ever silently reveals
hope of reunion



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cleverly shunned

cleverly shunned
this clever lad
who once was
quite celebrated
applauded, even; 
that once and
clever tyke --
little did he know
one forward day
when he'd've all
up and grown
dependable lads 
are what's wanted
clever 'uns were
interesting enough
for a bit of a larf but
just a tad annoying;
when things gotta
be done - go figure
dependability and
cleverness could
be so incompati...

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