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Solemn Anger

I stare at these 





I no longer cry

But instead stifle




Not because you are gone



But because I am beginning 

To forget 

     What it felt like


      To have you








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I replayed every moment 

  Of every day


        And over

                        And over 

In my head.


Though it is painful

     To remember, 

It would be excruciating 

                          To forget. 

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In trying to find myself again

I have come to realize 

What I have known

From the very beginning:

I don't identify with being human. 


It seems this could present a problem. 

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Finders Keepers

I have said many times 

My way out has been determined 

Though they still doubt it to be true

I have the keys to all those locked boxes 

I know how and where to place a needle 

My advice would only be to the oncoming crew


Make sure you do a good truck check.


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Every time I see one of those

Glaring yellow stickers,

Knowing that it was something you touched, 

I get frustrated, angry,

I feel alone all over again.

And I wonder

Would it make me feel any better

If I stuck those 

Glaring yellow stickers 

All over myself. 

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I've been working on myself since the day you left, nine months ago. 

You would think by now I'd have the whole thing down, that I would be nearly cured and over you.

That's the furthest thing from the truth. 

Its embarrassing, really. I am stronger than this, this is nothing that I would ever want to admit. 

Sure, I have learned. I fear rejection, I fear abandonment. I have no concept...

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Richard and Dolly

A simple shopping trip
For kale, of all blessed things;
We turned to find you,
Eyes desperately searching for help
In what you deemed a helpless situation.
For us, it was a simple request
But your gratitude was unmatched.
It seemed like no time
Until kale turned to coffee cake
That we ate for what seemed like weeks,
I can still remember the taste;
Sugary, but not as sweet
As the love y...

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These Hands - Part III

In the faint grasp of my right hand, 

Your left;

I run the tips of my fingers 

Over yours

Feeling the callouses,

Feeling the hard work,

The energy,

The time;

Though I find your hand is missing -

Those callouses now mine. 


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Still counting

I read these words of others 

And I can't help it,

My mind can't help but wonder,

How many of us are there? 

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Que Sera Sera

I've been in the business 

Of lying 

To myself 

For quite some time.

I am tired 

Of telling it how it should be.

This wound is not healing;

But, like you,

I am just getting better 

At pretending 

It doesn't 


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Fixed Me

You made me promise
To never become like you
You were far too distant
Darkness was all you knew
For all that you had come to love
Had left you on your own
So you claimed that you were lost
For losing all you'd known.

Then, as I remember,
For I cannot forget
You claimed I was young and naive
Inexpierenced as of yet.
For it was here you seemed to find
The fatalist of flaws -
I trus...

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I can't make the claim 
That I miss you...

I can only insist 
I miss how things were before.

Becomes an issue -

I don't know 
Who you are anymore. 

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Your words

I still sneak an unsafe peek at,

Dangerous only to myself.

I can't help but wonder 

How far this plane will travel 

Before you realize 

That I am already in the sky,

Miles and miles and miles 

Away from you,

But still close enough

That your words 

Have not ceased their echoing.

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